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  1. Sega announces the Game Gear Micro!

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    2. carlsson


      You only need two AAA batteries, but if you want the entire collection you need to buy all four units so that would be eight batteries unless you power them over USB.

    3. Zeptari1


      This is foolish! 4 different colored units with only 4 games each! How about a near full sized one with 30 games plus micro sd card support sega!

    4. thanatos


      Yeah, very cool, but not 4 old games for $50 cool.

  2. I figured if it was from an arcade game it might be an SNK title, but I scanned through all the cabinet images I could find and didn't see anything like it. I wonder if it might have been taken from some kind of toy dispenser, like a claw machine or something? And then modified to fit on a cab? Because it looks professionally-made and everything, it just has nothing indicating an actual video game!
  3. Hmm, no title or manufacturer information... I'm guessing it's custom artwork.
  4. Konami's first, second, or third logo ~ your preference?

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    2. DragonGrafx-16


      The NES and SNES era logo... the one that meant quality game here like more than 90% of the time.

    3. Razzie.P


      I like the look of the 4th one most (white text on a red banner) but the second one means the most to me.  The "bacon strips" and italicized gray font meant you were most likely getting a quality cart. 

    4. carlsson


      I like the first Kjonami logotype used in the mid-80's, though the "bacon strips" seems to have been the one in use for the longest period of time.

  5. It's never to late bro! You can build on your foundation, and who knows, maybe some new opportunities will come along, different from the ones before but still cool.
  6. I'm interested in this if you're making another run!
  7. Good deal! So the Raspberry Pi is powerful enough to overlay filters and shaders? For some reason I assumed that would be a bit too much for it.
  8. Are your modifications exceeding the initial cost of the cabinets? Not judging, just curious.
  9. I think it's because The Revenge of Death Adder has never had a home version before, so there's definitely some excitement around that. Also, the Shinobi cabinet design was really generic, without any custom control panel artwork and just a small decal on the sides. The marquee is pretty awesome, though. Arcade 1up should really come up with a way of offering a choice of the featured artwork. If the Rampage cabinet had Joust artwork, I wouldn't have been able to resist that one. Also, with four sticks they could have thrown Quartet on there for fun!
  10. Hmm, as a Sega fan I can't help but notice they've gone to the trouble to actually remove the Sega logos from the marquee and side artwork. What's up with that?
  11. I got my Mini last week and have been enjoying it! So far, I've focused mostly on Blazing Star. I hadn't really heard of it before. The CG is handled really well and enemies transition from the background to the field of play very smoothly. It's excellent! I looked around to see if anyone has made a base/pedestal for display purposes, and I found some simple kits that can be imported from Japan... but it looks like they are mostly in the range of $30-40 plus another ~$30 for shipping. That would be about twice what I paid for the Mini, so I think I might actually opt to make something comparable with wood.
  12. J. Allard... isn't that the guy who was in Space Giraffe? 😀 I'd love to see some Jeff Minter games on the Amico.
  13. I just keep mine plugged in! I did get the firmware kit but haven't been motivated to try it yet.
  14. These look cool! I like this more "mid-range" type of special edition than the $150 oversized box-type ones we saw before.
  15. Thanks for the links! I remember how popular Enigma was for a while back then. Always using the same flute sample in all their hits! Well, I love to geek out on music, so I analyzed both tracks and they are actually pretty different. They do have a similar vibe in a way, and they have a similar swing to the drum patterns, but other than that they are quite different. You can easily hear that they clash if you beatmatch them ("Principles of Lust" is around 95 bpm and the Streets intro is about 100 bpm) and play them simultaneously. Here are the chord progressions: "Principles of Lust" alternates between G minor and Bb Major chords. The Streets 2 intro alternates between F Harmonic Major and D Major. Here's the Enigma bassline: and the Yuzo Koshiro bassline: And lastly, although the drum patterns have a similar swing, you can see that the patterns are quite different as well: Here's the Enigma drum pattern. Most of the action that might typically be played on a high hat is actually a brush on the snare, but to compare to Yuzo's composition I transposed that to the high hat (C#2 here): and Yuzo Koshiro's drum pattern: So in summation, I would say, sure they have a similar vibe and could even be worked into a DJ mix together because of it... however, you would have to break the crossfade down to just the drums to do it because the chord progressions clash. An inspiration? Certainly. However, the word "plagiarize" has only one specific meaning with legal ramifications, and if misused could be considered slander. It's a serious word to use when referring to an artist's work, so that's why I raised an eyebrow. And people on the internet can really take misinformation and run with it. But please consider my post an exploration for fun and appreciation of the music. Both of the artists are classic and it's fun to speculate on their inspirations.
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