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  1. Does this explain why the Atari 2600 Asteroids feels as smooth as butter and the Atari 400/800 Asteroids just feels...off...to me..? Or was that just bad programming?
  2. I've decided to keep my Atari 2600. The s-video out to Chroma Luma on my Commodore 1702 looks insanely too good to ever give up.
  3. Well I am here to report the Harmony cart is pretty great and has ran just about everything I have thrown at it so far!
  4. I think $9.99 to $14.99 is a good price point for these roms.
  5. I want a splitter so I can have an Atari joystick and paddle hooked up at the same time on my 2600 so I dont have to keep unplugging. Worried that some on Ebay might not work. Do any of you make any or know of one that will work? Thanks!
  6. I have a Commodore 1702 monitor and a Commodore 64, Atari 800xl and Atari 2600 (s-video mod) hooked up to it through a 3-way switch. Its fantastic! Lately after adding the Atari 2600 to the family (probably not related) I have been getting some minor nausea, slight dizziness and a couple of nasty headaches. Might be difficult to pinpoint because I am on a computer all day long too. I bought some blue filter glasses for that. I am 50 now and I am wondering if in my advanced age certain games with constant flashing (Beany Bopper, etc) might be causing this? I've never had this before. Anyone else suddenly experience this? Do I just need to sit further back? Maybe some sunglasses to cut the glare? Maybe a glare screen filter? Thanks!
  7. Looks like I need to order out of the US for an AVG Cart. I just want to run XEX and Cartridge games really. No need for multiload ATR etc..
  8. I like my UNOCart and it plays just about every game I run on it. My issue is, I have to use the keyboard to navigate. I would prefer to use a joystick. It looks like my only option is the SiDE Cartirdge here: https://thebrewingacademy.com/collections/atari-800-xl-xe-xel-xld/products/side2-cartridge Are there any other options? Will the SiDE run everything that the UNOCart will? It also looks like you can download and use other interfaces? https://atari8.co.uk/firmware/side/ Am I understanding this correctly? Thanks!
  9. Here is my updated list of MUST plays on the 2600. These games either have versions on the Atari 800 or C64 that I don't like, are just exclusives, or I dont like the input delay from modern emulation: Adventures of Tron Aquaventure Astroblast Beany Bopper Colony 7 Fast Eddiie Gravitar Maurauder Osytron Phoenix (is there a better version somewhere else?) Pitfall 2 (somehow Atari 2600 magicians nailed this) Planet Patrol Robot Tank Seaquest (tried the Atari 800 conversion it is not bad) Secret Quest Solaris Spider Fighter Super Breakout (still torn if the Atari computer version is better or not) Video Pinball (yes, love this game) Yars Revenge There are also about 10 to 15 other games that I sometimes play. Is this enough to justify keeping the 2600? I am beginning to think so.
  10. This goes for everything homebrew including the new 2600, 5200, 7800, Atari computers etc. Why are the only options spending between $35 to $50 for a game that (let's be real here) would be worth $5 on Steam? I'm an Ultima collector too, so I know the value of boxes, manuals etc but these are mostly simple arcade games not RPGs with spellbooks. Why can't we have an option to download the rom for $14.99 or $19.99? I think there are a lot of good people here and I doubt we would pass the rom around DC for free. Thoughts?
  11. I have a pretty good setup. An Ultimate 64 (Commodore 64), Atari 800xl with Unocart both hooked up to my Commodore 1702 monitor via s-video (chrona/luma). I just got an Atari 2600 with s-video now and I am thinking it might be overkill. So many of my favorites are better on the C64 and 800xl...Montezumas Revenge, Hero, Super Breakout, all Pac Mans, DKs, etc etc. I do enjoy the 2600 but only a handful of games are either better or ONLY available on the 2600 like Astroblast, Beany Bopper, etc. I know these are first world problems. I have a switch box connecting all three to the 1702. It's a dream setup, paddles too. But part of me thinks it's too much. Should I ditch the 2600?
  12. I don't care for the travel distance of CX10 joysticks and prefer the tighter CX40's. Is there a cheap and easy way to tighten up a CX10 joystick?
  13. My apologies, I found the email. No excuses, it was not even in my junkmail. Quick question, is there a place that compares Harmony with Harmony Encore side by side? I could not find it on the site. I am hoping Harmony can play some of my favorites like Supercharger conversions, Alien 8k, Conquest of Mars, Crazy Balloon, Halo 2600, Oystron, Toyshop Trouble, etc, etc..
  14. Yeah but UnoCarts are available ASAP. I guess I am just anxious because I received my new Atari 2600 s-video system and want to start playing. I just want to know if its gonna be a week or a month or two months? That's not too much to ask is it?
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