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  1. They are different routines but they reside at the same addresses on different ROM banks. Hence the main program (which resides in RAM) simply has to select the vertical or horizontal background bank and can then call the routines (initialise background, scroll background etc) blissfully unaware of what type of level it is. I never did any bank switching back in the day (I didn't make it to the XL) but feel I have made up for it now...
  2. Just to be clear I have no issue with anyone not liking the game - there are things I don't like either. It's snide comments like "feeling sorry for the code" that I thought were completely unnecessary. One of the options with the music was to have my two teenage nieces who are both musical do something. I would have enjoyed it and I think they would have too, but I wasn't going to risk exposing them to any nasty comments.
  3. It's just character animation. I used 8 characters in total to form two 2x2 squares. The same animation is used in both squares and a mesh is applied over the top of one of them. The source to an earlier demo (when it was disk based) is available here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/234237-what-made-crownland-so-colorful/?p=3172380 The code was given for the multiplexer but it will include the rear character animations too (it's from a while back and I don't remember how readable it is - probably a lot better than it is now!).
  4. No it won't be released on cart - it's a hobby and I don't want to commercialise it at all. I appreciate there may be people that don't want to have to flash a cart themselves but luckily this is the Atari community. I am sure if they ask there would be people willing to help. I would for anyone in the UK.
  5. Thank you Fletch. It got a better reception here than I thought but I expected some people to be disappointed. I didn't expect insults though, a little hobby which is supposed to be fun...
  6. Attached is Rambo 1088 memory expansion version - there's a xex file plus various disk sets for different format disks should anyone want to boot it from a real drive. I have only been able to test the SSSD set on real h/w. ab1088.xex ab1088_sssd.zip ab1088_ssdd.zip ab1088_dsdd.atr
  7. Thanks Steve! It's just an image which is displayed for 1 frame in 3 instead of the normal game screen. The image has 4 frames with increasing gaps between scan lines to try and give a Jeff Minter type explosion (Mutant Camels was the first time I saw those split apart explosions). 5 seconds is suspiciously about how long it would take a byte to wrap around if you increment it every vertical blank. I have some flags that I inc and dec to set and clear. Perhaps there is a race condition which doesn't happen very often where I can miss one reaching 0 and then have to wait until it completely wraps around. I'll look at some robustness changes in this area and make a new cart version available with the Rambo 1088 version.
  8. There are a number of hacks on atarionline.pl and I did a quick mod to this one - it does require a 64K machine though (and doesn't seem to work with 128K). Bounty Bob Strikes Back! (1985)(Aackosoft)(NL)(en)Req 64kk-file.atr
  9. Bank switching is really more a feature of the cart than the 5200 itself. The scheme which Bryan used on his 5200 port of Mule can be found here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/69649-5200-game-announcement-now-shipping/?p=856153 The Atarimax Ultimate SD cart supports the 32K bank switching version of this. If your .bin file is 64/128/256/512K long then it assumes it is this bank switching format. The Ultimate SD also supports it's own hybrid bank switching format, with either 8K or 16K banks. The 8K bank switching also allows limited write capability to the cart SRAM. There is information and a demo program here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/221479-5200-ultimate-sd-cart-hybrid-8k-write8k-read-mode/?p=2917347 I guess the other bank switching carts are Miner 2049er and Bounty Bob Strikes Back but I've not looked into those.
  10. The game looks great but you will now have a difficult question to answer: "Daddy, what's a Zombie?" My nephews asked my mum one day when she was minding them. Mum knew nothing about Minecraft and thought they must have seen a horror movie. Mind you, Scoobie Doo was too scary for them at the time.
  11. Thank you, but unfortunately my envelope went in last week's recycling collection. I know the date because I noticed it when I received the parcel and emailed Wolfgang immediately. I haven't heard anything back yet but it is holiday time, so I will give it a few more weeks and then try contacting ABBUC again. Good idea, I will do the same.
  12. How do I renew my ABBUC membership? I received the "30 years ABBUC in a box" a couple of weeks ago and noticed the date on the label was 30.03.15 - so I owe money! Unfortunately I did not note down my membership number. Back on subject, I love the look of The Monk and can't wait to see it. Paul
  13. Missile Command+ wasn't me, but I modified Bug Hunt to use the trak-ball which is on this forum somewhere. Earlier this year I did some work with Darryl on DK and DKJr: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/248578-donkey-kong-jr-atari-5200-arcade-enhanced/?p=3429463 http://atariage.com/forums/topic/249885-atari-a8-donkey-kong-hack/?p=3497095 Since then I've actually found some enthusiasm to get on with the project that was my reason for buying a 5200 in the first place - AB!
  14. I had an enable_interrupts routine in there which didn't. That doesn't seem to be a problem for some loaders, but I just tried DOS 2.5 and it black screened - it loads the attached corrected version ok. zelda.xex
  15. Excellent work. I remember seeing this and other isometric games back in the day and wishing for an A8 version... now there finally is!
  16. And talking of from whence things came, it was Kenfused who did the original 5200 port.
  17. So the regular version is ok for you now? I didn't check whether the RMT version had the same issue. The original xex files I used came from Atarionline: http://atarionline.pl/arch/D/Donkey%20Kong/Donkey%20Kong%20%281983%29%28Atari%29%28US%29.xex http://atarionline.pl/arch/D/Donkey%20Kong/Donkey%20Kong%20%282010%29%28Atari%29%28US%29%5Bh%20RMT%20Fandal%20%26%20Kjmann%5D.xex Ideally programs should initialise all the hardware registers... but neither of these do and I'd imagine there will be others which don't either. In this case I can "fix" them when I do the other hacks but if you encounter any other programs that don't run correctly you should try and load them differently if you can (other loaders may clear the h/w down).
  18. Thanks, the double width was the clue I needed - the registers are not being cleared down, so will be left in whatever state they were prior to the program getting control.
  19. No shadows here. But the colours have changed from the original. Does anyone else have the same issue as Kyle?
  20. Kong is tracked both horizontally and vertically when he stomps the girders. I didn't do it here because I liked the idea of his eyes going out when he falls. Also there are the DLIs which are repositioning that player (which is also used for Pauline's items) so they would have to be disabled. I added one extra DLI just under Kong's head on each level to restore the player used for his eyes/teeth. Adding a different run of DLIs on this level is possible, but a bit fiddly. There's also the change to the playfield to consider, with the 4 lines of girders which appear. There seems to be room for a girder above his head to the right of the score. However the supports would end up encroaching on Pauline which would mess her up as she is xor drawn like everything else. If someone does take up the challenge of replacing the xor code that may be the time to consider it. Alternate images can be added, it's a question of understanding the code enough to use them.
  21. I think there is a lot of potential in GBA style graphics and like you say, not every game needs lots of sprites. I appreciate there will be a lot of people that don't like grey graphics on an A8, but I think the most important thing with getting a game finished is it being something you want to do and find interesting to work on. I tried out the GBA Zelda graphics and I thought they looked great (alternated between modes D and E to stretch them out). I'll never find the time for such a project, but if I did I'd keep it grey and use colour from the PM graphics for Sin City style effects. With that imagination GBA graphics have green leaves, brown paths, blue sea... zelda.xex
  22. Ducks Ahoy! http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-ducks-ahoy_1757.html
  23. Yes, the last couple of evenings have been spent entirely on this - I have never put so much effort into trying to turn a few pixels white!
  24. I'd been working with normal overscan too, so didn't notice it. It's actually the bottom of one of Pauline's items. There are no items in this level but it still draws them, out of the way at the very top of the player graphics area and setting the horizontal position to 0 so they are off the left edge of the screen. However, when I set the horizontal position to line up with Kong those few lines at the bottom become visible. It's an easy fix, I'll stop it drawing anything in this case.
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