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  1. It turns out that the TV was to blame. I tried the same set-up on a completely different TV, and everything worked! woo!!
  2. I have the Sega Genesis photographed below. I've bought audio/visual cables from ebay twice, but I always get the same problem: audio works but video doesn't work. I can get both audio and visual to work if I do it with the old-school connector (RF?) but I'd rather use the modern s-video thingy. Any thoughts on this or what cable I need? Or if maybe something is damaged about my Sega?
  3. Sonja

    USB Paddle?

    I started playing the PC game Reaxxion and am wondering why a simple USB paddle-style controller is not available. Something like this: http://forums.logitech.com/logitech/board/...message.id=1282 Discussion here too: http://www.digitpress.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1331319 A lot of those websites seem to have high-quality parts for building your own arcade machine. I just want something simple like the Atari 2600 paddle, but with USB plug and play on Windows XP.
  4. Cool! I have model 2 with black buttons instead of red. Thanks, guys!!!! <3
  5. How can I identify whether I have a version 1 or 2 of the console?
  6. Is there a cable I can use to hook up Sega Genesis console to RCA video and audio, instead of RF? I have to first figure out if my Genesis is 1 or 2 or other. Then maybe I can buy something like http://racketboy.com/store/sega-genesis/se...-av-cables.html
  7. What's the best ice hockey game for Sega Genesis? Is it NHL 98 or NHL 96 or some other incarnation?
  8. Sorry if this is off-topic, but my Win XP box in my living room has a Radeon HD 4870 video card and outputs via s-video cable to a CRT televison. The display always seems to be too red. Whenever a red shape appears on the TV, it seems to bleed, such that there is also red beyond the borders of where the red should be. White people's skin look reddish orange, etc. Is this because I should be using some sort of video card that is intended to output to a CRT television? I tried changing all the settings in Catalyst Control Center, which comes with the video card, but no success. If I reduce reds in any way, suddenly everything else is too blue. Any recommendations on how to set up my hardware to diplay better? Or on a video card that is better suited for my purposes?
  9. Cute! You has pixel skills.
  10. I want the recording to be in digital format so I can edit the video and upload to YouTubes.
  11. Sonja

    Best homebrews?

    I guess we have this thread http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=62626 which says: 1. Oystron (42 points, 12 votes, 6 first place votes) 1. Star Fire (42 points, 10 votes, 5 first place votes) 3. Thrust+ (38 points, 10 votes, 3 first place votes) 4. Lady Bug (34 points, 9 votes, 4 first place votes) 4. Qb (34 points, 9 votes, 5 first place votes) 6. Fall Down (30 points, 8 votes, 3 first place votes) 7. Go Fish! (20 points, 6 votes, 1 first place votes) 7. Seawolf (20 points, 7 votes, 0 first place votes) 9. Man Goes Down (18 points, 6 votes, 1 first place votes) 10. Gunfight (16 points, 5 votes, 1 first place votes)
  12. Sonja

    Best homebrews?

    How do I list all Atari 2600 homebrews, sorted by average review rating? This should be a feature in the store, to help me decide which ones to buy first! Sonja
  13. I'm stumped. I want to record myself playing Atari 2600 without resorting to emulators. My console is modded to output to composite.
  14. Is there nothing that can convert from 262 lines @ 60Hz non-interlaced to 525 lines @ 30Hz interlaced?
  15. Great idea! I hope somebody implements it. If there could be a simultaneous 2-player version, that would be awesome too. Maybe you have to cooperate somehow...
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