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  1. OK, I've edited and organized my pictures. Here is the online photo album: PRGE 2019 Here are some sample pictures...
  2. Cool, something to check out!
  3. You can find them on ebay: (ATARIMAX) ATARI 5200 Ultimate SD Wafer Drive (comes with Beef Drop)
  4. OK, sorry for the delay, but here is the video I took of the game...
  5. Got my copy at PRGE. I am still traveling back home (at the Dallas airport right now - my flight is delayed), so I haven't had a chance to check for numbering.
  6. My order went through but only when I used my credit card directly. PayPal kept giving me an error message about the currency.
  7. I'll post the video I filmed once I'm back from PRGE.
  8. I saw the these! They look quite nice and the rotary part is very smooth.
  9. That panel is on my calendar already.
  10. Yep, that's what it looks like. Last year was amazing with the weather. No rain and it wasn't even that cool. I suppose this is back to the normal weather for this time of the year.
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