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  1. Still all here. What you see above is all the bites I've had.
  2. Aggressively downsizing. For pick-up. Located in Brantford, Ont. 3 Atari 800s 1 Atari 600 (with s-video out mod) 1 Atari 600 1 XEGS - new keyboard membrane installed a few years ago 1 1050 1 810 1 850 1 1040ST 1MB - can't remember TOS version - case painted after bad retrobrite attempt 1 1040 STE - 4MB - TOS 2,06 - case was very cracked and has been glued. 1, possibly 2 mice if I can find the other one Various power supplies, sio cables Clean, and when last used all in working order Selling as a complete lot only. Sorry. First $200 for all of it. I have smaller Commodore 64/Amiga lot I'm putting together as well. Labour day weekend is good for me for pick-up I can manage weekday evening pickup in Hamilton as well, just off the 403 at the Hamilton Spectator building
  3. To further complicate your options, if you don't like being tethered to a PC, there are also FPGA options like MiST and MiSTer. Instant on, low power, no host OS in the way.
  4. 10:55am EST, https://lotharek.pl accessing the site okay from Canada.
  5. Since my memory of it was of playback through the 410's crappy speaker, it's nostalgia-accurate. Thanks so much!
  6. mutterminder, can I humbly ask for the opposide: just the music channel as an mp3 please? My Zeppelin tape is long gone and I miss hearing that version of Pachelbel's Canon & the William Tell Overture. TIA
  7. I'll second Steem. MiST is also a great option - depending on your definition of 'reasonable' for budget, I suppose. I've been connecting it to my MU80 and running Mastertracks Pro (and getting the midi music when playing Pirates! )
  8. The Yamaha MU80 works great with MiST and my real STs. Sounds great when playing Pirates! http://soundprogramming.net/synthesizers/yamaha/yamaha-mu80/
  9. Maybe they were thinking of Thalion's Wings of Death? That's certainly in my top 10 for ST games.
  10. I've seen this on other circuit boards, mainly from China. From what I've read it's a leftover from the "no clean" flux used when populating the board.
  11. The decal paper I have has a pretty good glue on it. The surface ink is likely to be damaged before anything pulls the whole decal off. But that wouldn't take too much either. Either way the more I think about it, it's probably too fragile to consider as an option. For anyone wanting to give it a try anyway: A number of hobby shops on/offline sell the decal paper (both for inklet and laser) in letter size sheets. I just ran it through my Samsung laser. The text was printed from Open Office using the SF Atarian font at 22pt.
  12. Something like this? Still working on the colour, and trying to work out a way of getting the water-slide decals to lie flat without getting air trapped behind, which shows up as silvery spots once the decal dries. There's also a visible difference on the decal's finish and the and plastic behind. It's a bit more flat / matte. And they're fragile. First scratch with a fingernail, and it's damaged. A printing shop small batch of stickers would probably be better. Since only the word "Incognito" is being printed, so copyright is no issue - at least from Atari... I should probably run it by Master of Gizmo first.
  13. Listed my Incognito on ebay. item# 182011281277 Shipping anywhere, no reserve set. It's a glorious device, but I'm just never going to get around to installing it.
  14. You can find them in the Atari ST TOSEC at archive.org under Atari ST [TOSEC]/Applications/[sT]/Atari ST - Applications - [sT] (TOSEC-v2011-08-31_CM)/
  15. With all that mystery material on the outside, I wouldn't be surprised if "moisture" (most polite way I can think of phrasing it) hasn't gotten into the already fragile keyboard mylar and destroyed it. Good news if that's the case is the replacement mylar at Best (or anyone else who sells it) is an easy replacement.
  16. I did kjmann's s-video mod on my NTSC XEGS a couple years ago with good results. It was pretty straightforward. Didn't go for composite, but that's easily achieved just by tying the luma and chroma for together. Can't find the guide online after a quick search, so hopefully it won't be minded if I attach it here. XEGS.zip
  17. Perhaps there were a few different releases of the game. Some with just the manual, some with extras. I'm quite sure a friend of mine bought it for his 400 (possibly on cassette) back in the day, and it was notable because it came with several souvenirs or clues.
  18. I bought one of the cheap adapters (like link below) and it's still better - by far - than what we used to be content with using a TV and RF adapter. Very clean signal. I get no distortion, ghosting or other nonsense with my 8-bits. ebay example Just make sure if you're going to buy one that you get the composite/s-video to VGA, as there are identical looking adapters that go the opposite way. And I will second morelenmir's suggestion about using a CRT. They're a lot more forgiving than LCD and provide a more authentic looking visual.
  19. Woo! Mine arrived today. Thank you, Candle!
  20. Especially when some of us are still waiting on our orders from the third run.
  21. Does Canada count? Still patiently waiting, and confirmed my mailing address about the same time you.
  22. I've got 2 Pis now. A model B runs my file server in the basement, and I just picked up a Pi 2 for gaming. It's much faster than the B, and is able to run Hatari at 100% speed (though it has trouble with Falcon emulation, and enabling Blitter slows it down). I also have an Odroid-C1, which is somewhat comparable in specs to the Pi 2. I'm a bit disappointed with it after using the Raspberry Pis. The Odroid isn't nearly as 'polished' as the Pi, and is very picky when it comes to SD cards and HDMI cables.
  23. TOSEC at archive.org: https://archive.org/details/tosec
  24. Heh...yep, there's one in the drawer beside my spare soldering tips. Consider it a bonus. It's like buying a used car and getting a free "Best of Queen" cassette left behind in the deck.
  25. There are 720K versions of the Gotek available as well, but they tend to be more expensive...I guess because there's a smaller market for them. There's another thread around here somewhere, or maybe at Atari Forum, noting that there's an Amiga compatible firmware that can be flashed into these things. Regardless, they're apparently a PITA to set up and use compared to HxC.
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