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  1. you mean, Lady.

  2. What's cooking?

  3. Hey man I tried sending you a message regarding consolised mvs, but it didn't let me.??

  4. things are ok bro, where is your pic taken? Glad to hear things are looking up.

  5. Wladimir didn't get to ko woman beater Chisora! I was looking forward to that!

  6. hi bro, sorry for the late reply! my laptop broke on my birthday, just got it fixed. How are you? looking forward to Christmas?

  7. hey lover boy. I misssed you too!

  8. loves The Ronettes!

  9. loves The Ronettes!

  10. find me a German babe please.

  11. turn it around, it's a heart.

  12. I'm sure you look very cute in it :)

  13. Hey ladies man, hows things?


  15. Mike you are a great fisherman :)

  16. Josh you are a 2600 cool kid!

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