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  1. - Mr. Robot and his Robot Factory (Datamost) - Drol (Broderbund) - Rainbow Walker (Synapse) - Aztec Challenge (Cosmi) - Picnic Paranoia (Synapse) - Conan (Datasoft) (also manual needed)
  2. Still available. Trade offers are Welcome (preferred Homevision or Panda Titles). Also 8Bit Disk Version Games are welcome.
  3. Your wish is my command @pangasinan-sorry, no manual!
  4. As topic says already - boxed Homevision Sky Alien for sale. Asking 150+shipping.
  5. Hi Guys, i don't think that all the PAL games are worth collecting. Looking at all the pirated Stuff and the very cheap made copys of pirated pirate games but hey - looking at the really cool stuff like the games i talk about is not only a challenge to collect it's a life task Anyway - also hunting for the last handful of NTSC Nines and Tens is one too greetings Tom P.S. IMHO - The "God" game is another proof that the persons who made the labels for these freaky pirates are barbers, sheet banner workers or part time alcoholics than gamers or artworkers
  6. Cybertom

    Adult Games

    Ahh, cool - thank you very much. Tom
  7. Ahh, cool Stuff - i want them all Tom
  8. Cybertom

    Adult Games

    thanks Rom would love to see pictures of the boxes as i have never seen them Tom
  9. Hi. @Jörg - are they PAL only ? Can you send pictures of the carts ? I'm still looking for a silver Asteroids Box - as i have the cart but never seen the silver style box. btw. the R2-D2 is off topic greetings Tom
  10. Cybertom

    Adult Games

    Hi, well it seems like there are more of the "single enders" out there as the common 3 titles "Custers Revenge", "Bachelor Party", "Beat em & Eat em". For me i first got notice of them as Marco sold me 3 austalian titles on a trade show some years ago - thanks again Marco The titles are "Burning Desire" "Bachelorette Party" and "Jungle Fever" - i've never seen them on Ebay. Well i',m not sure if they are PAL format but i assume (as they are all shrinked i doubt to open them and test it). Are there any more of them out there ? Does anyone have them and know if they are only available in PAL ? And will you post pictures here to see them maybe complete ? Would be great to see them ! greetings Tom
  11. Hi Guys, i know most of you don't really like collecting PAL Stuff - but hey - there are some really, really nice rarities out there - so look what you are missing Technovision, Dynamics, Carrere, Ariola, Video Gems, Rainbow Vision, Homevision, and lots more As the Homevision Games are bringing up record prices around 300$ and up if you can find them even boxed also the Technovision (some went for over 300 Euros in the past) i also haven't seen the HES Games in the small blister packing very often anyway you can't find much information about them. In my opinion all the "PAL only" games are quite underrated and it's time to bring them a little bit more into the hotspot of us collectors and also US Collectors So let's collect some pictures of thoese "PAL only" rarities here in this thread - for me i have attached all my rare ones in this post. Happy "PAL Collecting" Tom P.S. of course happy collecting even non PAL
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    From the album: My Gameroom

  13. Cybertom

    My Gameroom

    Here are some pics of my gameroom. It's around 30 squaremeters in the basement of our home. Most of the systems i collect are always hooked up and ready to play.
  14. Cybertom


    From the album: My Gameroom

  15. Cybertom


    From the album: My Gameroom

  16. Hi, i didn't mean the games themself - i have them both but afaik the Berenstain Bears comes in the large box with all the tapes included and the Smurfs come within the Kidvid Bigbox only. I've never seen the games in these standars coleco style boxes - therefore my question was if the boxes where fanmade. greetings Tom
  17. Hi there, interesting Thread. Are they real or Fanmade ? greetings Tom
  18. Hi guys, i'm absolutely sure these are no RF interferences also no bad cable. I can say that for sure because i have a well working ntsc console and all other ntsc games doesn't have that strange patterns on the screen (but they have interferences for sure) ! Also the patterns don't move on the screen - they are static and on the same position (on my copy and on the one pictured on ebay). That's why i think the pattern comes definately from the cart and that the non labeled versions are maybe fixed PCBs that they don't relabel after repairing !? I thought this could be interesting to find out but it seems nobody really cares greetings Tom
  19. c'mon guys over 70 views and nobody has any suggestions ? greetings Tom
  20. Hi @ all, these days i got my copy of Halloween from Wizard and as all of my games i tested it instantly I've noticed some very bad looking blocks/shadows/ghostings (not sure how to say - see picture for details) and my first thought was - damned cart defective But yesterday i found a picture on ebay that showed a screenshot from the game that has the same artifacts in the picture like my copy. Now i wondered if there was a defective run of carts and maybe it has something to do with the "no label" Versions ? Maybe the manufacturer of the game had noticed the problem and fixed some carts that they had on stock by opening them and maybe resolder a resistor or whatever !? Would be interesting if someone of you can test a no label cart and of course all others with label too greetings Tom
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