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  1. I would love to see this happen. But I am also a strong believer in the fact these games ARE someone else's work; and say what one wants about only charging enough to cover parts and labor, but the fact is the REAL reason one would buy these is because of THAT someone's work. I doubt the financial gains are so great as to ruffle feathers, but involving the people who created the game you're selling is just the ethical thing to do. Without the actual game creators/license holder's consent, I just can't agree with a re-production, as much as I'd like to see ALL the games become widely available!
  2. Looking for a Hatchet-Man in Australia...

  3. All the negative comments about hoarding/overbuying/etc... are true, but that is what EVERY commercial on TV does basically. It's been the North American way for about 60 years at least. Make the populace spend money on shit they don't need. I don't agree with it either, but that IS our society. The only think I think "ruined" retrogaming is youtube AND ebay. Once upon a time many people had games and were willing to sell them cheap because they WERE rather worthless. Untill a bunch of youtube reviews go up, that people see and that influences their ebay sales prices, which influences every seller who has no idea what they have and have to look it up on the internet. WHY IS THAT? People who supposedly make a living as a merchant, and somehow don't even know what there own product IS or what it's WORTH That's just... illogical. But you see it... ALL the goddamn time.
  4. My PS2, with component, on my 60" Plasma... utter shyte... and that's not me being a picky asshole... I don't know if it cause my TV is Plasma or what.... but it's... bad Hard to explain bad.... like the weirdest pixelization/compression artifacts like you've ever seen. It was actually better with Composite... still ugly.... but better. I thought my cable might be faulty, but I tried a friend's, and it was the same... At the time I was upset... had to keep playing PS2 on my CRT... or use composite on my 60"... But I don't play PS2 anymore, and ironically, my 60" plasma got so little use, I gave it to my parents! *I do kinda miss it for movies though... but I'm on a VHS kick now, so again, CRT is my best choice!
  5. Iconic is the word. I remember when mine broke... (my first one) Even though I didn't like it (I already 'upgraded' to a QuikShot and the original was now Player 2) I was upset.. the Atari just didn't look right set up on top of the TV (floor console model) without THAT joystick beside it. I may have hated using it, but I sure missed looking at it!!!
  6. I must say, I think I actually prefer to hear that the comics are a great deviation from the actual games. Those comic books have already been written and drawn, it's nice to see these Atari properties being inspiration for something "new". Unfortunately, I have ZERO interest in them, and I seriously doubt there will be enough demand for these from other people for them to really "hit big". It'll be another niche item for Atari collectors, and in this case, comic collectors too. Maybe time will prove me wrong though.
  7. Dude... shhh... we can be telling "too many people" about these "special tricks"...
  8. https://www.ebay.ca/sch/709_pumphrey/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= At least check out some of my descriptions!
  9. My mistake... I was looking at Gravitar... for some reason thinking it was Moon Patrol... So yeah... I like Gravitar's artwork! I don't like anything about Moon Patrol.
  10. I myself can NOT get into this game. AT ALL. I know Atari games are simplistic, but when I started this game, I was like "this is it?" And yes, the jumping is weird, I racked it up as "Moon Physics"... if the game weren't an Arcade Port, I'd think they based the game on the Moon because they couldn't get their jumping physics to work right!!! Never played it before I owned it. I doubt I will ever play it again... MAYBE now if this thread gathers steam... .. I like that it's a Red Label Cart and I have it with Box and Manual? It does have nice Box Art!
  11. Holy smokes! "Stinky Diver" was Shipwreck all along! All these years and I never knew...

    1. Jess Ragan

      Jess Ragan

      Ah yes, Action League Now. It probably had Robot Chicken beat by a good decade.

  12. Torr

    E.T. is awesome

    I love how there are STILL people who played it as a child and are just hearing for the first time all the "It sucked and killed video games" statements and are responding with a "Huh? It did?" attitude. I really wish we could find out how and when roughly it exploded from a game with mixed reviews to "Teh Worst Game [email protected]!"
  13. 1-800-265-SEGA I remember? Maybe Canada was different or my memory fuzzy
  14. She shoots like a dream on the Memorex! I'm sure I would have tried it on this TV eventually... but I always thought all CRTs were made the same, well, untill you hit the fancy CRTs with VGA and HDMI inputs But I figured otherwise all cheap standard CRTs would built pretty much the same.. Something to keep in mind when scavenging... light gun games are a part of keeping a CRT in my collection!
  15. The TV is a CRT. Sanyo. From Wal-Mart... same day Resident Evil 4 hit the GCN; I waited for EBGames to open, then went and bought a nice (HAH!) TV to play it on! So yup, it's modern... I also have a memorex I can try... it's a vcr/tv combo unit... just checked the back... says manufacture date, October 1999 I'll give it a try As for this quote... my issue is backwards... i get NO shot recognition with the A/V cable, and maligned shots with the RF
  16. About 10 years ago I threw away my original light phaser. The nose sight was cracked off, therefor the barrel was held together with electric tape, and the pyramid shaped thingy was missing off the back. Plus on top of all that it always shot to the right, and some games just flat didn't work. Today. I bought another light phaser. Looks great. It always shoots to the right, and some games just flat don't work. Apparently that old one DID work, as ugly as it was. What's going on here? In fact, there's even an extra wrinkle I skipped over... something strange happened BEFORE I noticed that this phaser too had the same trouble as old betsy... I had my SMS hooked up with an A/V cable I got from somewhere in China on eBay within the last 5 years. Its works great. Gives a beautiful picture. When I first hooked up the 'new' light phaser and tested it out (with Safari Hunt) it kept registering everything as an off-screen shot. It would let me select Safari Hunt on the boot up menu, because you just have to pull the trigger, but at the actual title screen it would just flash white with every shot, and you must shoot the screen to begin play. Tried every cart I had. No go. I was bummed. Then I thought... maybe, just maybe, that cheap aftermarket A/V cable has something to do with the Light Gun not registering. It DOES handle the video data. So I hooked it up with just an RCA cable using an RCA/Coaxial adapter (screw RF Switchers!)... and the phaser worked! That is, it worked as well as I mentioned above. of the games I have: Safari Hunt - Shots register SLIGHTLY to the right Shooting Gallery - Shots register SLIGHTLY to the right Gangster Town - Shots register MORE to the right Rambo III - Shots only register in ONE spot to the left and down a bit from center screen Rescue Mission - Haven't got a shot to register, (but I also gave that game the least amount effort/testing) So what could be happening here? What is that cheap A/V cable doing to the video signal so that light gun shots won't register AT ALL. I'm sure it's the A/V cable because the phaser works when I use RF, and I'm VERY (but not 100%) sure I used to have an original Sega A/V cable back when I had my original light phaser. I know I used an A/V cable, and it was old then. Now, I've had 2 guns with the same issue on the same system... sounds like it could be the system itself. Also, my SMS often gives a VERY scrambled picture (even with A/V cables) and I have to give it a little tap (or a GOOD tap ) to straighten it out; I feel like a character in an old Archie comic, smacking a TV to straighten the picture! When I used the RF port.... ohmygod... it was hideous... just hideous... I think the RF port got toasted at some point... First I thought no wonder my shots are in accurate... the friggin' screen is a hazy/fuzzy blur of interference. BUT then I remembered, even with an A/V cable that worked, the old light phaser STILL had the same issues... Could there be something on the motherboard that gets toasted, that, while leaving everything else working fine, will screw with Light Gun accuracy??? Guess I'm gonna have to get me another SMS and find out!
  17. Man I love that one... I still can't believe it was a legitimate ad! And don't get me wrong, but aren't british/english people usually considered more "stuffy and prudent" than us westerners? Yet this ad WAS only in the UK/EU, and not in North America.... and I can just imagine if it was... I remember seeing that ad for; I believe, Jennifer Capriati Tennis, with a Tennis player chick flashing her ass cheek; mentioned EVERYwhere in gaming magazines (in a NEGATIVE way!!) for a period in the letters, editorials, columns; it was referenced so many times (and always with such a tiny little blurry pic ) So something referencing whackin' it (which really I don't think was acceptable humor at all until American Pie, then it seemed like everyone was just... talking and joking about it... anyway) would have been very askew I'm sure.
  18. Exactly. I see this showing up a lot in posts but that summed it up in a sentance. It may not be nostalgia for the 1970's, playing a sunnyvale model with text only carts,.. but it IS a nostalgia for Atari.
  19. So is there actually a limit to how "random" the placement is? because I often feel the same way... I've played MANY games of adventure... but the items are damn near always in the mazes and castles. Those dead ends whatever they are... just a blank room with a colored board and one entrance/exit... yeah... if I find something in there I jaw probably drops a little... I know it's happened... but not too damn often... yet I still always check in my routine hunt!
  20. Yeah... and my post (which you quoted, and it said "You have to have "been there at the time" or be interested in the history/chronology/evolution of video gaming to appreciate the VCS") Much like someone else who quoted that same post and proceeded to to me how their interest in the history of video games led them to Atari. So yeah... you've both helped prove my point. Amlost everyone likes to watch movies.... not as many like to go back and watch the first ones made or see the transition to talkies and color pictures. But some do. Just like everything else... And we here at atariage MUST have an interest in the history of gaming, or what in the hell are ya doing following these forums???
  21. Holy cow... I don't know why, but watching the gameplay video on the ArcadeMuseum site was intense!!!
  22. The MEGA CD might have the level select option, but the SEGA CD doesn't!
  23. Its known about Atari's silly idea of making more cartridges than there were systems in some back-asswards way of sales reasoning, but this is different. My ebay auctions got me thinking about another game that seems like there were MANY more printed than necessary. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for Game Gear. My ebay ad is basically mocking how common it is, and how I doubt it will sell, even at 99 cents; then I thought, "Yeah!.. it's TOO common!" Anywhere you see Game Gear games for sale, you'll see Sonic 2; If a Game Gear you bought had a cart included (or the seller didn't even realize there was a cart in it), it was Sonic 2. If there's a lot cartridges, big or small, it has Sonic 2 in it; Even if someone like me is selling even just 2 Game Gear games, you KNOW one of them is gonna be Sonic 2! And anyone who collects Game Gear already HAS a Sonic 2 cart, probably multiple copies for those very reasons above. We should be tripping over Game Gears by that logic. Even if you wanna say that many Game Gears have died over the years... Were there EVER enough Game Gears sold to warrant the number of Sonic 2 carts in the wild???
  24. Well no, that's just exaggerating for the point of being silly. Switching between two sides of your mouth while chewing IS random. That's only a limit of two options, but you are not consciously choosing, or even aware usually unless you stop and focus on which side you are using. You are having no personal input in the outcome, but of course you can't chew with the top side because that is impossible. Just as is turning into an ice cream cone when I wake up. (as far we know) However, the exact moment in time I woke up, my physical body shape position, and location on the bed, positioning of blankets, whether I woke with a snort or calmly, whether there's a fly in my room, whether or not possible fly just bit me or is planning to bite me, etc... Infinity is all around us, and what cause randomness Randomness can't be limited or controlled, if it is, it isn't random. Like saying you have a wild lion for a pet that you've tamed. I understand what the statement is saying, but grammatically it's contradictory. Those ghosts DO have a predetermined set of paths they can take at each turn. it maybe from a huge list of options, but the point is, it IS limited. It may be a limit that's beyond our minds ability to work with, but that doesn't make it impossible. In that case our mind is like floppy drive that's trying to read a CD. The CD isn't unreadable, we just can't read it. But I feel this is also a more philosophical debate, I don't wanna derail the actual Pac-Man strategy here!
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