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  1. It looks great! I'd like to see someone mod it to include some of the racing games, like Sprint.
  2. Nothing here since issue 211. I'll probably go ahead and cancel my subscription if nothing changes in the next few weeks.
  3. Looks cool. I don't think I ever saw a cabinet like that in the wild. I like that it will have multiple games and HDMI out, but moving forward, I think I'll just collect the Atari cabinets in this series. I'm not even sure about Missile Command, although I played the hell out of the 2600 version as a kid and occasionally played the arcade game, it is a real downer of a game.
  4. I love Toobin', but it's a missed opportunity putting it on a horizontal screen. And generally speaking I just hate seeing Atari Games and Williams titles lumped under the Midway brand. Just another instance of the less-talented group winning out in business.
  5. Yeah, the steering/drifting mechanic takes a while to get the feel for, but once you get the hang of it you can control your car very precisely. I would say the problem with the "modern gamer" opinion in general is they won't spend enough time with the game to learn the depths of the mechanics.
  6. I don't see how CD-Rs would be any more stressful to a DC laser than they are to a CD player or PC CD-ROM drive. Some images you can get have actually had the data rearranged to require less movement of the laser than on the commercial release.
  7. I got a used New 3DSLL (the Japanese version of the XL) mainly to play the Japanese release of the Sega 3D Classics collection - there were a handful of games that weren't ever brought over with the Western releases. It's a great series and M2 added some cool optional customizable settings and updates to most of the games (e.g., switch off the collisions in Super Hang-On, or select from different cars with varying capabilities in Out Run, steer using the gyroscope, etc.). The Fantasy Zone updates are even more elaborate and worth exploring, including a System 16 upgrade/remake of Fantasy Zone II (originally a Master System-only release). I found holding the system was pretty quickly fatiguing for my hands, so I got a sort of shell that makes it larger and more ergonomic, which helps. I'm really not a big fan of the circle pad, though... it doesn't feel precise, and the resistance it has doesn't feel too good after a while. I have a question about it, but if it's something that's outside of the bounds of the forum rules, please delete it. I bought the system used from a US seller and he included an R4 card. Is that something that you could use to install emulators?
  8. Does anyone have a side-view diagram they could share that shows the arrangement of the screen and mirror in cabinets like Asteroids Deluxe or Omega Race?

    1. Nathan Strum
    2. Zoyous


      Thanks! That's excellent. For anyone else interested, I also found this page in the Asteroids Deluxe manual: https://archive.org/details/arcademanual_AsteroidsDeluxe.man/page/n27/mode/2up

  9. I always heard of Silpheed, but never actually looked at it til now. It's so cool!

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    2. Curious Sofa

      Curious Sofa

      I bet he's talking SegaCD... Which in context, was just mind blowing at the time it came out.  And even still is very cool IMO.

      One of my "keepers" when I unloaded most of my SegaCD collection.

    3. GoldLeader


      My friend had that on SEGA CD and yeah the graphics were real mindblowers for the time.  I have a sequel on PS2 if memory serves.

    4. Zoyous


      Yep, it was the Sega CD version that I saw! Really impressive. Obviously it reflected the limits of the tech at the time, but the art direction/cinematography is so good and I think it's a worthy style even now.

  10. I'm just talking about the artwork above the simulated DMD. I don't think the backglass artwork would have to actually interface with most of the games. It's just decorative for most of these (for example, they don't have alphanumeric displays embedded in them).
  11. Looks great! I wonder if you could replace the backglass artwork with one of those still picture display screens (usually used for family photos or whatever) and then just manually set it to show whatever backglass artwork you want? I haven't researched those types of picture displays so I don't know if they're made in a size that would be a close match. Alternately you could just use a Raspberry Pi to drive a second display for the backglass art.
  12. The only Tarantino film I like is Jackie Brown, which seems to be the one most Tarantino fans hate... maybe because it's just cool and understated throughout.
  13. If such a thing were to happen, it would surely be manufactured by Nintendo themselves... which frankly would be a much higher quality product - and much more expensive - than anything A1up makes.
  14. I don't have the 32" but I do have the AlphaCade 3/4 scale cabinet from RecRoom Masters, and it is very high quality. Even the way it was packed for shipping was top notch, very safely packed with custom packing materials such that it actually took close to an hour just to get everything unpacked and ready for assembly. I would recommend them for their cabinets as far as components and build quality - however their customer service has been lacking when I have contacted them for general inquiries following my purchase. Firstly they were strangely dismissive when I asked about custom artwork for the cabinet, and secondly they just ignored an email regarding the encoding of the controller buttons.
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