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  1. Potato sums it up perfectly. And asks a very valid question. Why is mad #3 continually allowed to ruin potentially perfectly good conversations just because he likes to argue for the sake of arguing? All it sounds like is neither you nor him nor others that agree with you have actually played Robotron and the other two games under discussion on both systems. Anyway, I'm through with this thread. You can go on with your opinions as I see the hatred and bias coming out.
  2. Don't search around. Better to play the games on all three and get good at it so you don't mess up like you did. You really need to learn how to do research and address the points for example: You only see in comparison to arcade but the A8 sounds are superior if you treat all three or all two from the concept phase of the game and NOT blindly think arcade version "is all perfect." No, that's another of your opinions. You are derailing the thread. Just stick to 7800 vs. 8bit and state "it's my opinion..." since you haven't stated any facts yet which would be better.
  3. Yeah, the topic wasn't about which is better (technically), but whether someone should have one or both and some other variables. You should really read the thread before commenting. We aren't talking about technical sides of the systems but about various implemented games and their flaws which is relevant to the topic. On the contrary, it's you who are talking off-topic and erroneously: Their sound chip is from Atari 2600 if you care to note. Their graphics chip is crippled due to less RAM and has same amount of colors as Atari 800. Their I/O system and OS is bare bones. Etc. Etc. So you admit you are trying to derail the subject. So you aren't sure whether they are different or better, but its just your opinion anyway as lacking a frame buffer and RAM restricts the system to the games getting ported from A8. And if you cared to play some, you can clearly see some games are inferior on Atari 7800 and I don't just mean the sounds.
  4. Maybe because you are wrong. Funny how it's always the same "two" people that come into a thread, and then the thread turns to shit. What's so funny about something that's true. Ms. Pacman, Joust, and Robotron are better on Atari 800. Go play it and tell me why you think otherwise. I have free will to post and disagree according to my experience. Only one turning things into crap here is you. Go get a life and leave me alone. I am through with you idiot. I have put you on ignore with Appolloboy as well. Don't serve as his sidekick as he is dumber than you.
  5. I must admit I got lucky as I got a few bananas on the screens where there should be random fruit.
  6. I tried it a few times with PAL settings.
  7. Maybe because you are wrong. I just played Ms. Pac-man on 7800 and it not only doesn't slow down by eating dots but speeds up. You actually gain speed on the monsters. And in some levels, the monsters are suppose to catch up to you even when you don't eat dots. The AI is inferior on 7800 and both versions have inferior controls to pac-man on Atari 800. Robotron is also better on 8-bit and harder as 7800 seems to have more slowdowns when there's a lot of content on the screen. I guess you haven't played both versions as much as I have to notice the defects on the 7800. Joust is also better on Atari 800.
  8. Some improvement. May need to try PAL mode (if that's allowed for NTSC users).
  9. Miner 2049er about $10 (USD). Bounty Bob: about 3000 pesos.
  10. I also find that last monster hard to get. So 12,740.
  11. And how about adding a digital joystick port on it like VCS adapter has -- maybe for future if it's too late now.
  12. So, what you're saying is that you see absolutely nothing unusual with the controls of the ship in the 5200 Gorf? And I have three versions to compare it to: the 2600, the ColecoVision and the arcade game. Okay, I have played it very little but didn't see anything wrong with the controls but I haven't played the other versions. What makes the controls a joke? Also, so what if they used circus atari sounds in Galaxian (assuming they did). If they fit in, so what. I mean flutes, pianos, etc. have been around hundreds (maybe thousands) of years and they are still useful including some of the same musical scores. Things can be re-used-- an idea important in object oriented programming. Ignore Groovybee; he isn't familiar with Atari 5200.
  13. I'm also on the development team for the product. The Legacy Engineering Group headed by Curt Vendel are behind the XM and that company has done far more for the Atari retro scene than you ever have. Atari Flashback anybody? I strongly suggest that you look at the XM progress/development threads in the 7800 forum ASAP before calling it a scam. Sheesh! I didn't call it a scam. I said you can advertise products beforehand and some turn out to be scams. You have hands on experience but you aren't on this forum either nor mentioned anything about it until now.
  14. Nobody has heard of it yet two hundred people have paid for it on the pre-order list . Looks like you need to get into the 7800 scene more. I admit I haven't visited Atari 7800 forum but what I meant by nobody has heard of it, I was thinking of people who have hands-on experience with it. Nobody has heard of such people. You can advertise products that do not exist or nobody has them-- some turn out to be scams. I know Microsoft used to advertise their products before release just to drive away competition or just to show-off their marketing prowess.
  15. That's wrong. Colecovision games lack collision detection hardware and it REALLY shows up when you try playing games like Popeye, Donkey Kong, etc. I sold my Colecovision once I got used the Atari 5200s superior technology. And that so-called high resolution is artifacted and there RF output is terrible-- looks too dull maybe because of lack of colors. And you say Gorf is a joke but what are you comparing it to? Obviously you need something to compare to before you can draw any such conclusion. Space invaders is not as good as the 8-bit version but still I'll take it over "any other console at that time"s version.
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