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  1. Thanks for your help. At this point I don't think its worth the $150 though. The point of it is to play them via HDMI. The JZINTV emulator is working great for me, along with my Vision-Daptor and real Intellivision controllers. I also have all of the overlays. And with the Intellivison clunky controllers if there is input lag, I sure as heck don't notice it in the JZINTV. This is why I was thinking of doing this, the reaction times on a CRT are unbeatable. But even with a RetroPie on a CRT vs the JZINTV on my computer I doubt I would notice that much of a difference. Plus technically I would be spending $150 for basically a handful of games that are already on the Intellivision Flashback. I mainly use the emulator for games that aren't on there like Tron games, etc.
  2. Yeah, If I am gonna spend $150 I want this to be setup for me beforehand and tested. Meaning output to composite working and not stretched.
  3. I didn't ask again IF I could use composite, I know it was answered earlier. if you read what I wrote, i asked about edges being cut off. Thanks for your reply!
  4. Was hoping someone could answer my previous question and I have one more. 1. If I purchase this, and want to use it on my Commodore monitor through composite, wont the edges be cut off as the nice interface is built for widescreen? 2. Can I easily remove and add roms? Thanks!
  5. Do you do upgrades that include a composite output and audio as well? I would love to run this on my Commodore monitor. Trouble is your menu system is all widescreen.
  6. Do you do upgrades that include a composite output and audio as well? I would love to run this on my Commodore monitor. Trouble is your menu system is all widescreen.
  7. I have an Atari 800, Commodore 64 and Atari 2600 all running through a 4 port Composite switch. The output of the 4 port switch connects to the back of the Commodore 1702 Chroma/Luma inputs. (I did not know it but these standard composite cables carry the Chroma / Luma signals just fine). Unfortunately the Atari 2600 suffers some slight interference though. I have the Atari 2600 s-video mod with an s-video to composite cable. When I plug that directly into the back of the 1702 the picture is perfect. When I run it through the switcher I get interference. I have tried many combinations but nothing seems to work unless the Atari is connected directly to the back of the 1702. Here is my idea. I am thinking that I need to get all signals s-video directly to the 1702 or find a better switch. What if I get something like this: https://www.amazon.com/RCA-CRF940-Modulator-Gold-Plated-Connectors/dp/B00008X5DD/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8#customerReviews Here is the back picture: Then I just run an s-video cable from the Atari 2600 into Input one. Run Atari 800 and Commodore 64 s-video cables into Input 2 and Input 3. The output would just be an s-video to composite that would go into the Chroma and Luma on the back of the Commodore 1702 monitor. Would this type of thing potentially eliminate the interference for the 2600? Thanks!
  8. Atari Flashback 9 has a composite version I am told. I am interested in this so I can use it on my Commodore monitor. Unfortunately this uses the AtGames emulator and not Stella. So my question is twofold: Is there a firmware upgrade to allow you to play all Atari games via the SD Card that works with the Atari Flashback 9 composite version? Secondly, is this even worth it without having Stella? Thanks!
  9. Windows 10, latest version. Must be a recent Windows update? I will try the other version.
  10. I am using the Jzintv emulator and I am having trouble with Intellivoice games freezing. I have tried pretty much everything and am out of ideas. Maybe I need better Exec or Grom files? I have voice enabled and every game works fine except the voice ones. B-17 Bomber starts up "Mattel Electronics Pre.." and then the emulator frezzes. Any ideas?
  11. I am not getting why any of you are confused. Lets start over. 1. I never said I owned a Pi. What in this sentence sounds like I own one?: "But running a Pi and then through your LCD HDMI seems like there would be some input delay. Thoughts?" 2. I use the Flashback on the Commodore 1702, but it lacks the Tron games. 3. I also use my computer to play Nostalgia for the Tron games. 4. I would like to have ONE PLACE where I can play all of my Intellivision games (preferably on the 1702). I can do this on the Nostalgia but prefer the 1702. 5. I am thinking of getting my Intellivision Flashback modded (hence, why I posted in this thread) 6. I was concerned about lag but that seems to have been answered because you can do composite out on the Pi instead of going through an LCD which would introduce some lag.
  12. I don't think you are understanding me. I do NOT use my computer to the 1702: I use the Flashback on the Commodore 1702. I also use my computer to play Nostalgia for the Tron games.
  13. Intellivision II would be good, if it is in good condition. Do you have two?
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