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  1. Anyone who has not received an invoice yet, send me a PM. Thank you.
  2. Invoices have been sent for Fantasy's ROM package!
  3. Hey everyone! Thanks for the interest! For the record, I'm a real doctor and I'm the one who has to send the invoices to everyone. Being a real physician, I've been rather busy so I plan to send the invoices over the weekend. Your interest is appreciated but I ask you be a little patient! Oh, for the record, I'm not Dr. Ports. My doctorate is not on software development! 😁
  4. Sorry to hear you didn't make it to 50 but glad to see you got close enough to make the release!
  5. I did not know that game was an adaptation of the computer Star Trek game. Looking at the game art, it seems rather clear what the inspiration of the game is and the play on words of the title. Being a Star Trek fan, I had to get it.
  6. I preordered and I'm patiently waiting.
  7. Those become more challenging indeed! The Ever Shrinking Invaders!
  8. Very cool! Nice, memorable way to make your 1000th post!
  9. Oh, PRGE will be nuts next year, that's for sure. Looking forward to it! In the meantime, I'll be attending FreePlay Florida in November!
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