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  1. I am selling my pair of Intellivision controllers with Vision-Dapter USB adapters for PC (which are also compatable with Colecovision) and 76 overlays. Overlays https://www.ebay.com/itm/193229879754 Controllers https://www.ebay.com/itm/193230543755
  2. I know very few have s-video enabled but I recently got a Commodore 1702 monitor and plugged the Chroma and Luma cables into the back and the picture was amazing and s-video like. Much better than the front which is just a composite plug. Did I get lucky and get an Atari 800XL with Chroma / Luma (s-video) enabled?
  3. I did a test and it worked. Is there any sense in getting a better quality version?
  4. I have a Commodore 1702 monitor and I want to use the Chroma / Luma connections in the back for both my Atari 800XL and my Commodore unit. Instead of having to plug and unplug them each time I want to use a computer, I was wondering would something like this work, in theory? Does it simply pass the information or is it very specific? If not, does anyone know of a way to select between two different chroma/luma connections? Thanks!
  5. Yeah I do like the idea of keeping both, mainly because the price was so good.
  6. I was able to score a nice, 17" 750 lines JVC TM-H1750C PVM for $20 from a local electronic recycling shop. The picture is really nice, even in RCA through the BNC adapter. Here is the info:http://pro.jvc.com/prof/attributes/tech_desc.jsp?model_id=MDL101336&feature_id=02 Now, I have a friend close to me who is going to sell me a Commodore 1702 monitor for $40. I am beginning to wonder if I even need it now.. Keep in mind the following. I will not be hooking up NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Playstation or anything of the sort. This is strictly for 8-bit computers (Commodore 64 and my Atari 800XL). Is the JVC overkill for what I am doing and would I be better served getting the Commodore 1702 monitor (which would look nicer in my retro setup)? Then maybe I could sell the JVC and make a profit? How much better would the JVC look through s-video on my Commodore vs using the Commodore Chroma and Luma on the 1702? Thanks!
  7. Just tried plugging the red cable into the tv, i got black and white video. So yes, white is audio only!
  8. I didn't think of that, I will try it. Is there a chance my Atari 800XL is messed up?
  9. Yeah, sorry if I was cranky! I should have known better, I guess I assumed RCA red and white are always left and right but I was wrong. Its odd because the description of the cables mentioned left and right audio, I guess they meant that for that one white plug. Thanks!
  10. I get a bit frustrated when people takes things too literally but I will try my best. Everyone else who read my post knows what I meant. I did not mean "feedback" in the typical way, you know. That high pitched noise that happens sometimes when people speak in public? I think everyone who read this thread knew that. Achieving that would be impossible with my setup because that requires a microphone. It was just massive, loud "noise", not TECHNICALLY feedback in the traditional sense.
  11. I am sure there is an easier solution somewhere to purchase, there always is. Finding it is another issue. So many websites, options. Ebay, Amazon, and even then did I get the right item? Either way I seemed to come up with a "ghetto" solution so its all good.
  12. I got it working WTF. Just playing around.... bottom is from speakers, top is from Atari cable. No feedback, and the red and white extension are looped into each other created mono to the speakers!
  13. Yes it is. So get this? https://www.amazon.com/Female-Splitter-Audio-Adapter-Gold-Plated/dp/B00IJU0WS8 And use my RCA female to female adapter? Upper right center?
  14. External speakers. When I use the speakers built into the CRT (via white) it is not so bad at all. I assume because my TV/VCR is a mono TV.
  15. Okay I might not be explaining. Below is a picture. On the left side is the Atari 800XL cable. When the red cable is plugged into a speaker system I get massive feedback and noise. When the white cable is plugged into a speaker system I can only get audio from the left speaker. I don't I need stereo but I do want to hear sounds from both speakers. So I want to make use of the white RCA plug (which only has sound on the left side) and have it plug into the 3.5mm you see on the right side and produce sound in both speakers..
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