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  1. The official web page for Memo Pad is: https://x868k.com/apps/memopad/
  2. Hello, Memo Pad's Binary View has a Leading Zero option for both Offset and Data values. See Preferences on Edit menu. Is this what you need? Regarding the "hollow boxes" for spaces you will probably need to wait for the ability to use fonts created with Atari 8-bit font editors. I'm currently trying to wrap up a big web project. Once that is done then I will have time to get back to Memo Pad. Thanks.
  3. Memo Pad uses a custom bitmap font rendering. I have replaced the font size settings with a new 1x to 9x multiplier setting. Hopefully this will provide a readable font size on your high-DPI display. This new setting is available now in Release 29.
  4. Yes, it is a 32bit app. I no longer have that Mac and can't remember the details. I do run it with Wine on 64bit Linux. There is a something like WINEARCH=win32 setting but I don't know if this will work on Wine for Mac or is specific to Wine for Linux.
  5. The SRC files on that ATR are text files with CR for end-of-line. For some reason they are padded with char 255 to fill 128 byte blocks but they can still be opened in a text editor.
  6. Displaying tab chars as a user specified number of spaces is on my To Do list. I think I will need another view mode for when to display characters as is and when to process them. I recently implemented support for entering graphics and inverse characters and realized entering two of the graphic characters, when EOL mode is not ATASCII, can create a new line. Anyway, I will try to have a solution soon. Thanks.
  7. Release 26 is ready for downloading. It fixes the BASIC import bug reported by MrFish. Thanks again.
  8. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting it. I am able to reproduce the problem and will look into it tomorrow after work.
  9. Both requests are in Release 21. Enjoy!
  10. No problem. I was afraid things were not working for you and there was a bug somewhere.
  11. Memo Pad does this already. The caret moves to where you click. Shift click and it selects. You can also click and drag to select.
  12. The caret will move to where you click or do you mean something else? Entering graphics and inverse characters is on my To Do list. Find is being worked on.
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