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  1. Did what I do help or were you able to get a better image?
  2. I can't wait! I tried this at PRGE last year and it is really awesome!
  3. Oh, that's cool. A custom controller for the game. It probably was the only one. I wonder what it looked like. Did he ever send you any pictures, @eightbit?
  4. Oh, very cool! This is a fun game and it is great to see it being ported to the 5200.
  5. My Shark Shark 2 PCB board has displaced the Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack board in this cart and is waiting to get dressed up.
  6. Thank you for posting about this. I just checked mine and, sure enough, it was swollen! I almost couldn't get the cover off to get the battery out. Got a couple of new ones on Amazon and an external charger.
  7. Cool! It reminds me of Gyruss. I'll be on the lookout to order it!
  8. Ah, cool! I honestly don't even remember exactly how I found both labels. It may have just been a search. All, I know is that it saved from having to create ones for my carts. So, I guess I should thank you, @omf for asking vimaster to make them!
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