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  1. Mezrabad

    Bicentennial Rehash

    hahaha. burning acid fire trucks on rampage! Yeah, I still twitch when I think about that system which shall not be named.
  2. Mezrabad


    That's interesting! My first Black Jack video game was on the Atari 2600. Actually Combat, Space Invaders and Black Jack were the first carts we owned. Since that was one of three carts, I do remember playing the hell out of it. Something hypnotic about it, but overall, I don't find it "fun", it's more like meditating.
  3. Mezrabad

    Der Wustenfuchs

    LOL sorry, that sentence must've been a big pain if English is not your first language. I apologize! Hmm, I think my son did play this with me. Shoot, I really should have been mentioning that whenever one of them played.
  4. Mezrabad

    Videocart-1 Tic-Tac-DOH!

    Hmm... I didn't comment on the fact this was the first cartridge based game? Wow, though maybe from the perspective of having played Odyssey (I know they weren't programmable, they were just circuits) which had cartridges, i don't know if someone back in 1976 would have been able to know the difference. Well, an 8 year old at least might not have known the difference. Hahaha, thanks for linking the Chicken video. Yeah, I saw those at county fairs while growing up. Smart to google it!
  5. Mezrabad

    Fairchild VES

    YES Jerry Lawson (R.I.P.) was a great interview! I remember him loving the "You Lose Turkey" hahahah. I try to skew away from talking about the technology so much because: A. I only really know some parts of it. Screen resolution, number of colors, etc. I mean, there's some programming bits about which I wish I knew more... for instance how one programmer found an "extra" memory buffer by reading one of the Channel F ports. I don't really go into the tech stuff because I'm certain I'm going to misinform someone. B. The idea is that I'm just "Joe Consumer" playing these things as he gets them, though I don't stick to that too strictly.
  6. Yeah, that's a good point, though I think that the games now are extremely intricate and interesting on one level, the fact that there are so damn many games makes it hard for me to keep playing one for any amount of time. That and the fact that they're so easy to come by. Waiting to save up enough money to get a new Atari cartridge back in 1982, and then hoping for a ride to Sears is a lot different than getting on Steam and having access to so many games for (the equivalent of) pocket change. Onwards!
  7. wow, that NEVER occurred to me, that the Odyssey 300's controls were not really 'advanced' as much as they were 'simplified' -- they only went up and down... an accurate statement would be "The Odyssey 300 system lacks horizontal controls for the paddle!" Since Odyssey 300 was my first ever system, I thought of it as "only natural that one could just move the paddles up and down".
  8. Mezrabad

    Odyssey 300, the Yellow one

    Yeah, I don't have any experience with the 500. (though... hah, I'd forgotten I had a 400) I think the 500 actually had sprites or something. In regards to "Smash" I'm not sure, it was probably called something else on other systems, but I remember Jai-lai because I don't think I learned to say it correctly until my early 20s. heheh.
  9. hahaha, actually a PBS version of this blog would be awesome. I'll have to settle for doing it in YouTube without a grant from the Public Broadcasting System. Hey, thanks for news about that link. Fixing!
  10. Hahah, I LOVE that site. I think he and I actually had a conversation about him linking and using my scans or something. I don't remember, but it was an honor, 'cause I used to always go to his site for information. It's been a while though, I'm glad to see it's still up.
  11. Hey, sorry about that broken link. I'll fix. And yeah, the four paddles just meant two players, with two paddles each.
  12. Mezrabad

    An Odyssey Reborn

    Hey, he's good! Too often do videogame reviewers sound like they're yelling at me or seem to think they need to curse to keep my attention. He keeps it mellow and informative. He's also fairly well prepared so good for him. Thanks for linking to that one, Nelio!
  13. Mezrabad

    With a PONG in my heart.

    hahah, whew, July 2019!? That's doable. xD
  14. Mezrabad

    1974 Home Video Games

    haha. happy belated birthday!
  15. Mezrabad

    1973 End of an Odyssey

    Yeah, the original idea was "buy it on ebay, play it, sell it back" with the only "cost" being shipping and handling. The true cost is time and dealing with eBay... and the currency is one's sanity.
  16. Mezrabad


    Yeah, I really liked this game. I wish I'd kept a copy. Hmm... actually I may have. At the very lease I think I have a scan of the manual.
  17. Mezrabad

    Brain Tsunami

    heheh, I gave up on the Flash programming awhile back. I'm sure it's an attention span thing... I have the manual scanned. I hope I can find it!
  18. Mezrabad

    Bon Voyage!

    Hmm, the force field is not visible, it's just an abstract thing. If the ship collides with the other spot, it disappears. I think... again, too long since I played. I actually still have this game (I had three of them at one point which is funny because this game is apparently very rare) I'll get it out and make a movie of it when I'm trying to find an Odyssey that works. I don't remember where a player launches from.
  19. Mezrabad

    A W.I.N.ner is You!

    Yes! the whole "non-video" aspect of this just kills it. Okay, kudos for them thinking out-of-the-box, but damn.
  20. Mezrabad

    1973 Introductions

    Yeah, he seemed like an interesting person! It's funny how a lot of people can be part of the birth of an industry, but not continue with it. I guess it's like any other job. Sure I was a waiter in my early twenties, but as much as I love food, I certainly wouldn't ever do it again if I could help it. I have a friend who worked at Origin in the early to mid 90s and for her it was just a gig that she enjoyed and felt lucky to have done, but she's not in the game industry anymore.
  21. Mezrabad

    Überview, 1972

    I didn't pay my daughter, but that was because she hadn't been sullied by modern games yet. My son had been playing Playstation games since he was about four and by this time he was a pro. Now I'd had to pry him off of DOTA2 to get him to play... He might actually do it to join me and I honestly don't think he'd require recompense. and yes 23! that's larger than some libraries that came out years later. (no, I can't think of them, but surely it must be)
  22. Mezrabad

    A Ball in the Hand

    hahah, yes, I remember the nice feeling of getting to move forward a year.
  23. Mezrabad

    Xtreme Square Volleyball

    Hmm, I don't remember! xD there's a game called "Spike!" that I think simulated the gravity pretty well... it was an arcade game I think and bits of it were represented on the Atari 2600 cart Video Pong... but I'm pretty sure cart #7 did not simulate that, because that might have required math or something on the part of the Odyssey and it just didn't have it. Yeah, if I had to say so, I'd say the only thing the cart did was draw the net.
  24. Mezrabad

    Racing's Ur Game.

    You're welcome and yes... scanning Odyssey was a project in and of itself. Every overly, every card, everything. I scanned it all in.... it took hours and hours and hours... and it terrifies me that off the top of my head... I don't know where any of it is. Just yesterday the external hard drive I was using during that time period came up completely dead. I'm -pretty- sure I'd copied all Odyssey scans off it, but it's been awhile since I thought about it. o_O wow, scary.
  25. Mezrabad


    oh my god it's SOOOO repetitive. It was like football in many ways, tiny quick battles in a huge war, but the battles could have just as well be flipping a coin.
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