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  2. I'd suggest not jumping into conclusions, you may find out that you were dead wrong, funny you have PMed me a few hours ago asking for ideas, and now you're here contributing to BS!. Sad!....
  3. I really don't want to get into this stupidity so this will be my last comment on this... FJC GET A LIFE!!!!.... Hi gayrayjay, Welcome to the PORN.COM Community! Click here to confirm your email address Your username is gayrayjay Enjoy! Unsubscribe: Unsubscribe You are receiving this email because you registered the username gayrayjay with us using [email protected] from the ip 24 Hour Customer Service Website: http://www.customerhelponline.com Or by Telephone: 1-(888)-506-2111 (Please see http://www.customerhelponline.com for current telephone support hours.) Crowne World Ltd, 72 High Street, Surrey, Haslemere, GU27 2LA, United Kingdom
  4. Amazing!, do you have photos of your collection? EDIT: Just read that you don't have photos :-(
  5. No problem Guus and thank you for the detail. I am patiently waiting for the upgrade to clear customs and should have it in my hands soon.
  6. Wow!, damn my package is still being processed by the customs, can't wait to receive it..
  7. You're welcome, i'd be more careful in the future about where I mention your name. I can appreciate the concern as I too don't appreciate to be mentioned where its not needed.
  8. Hi Guus, do you mean that I can cut the part of PCB that holds the rotary switch? But I do see some traces coming out from the switch's base on the photos, did I misunderstand your comment?
  9. I don't pretend that I put people on ignore list and still continue to prowl behind the scenes. When I do put someone on that list it's final, but that's me.
  10. Ha ha, I am on the ignore list yet someone somehow is always aware about my comments. Do yourself a favour and stop pretending that you're not on the prowl.
  11. to your wife lol..... In that particular scenario FJC wasn't really inspired or motivated by me, what motivated him is the prospect of solidifying his self-promoted Atari guru status even more by trying to make Atarigeezer's software absolete and his flasher the de-facto flasher for all available devices. I don't include myself or my version of the flasher in the equation as my ROM Builder software was written in response to Atarigeezer's challenge and I never had the intention of making it mainstream or continually maintain it. Do you, for one second believe, that FJC put that acknowledgement there because he really thinks we deserve any credit? I don't. I certainly do understand why Atarigeezer doesn't take it as a compliment having myself lived through some of FJC antics and behavior towards others. And that's fine, I simply don't share that sentiment. I value people first with their character rather than what they can or cannot do, their software prowess is secondary to me. Speaking of character, knowledge and ingenuity, I would say Phaeron is one of the top guys in Atari scene, and I do have great respect for him. He doesn't code for the Atari but he is one of the most knowledgeable person about the system and he is not making a big deal of it either, that's the type of person I recognize.
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