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  1. I'm pretty sure you can choose to skip updates with switch games but I'm not sure if the others let you. Still even though that would make it not true offline physical media it would still be preferred to something that literally has zero game data on it.
  2. Even if there are a bunch of patches there is at least game data on the media.
  3. It's not on the box or order page as to not scare off casuals or tech illiterates but like you said it was mentioned in the video and I'm sure it will be mentioned many more times in posts from Tommy and videos. Then they hope the media will mention it too. I already see NFT dominating headlines about the Amico physical game reveal. It's definitely a part of their marketing and something they're going to hype up as being unique to Amico.
  4. I think they're using NFT to use a buzz word and to seem cutting edge when the system is otherwise outdated and underpowered. However, the practical benefit of it is as a way to assign and reassign ownership of a digital asset. There's other ways of doing that but like I said it's a current trend and it may have less overhead as opposed to traditional centralized accounts. I doubt they care much about the the environment though I think the damage done to the environment through NFTs is overstated. I'd say the recycled material is cheaper than an old school traditional case.
  5. I'm not sure I'd call every game especially brain duel premium. I prefer the physical editions of evercade carts. There's no digital but they are real offline carts, with sturdy boxes, manuals, and sometimes stickers or posters for $20 each. The shady part is only selling them in bundles and selling before the system. Usually collectors editions are for fans of specific games that are excited about it and want the best version. Not all dumped together to move as much product as possible.
  6. Still mostly negative but there was at least that positive section
  7. $150 for some cards in a flimsy box. No thanks. Selling only in packs is a bit shady too. I wouldn't tell anyone how to spend their money but seems like a waste to me. Companies will do preorders but I've never seen a company sell games before the console. Feels like they're desperate for some revenue.
  8. Those boxes look kinda flimsy and no manual or anything. Just an rfid card which are super cheap to make, a 3d art card, and for some reason a metal coin. Thought it was gonna be filled with goodies or something like the old controller overlays. I understand the video where the Amico youtubers talk about the boxes without revealing it even less now. What were they so excited about?
  9. Doesn't look as exciting as was hyped to be
  10. Evercade actually has a very detailed blog post on their site detailing the exact situation and timeline of shipping
  11. Are the UI, firmware, and pack in games ready? Production hasn't even started much less shipping. I'd be surprised if even the limited amount reach anyone's hands by q2 2022. There's a lot of vague maybes and no concrete plans. Evercade VS got delayed to q1 2022 in the US and they had already manufactured everything and software side was 100% ready. Until Amico has a detailed message of everything locked down and planned for an exact time line I won't trust that anything is even nearly ready. The fact that Tommy will still post detailed rants about the "haters" yet have no concrete details on production is very telling.
  12. Seems nobody knows what the Amico status truly is. I've played it but mass release seems far away. There's a lot needed to smoothly launch a console and Tommy doesn't seem like he Knowles what he's doing. A lot of grand posturing and saying that the "haters" are crazy and misinformed. But there are other companies that were able to launch or continue to make consoles at least in batches. However Amico doesn't seem to be ready on the software side either and I know the UI is a closely guarded secret. When even a bit of UI was gonna be shown after a restart one of the streamer friends of Tommy made sure to stop filming immediately as if given instruction before. The physical releases are a secret so they have something left to hype but UI would only be a secret cause it's not ready. Just like the already supposed to be finished Cornhole. There's a lot of negativity around Amico cause most information is filtered through Tommy and his cult like following. Unable to handle criticism and act like there's only a few random people online that have problems yet soo surprised when big gaming sites post negative articles about Amico.
  13. Showing them going back to the drawing board with a test program instead of even an early implementation of the new physics in the full game doesn't inspire much confidence. If things are more finished show us that instead of some things that looks super early for a game that's a pack in and was supposed to be done.
  14. I'd throw to the right. But typically position is all you'd have to adjust. Very few people ever touched the angle of the bowler. This seems to be at least as complicated as changing the bowler angle when it should be simple. It's funny how Tommy purposely avoids saying complexity in the video and says the new controls add a layer of.... "fun". Cause he knows complexity wouldn't sit well with the market he's targeting. It's weird how stripped down the video is considering its a pack in game that was supposed to have been ready for a while. I'm all for seeing prototypes of brand new games but it's odd how early this looks despite not being new. The changes might actually be good but hard to tell if it will be fun seeing as you don't get any zoom in or showing the physics once the bags hit. Maybe they should have waited to patch the game later or saved this for a Cornhole 2022. But it seems they determined that the motion controls just weren't working. Though I have no idea why they just realized it now. Hopefully they keep showing progress and showing it integrated into fully graphical gameplay.
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