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    Huge Lot

    Yes, that was my auction. I made a silly mistake to leave that Q*Berts Qubes in there, when I was selling a Glib cart by itself too; 'just missed that one; someone got a good deal ! All of those carts did work [well, I had to replace "Space Attack" & "Word Zapper"], but every controller, every paddle, every floppy worked fine. 'Sorta' hated to say "Goodbye" to all that equipment. I never realized I had so many games until I packed them ! Anyway, I really lost on the shipping too ! Slight miscalculation ! It took 3 boxes to ship all these items; those drives & 800's are heavy !
  2. I pulled out my Atari 800 computer after 3 years, which has a floppy drive. I have several games on disk, such as Frogger; however, I've forgotten how to load these games. I have a couple of disks that if inserted in the drive, then the PC is turned on, they boot up to the Atari "DOS" menu [directory listing, copy disk, load binary, etc..]. If I place the game disk in the drive after booting "DOS", I get a directory listing of the disk that reads something like "dos.sys, froggerexe, jawbreaker0, jawbreaker 1..". If I try to load these games, I get a message "Too many characters". Ok, so there's something on the disk, and it worked fine a couple of years ago. But I try booting the game disk by turning on the Atari while holding the option key, and the drive lights up & appears to try to be loading, but then stops after about 5-8 seconds. So, if anyone would be so kind, how do I load these games ? Do I need "DOS" ? Thank you.
  3. Yes, that's it. Thanks, it's an Intellivision cart & it's Super Challenge Football...
  4. Thanks for the kind replies. 'Didn't know what I had there for a while. I've got another prob though; I have a black cart with plain old Football in the slanted end. Nothing else. 'Sorry, it's been awhile since I've been back into Atari.
  5. Okay, here it is, and it is made by Sears. Why is this not in the rarity guide ?
  6. Okay, so what is the "Auto Racing" cart for the 2600, and why is it not in the rarity guide? I have one, it works fine in a 2600, and I can't find a lot of info on it. Thanks.
  7. Excuse my ignorance, as I've been away from the board for a long time, but I just saw this on Ebay: Glib Cart. I have a mint copy of Glib in the box, and surely thought it was worth more than this, although I do note this is only the used cartridge. I'm debating on selling my Atari consoles and carts, along with an 800 w/floppy and several games; would I do better to sell as a lot, or bits & pieces ? I prob have over 200 carts, some a 5 or 6 on the AA rarity scale.
  8. Well, I tried too; to help out this moron. This is the e-mail I received in return for trying to point someone in the right direction: --------------------------------------------------------------- You know what, I would not sell it to a fucking living at home with your mother loser like you if you bid thousands of dollars. So I hope that you do grow up enough to finally stop having your mother set you up on dates and you can do something other than flap your useless lips Better than you shall ever aspire to be, ME ---------------------------------------------------------------- This person doesn't even know me and makes these silly comments ??!! I do believe he has a severe mental condition. And I to was going to bid like $51 dollars and got to thinking, what if the reserve is just over $50 ? I'd get stuck and this wacko would get the last laugh, so I didn't place a bid. I guess it takes all kinds, but this is at the extreme end of the curve ! (AND WHERE IS THIS ANTIQUE ROAD SHOW ????!!!!).
  9. The seller used [email protected]@K on the page, so give him another point besides the hundreds he's garnered for being so stupid:).
  10. Room34, I second, or third the motion. I've seen those silly "[email protected]@K!"'s so many, many times. It's gotten to the point that it doesn't irritate me, I just think the person auctioning the item is a moron, or never made it through "Marketing 000001". If browsing Atari items, I will almost always, without exception, NOT look at an item with a "[email protected]@K"; sometimes the item is so unique or unusual that I'll take a look, but not very often. Good point to bring up, even if it is so common that a great many people take it for granted as some type of "grabber". Nay, I say...
  11. No infoman, they still confirm the same way, as I was confirmed only a couple of months ago. With the attitude this buyer has, I'd be very wary. I've sold to unconfirmed buyers, but maybe I've been lucky. Just my take on the situation; I'd request a MO, or check that clears, but really I don't think you have any problem. I've filed a complaint with PayPal and it's a total joke. You have the option when filing a buyer complaint of stating "didn't receive item" or "item not as described" (wording not exact, but along these lines); either way, the buyer is usually on the losing end. If you have the money, take it and run, but do "cooperate" with PayPal if a complaint is filed so that you don't get a bad rep with them. I think it would take an act of Ebay to get a seller kicked off PayPal.
  12. Okay, I guess I took this personally, which was silly, but I made a big mistake and paid the price for it. I meant to offend no one at all, and cropsy, I understand that your venting and frustratation were not at me in particular, or at all, but at those who have used AA images before, as I'm sure some will continue to do. We're a great membership here, with some members with IQ's and accomplishments from outer space. Anyway, all take care, don't swipe pics off AA, and back to the XBOX.......; I have to like Microsoft; I've had to support their products for over 13 years now, and I've always used 'em, except for some fooling around with SCO Unix and Linux. Take care all.
  13. You know, I've about had it with this "another" seller junk...if it's "another" seller, that means you're referring to me as the previous seller, as I made that mistake and paid for it dearly in terms of dollars and cents and general membership recognition of the fact that I fouled up, although I admitted it and closed down the auctions. Did this person do the same thing and close down his auctions ? Hardly ! I may be a bit touchy on this subject, as since this episode I've purchased a good scanner and digital camera, no small expense; and Mr Phil has had a few good laughs at my bad experiences, but, that's humor, right ? Right ? Okay. But stop this "another" junk. I made a mistake and admitted to it. How often do you see this ? Like very rarely ? Yes, you're on the right track. I do not advocate using scans of anything that does not depict the actual item/s being sold. I disagree that it's okay in some cases. AA has given so many people the opportunity to see what the REAL carts look like, and no one should be using these for their auctions, I do agree with you on this. Make your own scans, take your own pics; what's so hard about that ? Give the buyer exactly what he's looking at. Just my 2 cents of what I have left :) !!!!! Take care all; things are important, but there's a real world out there too.
  14. I finally got around to opening the Nintendo back up and cleaned the contacts thoroughly, + cleaning all the game cart contacts. Put it back together and it works fine. Thanks again for the info.
  15. There's a lot of good info here for anyone comtemplating buying or selling on Ebay. I have one main thing that bothers me on Ebay; that would be SLIMES that don't follow through on transactions, that cheat others, and that misrepresent items. The list could go on, but that says most of it.......
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