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  1. xxl is just interested in using U1MB characteristic as a loophole to its disadvantage, funny how he says he's not interested, yet puts his effort to limit user-base according to his agenda, while 99.9% of software from the era doesn't have any problem to run on U1MB or Incognito 😉 That's the progress! 🤣
  2. It looks fantastic with proper colour of skin! Atari8 can do it, too! 😍
  3. Why bother? We shouldn't really give him unnecessary attention, especially in such great thread.
  4. Thank you for an update, take your time, most of us know it's worth every day of waiting, 2020 is going to be huge for 8-bit Atari with PoP coming our ways!
  5. For me it loads without any problem from SIO2SD under QMEG OS 4.04, the only minor trouble/feature is, it keeps disabling 3xSIO (UltraSpeed) and always loads in around 55 seconds in 1x SIO😉
  6. While keeping fingers crossed for this great project, can't wait for next playable demo
  7. Commodore 64 users got re-creation of Manic Miner (64DX), that's supposed to be closer to ZX Spectrum original than what they had back in the era: Nice, but for me it's definitely missing incredible music by Miker that we have in Tezz's conversion 🙂
  8. SDX is modern, constantly developed, have great documentation and provides gazillion of possibilities and ways of configuration. Fine by me, xB nor LiteDOS is no choice just because of the advantage they could depack Frankenstein-compressed binaries and are short in RAM-usage. But you can still advertise and promote like the best thing since sliced bread
  9. I don't perceive xB or LiteDOS an upgrade to standards of AtariDOS/MyDOS/DOSII+/SpartaDOS X. They may be highly specialized tools aimed at leaving free as much RAM as possible, but not as versatile and something I'd choose for typical use.
  10. I couldn't agree more, smaller compressed files? Why not, as long as they're runnable without need to use some Frankensteins and run from typical DOSes. Yeah, let's forget running file games/programs from AtariDOS, MyDOS, SpartaDOS X what we were doing since 80's, let's switch to marginal LiteDOS and xB, because we can save few kilos when it doesn't really matter in XXI century. Not to mention decompression is slower when loading binaries from parallel devices instead of SIO and with Ultraspeed 3x SIO, no one would really give a sh** about saving frictions of a second, too.
  11. Thanks for that kindness, you're class act, xxl. Whatever you do or do not and how you put the words together to derail the merit, the effect and thinking behind it are crystal clear. EOT.
  12. Because "simply using d301" wouldn't make it crash on U1MB (Ultimate 1MB) expanded Atari, which apparently doesn't fit xxl's ideal vision of "pure" 8-bit Atari, so he takes U1MB users as hostages fighting it and doesn't give a damn about fewer audience of his software. Be it indeed a flaw of U1MB or not, that's not a sign of coder's good will, to say the least.
  13. Thanks, I'll check it tonight. Would be nice if it was possible to have both on stereo-equipped Atari P.S. I love these coloured hi-res games: Manic Miner, JSW, and now Monty on the Run... Great that it's possible to switch between non-VBXE and VBXE mode, too!
  14. Nice conversion, thank you! 🙂 Aren't there SFX or have I missed something?
  15. Staying tuned as hell - fingers crossed
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