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  1. Christmas 1978 from my parents after playing my uncle's system to death for a year. 🙂 -Chip
  2. Yeah, that one was mine. Keep in mind that it was a first release sixer in a chess piece box that was in pretty amazing condition. The boxes for them are usually beat up with lots of tears. Boxed sixers usually go for around $200-300. You'll find one in your price range eventually. Be patient! 🙂 -Chip
  3. What can I say? I'm a trailblazer. -Chip
  4. If that was mine you were bidding on, thanks for the bids. 🙂 -Chip
  5. No, they haven't. I just auctioned off an excellent condition CIB Adventure, starting at a $9.99 opening bid. Final hammer was $146.50. Nice complete boxed examples routinely go for over $100 on eBay. A sealed, non-graded example just recently hammered on eBay for over $3,526. -Chip
  6. See? That's the only way to figure out the wackiness of Atari...collector networking. I didn't know the blue Defenders were also in Australia. 🙂 -Chip
  7. Atari collecting turns up bizarre results. LOL. It's like the blue label Defender cart that's Euro-only. Why does it exist? Who knows? -Chip
  8. I have one...the Miniature Golf picture label, which is PAL only and also Aussie-only (I think). -Chip
  9. Title says it all. Thanks much. -Chip
  10. I've got one with two controllers, purchased last year. -Chip
  11. They can be sealed but not necessary. I'm attaching a pic of what I currently have. Thanks in advance for any help!
  12. Okay, no worries. Thanks for the quick reply.
  13. I'd be interested in any 2600 CIB that have NM boxes, sealed or not.
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