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  1. Or you could get a brand new PS2, they're cheap enough now and backwards compatible, that way it's not a lotto on how long it works. Just a suggestion.
  2. Great work! I've subscribed to your youtube channel now, I must say I'm very impressed with how professionally done that video was!
  3. I know I'll get shot down for these, but I don't care, it's my opinion... Any of the megaman games, and Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts. Just too damn hard in my opinion.
  4. Only system I'm 100% sure can't be upgraded to have a faster CD-ROM is the CD32, but I suspect the answer would be the same for most, if not all classic CD-ROM based systems.
  5. What about Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies and Pinball Illusions? I know they needed something a bit more modern than an 8-bit, but I played them to death, they were great fun!
  6. Super Mario World!!! The Donkey Kong Country games.
  7. Maybe he shouldn't turn of comments, but i hate to say that a lot of people even can't give a positive feedback to him about how to make better video's. I mean look at the comment some people write at news articles, wishing that that cop was hit because all cops are bad, or similar things. Looks like a lot of people can't behave online, guess that if they where sitting next to the same person they wouldn't dare to say the same things. That's a good point, there are scores of keyboard warriors out there, and while I wouldn't class someone attempting to correct factual mistakes as being one, the fact remains that a lot of people seem to think they can say whatever they like online, things they wouldn't have the guts to say directly to someones face...
  8. I got asked that recently, "how do I hook up my DVD player to my TV?". What really blew me away was that they couldn't work out how to do it using a HDMI cable!?! How hard is it to plug in ONE cable, and to select the HDMI Input on the TV?!?
  9. Or dumb idiots referring to games for Amiga, PC, and other disk-based systems as "roms"! Argh!!!
  10. Ahh, thank you. While I wouldn't say it looks great, I know I couldn't do any better, in fact I think my 4 year old son could do a better job then I could, so I can't really judge. Besides, after reading what nathanallan said, to me those things are more important then a pretty web site, lol.
  11. What's the link, so those of us from outside of the US can also have a laugh?
  12. Oh, what a shame he's been banned, just as I finished the rommaker he requested. Only works under Windows 3.x, but it's a start. If he ever sees this, all he has to do is copy and paste the following into notepad, then save it as ROMMAKE.EXE and it's ready to go: -----START HERE------ hipj569jhityhmeih9j65e8he6hu j8hj65 58gh7eh5 r47eowg5rgnh wspgnr uwerhbg trgtrhhyh[ty][h] ty[][ jty]jyteshtiy hoswjhit6mhi5emhi9ej594jq2qeqe btr h9405u8tj54htkrsngy8haw8f erger heruhg ueawghergwAOERBAAERO BNERUNREGNERUNjigepjgtrssj gtr j8pjtrsghtruihst6434haoierj0e4a034u4903tu5895y gtry j54t u5ng n547h5 5hg5nelsjgstrngtrsnjsnbjtbgn jfgsnohraernegresrgrerree okoerp[ko e[kergjerghpr trkfdl;sklsdfjklghjkghkjsdjkfljklsda ergue9gu48u8tjggjdifjs8h6rehgdfjvbd9sjpvjptbstkjb9t0tbh9tbr[ktr jtrpjshj trjs8pjstr 8s9jtghps strj8jh trsjh rpsjth htrs[t90594j54 erg,dfs ------END HERE------
  13. Pics would be very much appreciated by all I'm sure!
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