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  1. IMO the game relies too much on the mechanic of having to continually refuel your jet. How small is the plane's gas tank? Did it get punctured by enemy fire and is constantly leaking? I love the general layout and play mechanics otherwise, although it would have been cool to have the opportunity to fly over land to take out select high-value targets, etc., even if it had been made a significantly more difficult risk to do so, with tight paths through trees or somesuch. Another possibility would have been a base/boss at the end of every level, as seen in arcade Zaxxon, but the 2600 didn't exactly provide unlimited resources to the programmer, so it's somewhat understandable.
  2. Kripto


  3. The real killer is the way Pac Man moves in the original 2600 version. If they just made his speed, rotation and motion curves like those in the arcade version, I believe many of the other inaccuracies would have been mostly forgiven.
  4. Ha! No, it is in no way dimensionally accurate. I just didn't have either a real unit to measure or super accurate drawings to reference.
  5. That looks great! If you're looking for stuff to add, maybe the player's ship can withstand more than one hit, but becomes harder to control while producing smoke.
  6. Boong-Ga Boong-Ga (Korean: 붕가 붕가, Japanese: 浣腸ゲーム kanchō geemu), also known as Spank 'em, is an arcade game developed by a South Korean company, Taff System. It is the first arcade game to simulate kancho - a popular prank in Japan where the victim is poked with two fingers in the anus whilst distracted. The game's control scheme consisted of a large plastic hand with a finger pointing out and a rubber buttocks. I kid you not. Video Of Gameplay-
  7. What I find really surprising is an arcade sequel was made to Elevator Action and it is SUPER-violent, including the heroes killing dogs and setting groups of people on fire, with them running around ablaze, etc. I have nothing against violence in games but it was a very sharp difference from the cartoony deaths which befall the characters in the original, such as the accordion-style end of anyone unfortunate enough to get stuck under an elevator. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aL9XpxICgk
  8. I used to say Ssssnake was the worst whenever this topic came up, but I really feel that Karate has it beat. The reason being that you can't even tell if your joystick movements and button pushes are influencing the game. At least with Ssssnake, when you move the joystick, your character/block moves around the crappy little glitched-out center box/area. BTW- Does anyone know if Ssssnake is in the public domain? I'm toying with the idea of porting it to the iPhone/iPad(!) but would like to avoid any legal action. Maybe if I just add or subtract an s from the name?
  9. In U.S military language, the Titanic would be in "unexpected frozen mass enabled deep dock"...

    1. Enig


      TRUFAX: Episode 3 is being delayed because Gabe Newell is going to dredge up the Titanic and claim it to be the long-lost Borealis. And he-ll repair the split using all those crowbars he was sent a few months ago.

  10. Treasure of Tarmin for Intellivision, on a giant black and white TV while I had chicken pox. I remember the game kept throwing a battle with the final boss at me, trying to get me to finish when I wanted to keep playing.
  11. From the title I expected this thread to be some horribly depressing tale about how arthritis or MS had ravaged your body to the point that you could no longer play 2600 Pac Man.
  12. What's the speediest way to the naboo?

    1. Grig


      Second star to the right, straight on till morning

    2. Jag_Slave


      Through the core

    3. MagitekAngel


      I call bullshit. Even if the planetary core was full of water, the intense heat and pressure would turn it into a red-hot superstrong ice.

  13. I thought the Jag had eight, 8-bit processors and could play Apple II games if you inserted the floppies into the "toilet bowl" just right...
  14. Shameless Plug// You could always check out my newest game Pinball XL, which I dessigned specifically for iPad. //Shameless Plug I also agree that games not design for the touchscreen / tilt control tend to disastrous. Just try and play Tempest, for example.
  15. Ha! How badly do you want one of these Little 810 Drives?
  16. double posting madness!! I just bought the Major Havok bundle and am disappointed with the controls and screen orientation. I am happy to see it though.
  17. is making rabbits dance.

  18. And if I don't "get down" on Friday?!? Then what?!?

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      If you can't get down, get up, get on up:



  19. I shall leave you as you left me, as you left her; marooned for all eternity in the center of a dead planet... buried alive!

  20. You deny that all the console manufacturers make it more difficult to know actual sale numbers, thus spinning them? I personally don't care who is in the lead, etc. but this particular "sales acheivement" seems very much line an engineered event to generate a positive story which would help MS overcome "add-on-ittus", which has killed pretty much every other console add-on ever.
  21. You deny that all the console manufacturers make it more difficult to know actual sale numbers, thus spinning them? I personally don't care who is in the lead, etc. but this particular "sales acheivement" seems very much line an engineered event to generate a positive story which would help MS overcome "add-on-ittus
  22. It just means they shipped a lot of units really quickly. Kinect sold 133,333 units in the very first month of its sale (4 November 2010 to 3 January 2011). That's the figure that got them in the Guiness book and I bet their whole manufacturing and shipping strategy was geared to reach this figure for this purpose. How many million XBox 360s are out there? It's difficult to know how many unique sales there have been, excluding ring of death, etc, but they've shipped over 40 million consoles total. MS is really spinning the sales figures though so the truth is hard to discern.
  23. My friends and I used every Game Shark code we could get our hands on to hack Golden Eye, my favorite being one that displayed the current values for the A.I calculations going on in the NPCs. Tons of fun back then!
  24. Many of the units actually sold are going to artist/technical types that are using it with apps like Max MSP or MotionBuilder. I'm planning on buying one and don't even own a 360.
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