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  1. New Firmware update available, V 1.2.0 Just a heads up
  2. My copy of the game came with a warranty-like card to send away and they would send link a cable and even pay the postage/ I filled it out, mailed it away, never got any kind of response. I always blamed it on the fact I was in Canada. Nothing on the card excluded us though.
  3. I don't see the point in wasting $100 bucks on something I don't have room for when I can get a C64Mini for around the same price. All C64Minis will handle HDMI and the picture quality is outstanding on a nice LED. And maybe in the future there will be upgrades which will improve overall quality significantly.
  4. Only one game has done that to me... Dark Forces for DOS. And I don't get it. I'd played tonnes of FPS games, from Wolf3D and Doom to Duke3D and Quake in their prime, the latter 2 played in both 320x200 and 640x480. And not a hitch. Then when I got Dark Forces (around 2000, it was in a LucasArts Star Wars Bundle), I could never play it for more than 30 mins. I'd get this weird pressure in my forehead like I was gonna black out (like when you stand up too fast!) plus this slight nausea and headache... so annoying. So I had to quit trying to play it, even though I continued to play other FPS games, Quake 2, 3, Delta Force series... no problems. To this day, it's the only game to do that to me. I've recently tried playing it again in DOSBox, and It doesn't affect me at all now. Weird huh? At least I get to play it through now!
  5. Regarding Asterix... Maybe it's just a coincidence, but where I'm from (west coast of Newfoundland) my school had a huge collection (the whole series?) of these 8.5x11 or larger hardcover "graphic novel" style books, each volume in both french and english. Plus the local video store had two Asterix VHS tapes in the kids/cartoon section, one was the one with the Cleopatra, can't remember the other one. Everyone loved the books in my classes (grades 4-6), mainly because it meant a trip to library or any french related thing you could usually squeeze in some comic time instead of just boring old textbooks. Plus with the movies in our local store (small town, only had the one) everyone had that little extra exposure... Anyone in my age range, from my small town, could still tell you who Asterix is I'm sure. I always thought he was a thing here in Canada, mainly because of the french connection... but as I learned in adulthood, it must have just been my little town. Cause no one knows who Asterix is except a handful of french immersion students... if they aren't busy reading les schtroumpfs.
  6. Friend of mine ran it on a 386/33 with 4MB RAM (the stated requirements). My 486SX/33 did run it a bit smoother when there were imps and fireballs everywhere though!
  7. I am loving mine. No lag problems Just wish I could use a different controller. USB Keyboard IS compatible, Using a little mini 4-port usb hub I can connect the joystick, keyboard, USB stick and still have 2 ports free. There was a mouse compatible with the C64 right? Can you use a mouse with it? I have seen anything listing so... Its not perfect though, multidisk games you still have to load and frig around with manually. Many games (I find) dont work with the speed loader and you still have to manually rename the file and load it oldstyle. I'm hoping they keep ironing out kinks, but otherwise, I'm very happy with my ($100CDN) purchase.
  8. Those Mario Bros and Joust ads styled like a comic book... I would have just pored over those as a kid. Gotta love Jousts FIRST line... "Long Ago in the Distant Future"... so which is it??? It's a sad attempt at ripping off "A long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away" I think!!!
  9. I remember a series of ads that told you tricks to the game... definitely a Galaga and a Moon Patrol one, and it asks which screenshot (hand drawn) has the better/more clever player, and then tells you why.
  10. But you CAN install Windows 3.1 within DOSBox, and use Windows 3.1 programs that way. I've done it. Ahhh... Castle of the Winds Dare to Dream was a classic too!
  11. So I've been been seeing this blue boxed Sega Genesis by ATGames at Wal-mart lately (last few months). I guess that's not the "new" one I keep hearing about on here? since apparently it never came out and is now delayed? So... Is this blue box one last years model or something? We do sometimes get stuff late here in Canada! Thing is, I was on the fence over buying that or the PS4 Sega Genesis Collection. I chose the PS4 version.... and it's terrible. Thought I made the wrong choice. Apparently, it didn't matter which one I bought, because I couldn't win those choices! But I did buy the cheaper one, so I cut my losses at least. EDIT And yeah... this would been the year, and time... it was August of 89 the genesis launched wasn't it?
  12. Depends on the "work". I consider these home brew games art. And art is created to be experienced by others. If you have no way of distributing your art profitably, why would you want to hoard your art so no one can ever see it? I know if I was say a painter, and created something I was very proud of, but could find no way to monetize it, I would still distribute it so people can still see and experience what I sunk so much time and effort into. I wasn't going to make any money of it anyway apparently, so I might as well at least get it out there so others can see the fruits of my labor. At that point even a "Good Job Buddy!" from someone would be payment enough. I've already realized that I'm not gonna make money, so a compliment and knowing someone appreciated my work is definitely better than nothing! But again, I say this is art by artists, so I can agree with the opposite point of view. It's completely up to the artist as to what happens to their art!
  13. Fixed that typo there for for ya
  14. If it's "not worth the hassle"... then it's a poor business venture isn't it? and if you have realized it's a poor business venture, then why not just release your work for free so that other Atari fans can play and appreciate your hard work?
  15. Off topic... but kinda related... As a child we only had 3 channels which we picked up via antenna; Channel numbers 4, 8, & 13 8 and 13 were clear as bell, but 4 was pretty fuzzy. But if we tuned into the channel on our VCR it always came in SOO much better. Why is that? I figure channel 4 had poor reception for the same reason video games use channels 2-4, being the lowest on the spectrum they're the easiest to override or in this case, receive interference... I assume. The next town over had a different station on channel 4 but still it was fuzzy and the station on our channel 4 was on their channel 10 and it was clear as a bell! But how does using a VCR improve the signal?
  16. Now the question is: Can an Atari Paddle Controller be used in place of the SMS/Mark III Paddle Controller? Probably not easily I'm guessing.
  17. No, but I've never seen a Sega product that that WASN'T compatible with Atari/C64/whatever else uses that connector. And vice versa. IE you once you press START on a Sega Controller to start Sonic the Hhedgehog, you can swap the pad for a CX-40 and play Sonic since it only needs one button to jump, and Atari's red button correlates to the B button on Sega Genesis (or the 1 button on SMS meaning you can play that version of Sonic straight up with a CX-40) I've always found it funny that the Sega 6-Button pad has troubles with a select few SMS titles, but NO issues with any VCS games that I know of! AND if you modify a 6-Button button controller to work all SMS games (cut the grey wire) it WILL now have issues with VCS games!!! Side note, the C button on a Sega Genesis pad acts as a digital version of the Paddle controller! I've often wondered if, with a fast enough turbo function, could you have that paddle whipping left and right so fast that would games like Kaboom! and Breakout become impossible to lose?
  18. Here's a solution for giving ANY atari joystick autofire.
  19. I've never been a hater of 'the pits'. Getting the hang of being able to catch yourself midfall and rise out of a pit that has nothing or you accidentally fell into BEFORE hitting the bottom is a GREAT feeling.
  20. I too think ET is great, once you know HOW to play. The fact that game mode 1 I STILL have trouble beating to this day, means I can always fire it up and NOT be sure I will actually win (like game mode 3 of Adventure) is what keeps bringing me back to it to play again. I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I win. But a 2D scroller ala Pitfall as you describe could be pretty cool as well, I won't deny that!
  21. Not quite Flashback related, but I just picked up the new Sega Genesis Collection for PS4, and my god it's bad. Sound emulation is.... good. A trained ear will hear the differences, but but otherwise it's good... except when it goes into a Loooong stutter for some reason. And most damning of all, the input lag is horrendous. I can tap the X button 3 times before Axel throws even one punch in SoR2. And when he finally does, he goes "punch,punch... punch" Not even in time with the steady rhythm I tapped. I did however I find a way to reduce the input lag, but it's a pain the ass and CAN'T be done on some games. Big waste of 40 bucks unless they update the emulator it's using with a patch someday.
  22. #1 is more of a puzzle game with platforming elements. AND it actually takes place in water!!! #2 is a straight platformer with the best praise, and the Robo suit explains his new Bipedalism. #3 is a Sonic clone. not well regarded. ... you're a fish running around like Sonic the hedgehog for god's sake. <jimmy voice> I mean come on! </jimmy voice>
  23. You've summed up every video since episode 100. I too am pretty sure he tired of doing that shtick now. But... it's what people want. As someone else said watch his other videos. They're much better. Long Story short, the AVGN was a simple side project he did once because he was bored and it took off like wildfire; Movies and Film History are his TRUE Love, and it shows in the videos he does for them.
  24. YES. That sums up my experience with this game to a friggin' T!!!
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