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  1. i love the bubble bobble series and a ps1 port of this would have been awesome! my saturn copy gets a ton of play, it's a great game!
  2. Hello all, new to the ps4 area! I started up Sonic Mania and am loving that so far! Also been playing Pinball Arcade and picked up a few boards from my childhood i remember (T2, Twilight Zone, Dracula, Addams Family) and was pleasantly surprised to find out i'm pretty ok at pinball hah. I'm trying to muster the strength to beat shovel knight but i hate the bounce mechanic and cursed castilla is just damn hard at times.
  3. very true. i hadn't noticed it really, aside from the boring weapons and the lackluster feel but yeah, they are just enemy waves then the next stage, if you could pay attention enough to make it through.
  4. Yeah trevor mcfur looked good in stills, but man that game needed some parallax scrolling and better sound effects. it just screams rushed and to me doesn't show what the jaguar could really do. Cool site though, can't wait to read more reviews!
  5. I just picked up Odin Sphere and am loving that!
  6. wow that TMNT looks great CyranoJ! i loved your short write up on how you convert them too, interesting reading.
  7. excellent explanation. Thank you sir and good luck with your findings!
  8. great work vladR, i'm curious though, i know what you're doing with the wipeout code and using the 3d stuff, but how do you think a road rash type game would run on the jaguar using the original non-3d engine?
  9. i have two of those usb hubs just waiting for a raspberry pi, i was hoping to fit a 3 in there, but if a zero can fit and just be used for genesis / master system / maybe sega cd? then it'll be worth it.
  10. i bought my 32x with virtua fighter, doom and star wars arcade. i don't think i ever picked up any games besides those 3, but i had fun with them. the library isn't big, and though i've only played it now through emulation the best games were probably the 3 i had with it. maybe virtua racer and afterburner / space harrier as well.
  11. that looks great! kind of like a better zombies ate my neighbors but less cartoony!
  12. https://youtu.be/wB8Jw6OW9-c this ghosts n goblins port would look pretty slick on a jag.
  13. great work vlad, can't wait to see what you come up with.
  14. Never had any lynx interest but really great port and memorial.
  15. Me too. I don't think i've ever went past the first free city, but damned if i didn't have fun just building the park and experimenting with game cost / prize prices, etc. First game that kind of taught me the underlying structure of running a business! Also make the fries salty as hell and the drinks with not too much ice. it's just common sense.
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