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  1. Yeah, but the Stargate variations are still all SILVER2 with the small Atari 2600 in the top right. Has anyone seen Stargate with the SILVER1 label, i.e. red stripe with the title and large Atari 2600 in the top centre? BTW, I contributed a colour picture (RED2) version of Solaris. Has anyone ever seen RED2 versions of the other RED1 (B&W picture) games, Jr. Pac-Man or Midnight Magic? John
  2. They are called SILVER1 and SILVER2 in the Label Variations list. These carts definitely came out with both varieties, Obelix, Pole Position and Mario Bros. It is possible that Stargate and E.T. did, although I've only seen one type of each. I'm very doubtful about these two actually! John
  3. OK, I can sort some PAL scans out - no problem. To get you started I sent some Atari red label scans in which have the P suffix. See Joust or Moon Patrol for examples. John
  4. Living in PAL-land I have see a lot of PAL carts! Usually (but not always) there will be a P somewhere on the cart, see http://www.best.com/~jearney/images/atari12.jpg for some examples. For Atari carts text labels usually (but not always) have a P suffix on the CX number. Picture labels have a P on the end label (but I understand some of these can be NTSC still!?). Silver labels also usually have a P on the end label. Red labels either have a P suffix on the number or a P sticker on the back of the cart. For Activision carts, they are labelled as "International Edition" (usually?). The cart number is prefixed with a P or an E (European?). e.g. Skiing is PAG-005 instead of AG-005. For other manufacturers it is sometimes much more explicit. e.g. CBS carts state on the label that they are for PAL system only. However, I still have several carts that I assume are PAL (where they were sourced means there should be no reason to assume they are NTSC) with none of these indicators. For example, sometimes a text label Atari carts has no P suffix but the box has a P sticker on it. Other times you can tell as the instructions and/or box have other European languages in/on them. Any more info like this regarding PAL carts I would be glad to recieve. A section detailing the usual tell tale signs would be a useful edition to this site as well. John
  5. Hi! I did the scan of the red end label Ballblazer and I can confirm categorically that it is a PAL version. It plays on my PAL 7800, was sourced in the UK and has a nice P sticker on the back!! John
  6. Hi! I eventually got my PAL 2600 Jr. modded. I had been following Ben Heckendorn's method at http://www.classicgaming.com/vcsp/Question3.htm but had been having problems seeing shades of grey e.g. in Blackjack you could not see the bet amount, in Crystal Castles the trees had no trunks etc. A look at the board led me to believe that pin 6 from the TIA chip must do something with the video so hooked that up. After a bit of lead swapping and resistor changing I came up with the solution. You must connect pin 6 through a resistor (I used 68ohm as that was what I had, n.b. 1k ohm was too high) and to point A in Ben's circuit diagram. And YES I have grey now! BTW the points to connect the Chroma and Audio are different as well, but not difficult to find. If anyone wants more details I could post some piccies. Is this need to connect pin 6 peculiar to PAL? I notice that the TIA chip is different between NTSC and PAL machines. Cheers John
  7. I've seen both types of label for RS Tennis. I currently own one that has "RealSports Tennis" across the front label. This site has that example in the cartridge scan archive. Why not scan yours and have it added as a label variation! John
  8. Living in PAL-land I have nothing but PAL carts at the moment! Usually (but not always) there will be a P somewhere on the cart (see http://www.best.com/~jearney/images/atari12.jpg) for some examples. There is a version of Combat with a large PAL detail on the label itself. More usual is a black sticker with a white P on the back of the cart. Some Atari carts have a P suffix on the CX number. I composite modded my PAL 2600 and on my monitor (OK with 60Hz DC games) some PAL games roll, although on my TV they're OK (?any ideas?) John
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