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  1. There's one up for sale at ebay again eBay Auction -- Item Number: 200444538439
  2. Today is the day; the winners of the RGPC competition are to be announced! This week we did an evaluation of the finished entries "Honeycomb Rapture" and "Herding Cats". We -that's mainly me and my wife- had plenty of fun playing both games. We know both games still contain some bugs, but we have ignored that in our evaluation. We only evaluated game functionality. It was a very close race, let me tell you. Herding Cats is more of a strategy game whereas Honeycomb Rapture goes arcade style all the way. Comparing these games is difficult; both are clearly winners in their own league! In terms of game ideas and instruction manual Herding Cats goes first. I like the variety in tools. Imagine the idea of having a "CAT-a-pult". Brilliant! The same goes for the different levels, a lot of variety there and certainly enough to drive you wild. Love it! Honeycomb Rapture on the other hand offers some great arcade bee action. It is a very responsive game. Considering we are talking about an Extended Basic game that surely is something not te be taken for granted. Adding a breeze of assembly language was indeed a clever idea. Both the graphics and the catchy tune during gameplay are highlights. The UFO stage is also very cool! Now to the contest results.... "arcade" category Owen wins The Pitfall! cartridge for doing Honeycomb Rapture. "strategy" category Keith wins The "Mechatronic Extended Basic II Plus cartridge" for doing Herding Cats. Congratulations to both of you! Mission accomplished folks! Even though we didn't have a high humber of finished contest entries, the competition had a lot of attention. So for sure, not a bad start. I also want to thank Karsten for his work on Destroyer. Still hoping to see a playable version in the near future, cause that game will definitely kick *butts* big time
  3. Even though different in style, I very much like the artwork that both ti99userclub and rocky007 have been doing :thumbsup: Looking forward seeing how this further develops
  4. Might be a nice case for the new FGPA Geneve compatible computer that is currently in the works
  5. I noticed this yesterday and today as well. Just now I wasn't able to reach atariage for almost 45 minutes EDIT: I'm located in Germany
  6. Hi! In the newer versions of the classic99 emulator a "CLIP" device got introduced. The idea is that you can use it to copy something to and from the clipboard. Suppose you already have a basic program loaded from a disk file, you can then copy it to the windows clipboard by doing LIST "CLIP" It allows you then to then easily copy it in for example windows notepad. Now you can also do the reverse and import from the clipboard. I am certain that I did that a while ago, but somehow I keep getting I/O errors now, I also don't recall if I have to use MERGE CLIP or OLD CLIP. I think Owen could know or we have to ask Tursi. Think it is about time to do a "tips & tricks" article on classic99. EDIT: I have asked in the YAHOO online group about this. Waiting for feedback.
  7. We have Honeycomb Rapture and Herding Cats, both finished in time.
  8. Just had some time to play; yes the apples are so much fun! Very well done indeed :thumbsup:
  9. wow, you are even thinking about a box ? Perfect! thanks, this makes me very happy
  10. Great stuff! Don't have gameplay time this evening but will definitely try tomorrow.
  11. I like the cartridge picture in color and the black letters for the logo. One small thing, guess that the "Texas Instruments TI-99/4A does take too much space ? How about: "For the TI-99/4A Home Computer". Would that take less space ? Very cool! Question: May I post about your cover on my blog and in the yahoo newsgroup
  12. wow, just had a chance to checkout your work! It's very good! The only things I would modify (but that's a matter of personal taste): a) Put the "retroclouds" logo in black letters instead of white. b) Change "TI-99/4A" in "for the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A" (perhaps also in black) c) I like that you've put an image of the cartridge on it, seems that this image was taken from the prototype cartridge (had a bubble). Perhaps an image of a production cartridge should be used. Either way, congratulations on a job well done!!
  13. This is interesting stuff, thanks Last year I added a sound player to the latest beta version of my SPECTRA game library (not released yet). I was in need for one for Pitfall. I had the ISR disabled and needed a sound-player that runs as a thread next to the other game threads. It also uses the "ISR" sound format and only plays sounds from VDP memory. I wasn't aware of the sound-list jump, so guess I'll have to add it to the player as well
  14. Thanks, I'm hoping it can inspire other homebrewers to give the TI a try
  15. I'll add it to my to-do list Owen. This may take some time though, work has been a killer lately and most likely will stay that way for the next few months.
  16. Very nice! I like playing this game over and over again The sleeping snake and the less "twitchy" controls are definitly both winners :thumbsup: The only things I think could be improved: a) This game is definitly in need for a timer b) Sound effects are cool, but the title music somehow doesn't fit the game (sorry). Heck, this game is so great I checked ebay for finding out what an Atari 7800 costs (not even knowing if I can get the cartridge).
  17. It seems we (the TI-99/4A programming subforum) are the only ones left in the programming section. Feels a bit lonely know. As a homebrew programmer I hang out most of the time in the programming sections. I liked checking out what happened in the other programming subforums to tune in on the latests replies. Now it only says "redirected hits: xxx". Question: is it possible to have muliple "entry" points to a subforum and still show their lates replies ? Doing so would be like having best of both worlds. Example: have the colecovision and Atari programming subforums appear where they were before and additionally in their new place. Still we are very, very happy we finally have a little spot at Atariage. It is really boosting the TI community. So again, big thanks for that.
  18. On a sidenote: most of the resources mentioned in the turorial can be found in the development resources sticky thread (except for the TMS9900 Data Manual PDF and miller graphics "The Smart Programmer" publications)
  19. Excellent, excellent stuff Matthew! Very well written as well. We should add this to the development resources sticky thread (tutorial section) and ninerpedia. This will assure it doesn't get overseen too easily when new threads appear. I'm hoping this kind of information (<plug on>including my commented Pitfall source code & SPECTRA game library</plug off>) will get more people to program assembly language on the TI-99/4A Hoping to see more quality tutorial material from you
  20. I've got the Pitfall Cartridge !! , i'm very happy very very happy !! , it's a good work for this game... now you can start to work for a new project while will ship all cartridges remaining ! ... ... i would want create the Manual... i will try... Thanks for all... Ciro. Hi Ciro! its good to hear you have received the cartridges. Good luck with the manual! Yes, the next conversion will be something special I started working on it last week; it is not Time Pilot, because Time Pilot will need some extra memory on the PCB and we do not have such PCBs' yet. Hint: a long long time ago in Egypt there was a .... retroclouds
  21. That is correct, winners will be announced on February 28th
  22. I'll be getting myself some boards, they are of excellent quality and don't forget a cartridge case is included
  23. I like the screenshot! Very nice :thumbsup:
  24. This game is fun! This is the first time I was looking forward playing a game that doesn't run on a TMS9918 (I'm a TI & coleco fan). I'm not disappointed, the scrolling is so cool. ok, not knowing anything about the 7800 and its limitations: 1) Would it be possible to add a moving enemy object, like lets' say a snail or ant ? 2) Put in a timer ? After playing the 2nd time I was able to put in a high score, but I could not finish entering my initials. I thought that I could finish by pressing 'X', but that didn't work. Sorry I don't know the ProSystem emulator that well, so I'm probably doing something wrong. Excellent stuff, I love the graphics and gameplay
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