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  1. i have added it to the database right now http://www.atariboxed.com Submarine/Umimex
  2. wow christian, congrats to that great find. I have to expand the database This is the lowest actually known serial from a Unimex game. I am curious whether the SP-2810 will be found in the future Now we also know how to name the unknown game from Datatech. Next time we see each other, I definitely have to take a closer look at this cart. Please send me a scan of the cart when you have the time. Greetings Schitti
  3. thanks to everyone to clarify the problem and work out a solution. Partly now implemented in version 6.2.1. Thank you in advance. Actually i am only interested in the snapshot output free from post processing. If this future snapshot output now had the zoom 2x 3x ... ecetera, then that would be what I asked for initially. But I think I can also work well with the 1x only if it is implemented as announced. So far I had only used the Stella sporadically. That will be more for our project in the future. thank you guys
  4. @alex_79 i have seen your bug report (stella issue 643) with the enabled tv-effects in 1x mode for screenshots. this helps me a little with my problem. the 1x screenshots i made were too blurry for my use and i was wondering why the 300% looks so much better (but still stretched). This is the reason why i have asked for the 300% perfect pixel ratio.
  5. btw video & audio button in the debugger mode isnt working too. stella program quits without a message
  6. start Stella start a rom hit the circumflex on the keyboard choose "Options" in stella choose "Emulation" choose "Turbo mode" then press "OK" voila here is the problem
  7. ALL settings are default same situation with zoom 250%
  8. I can confirm that if i hit enter, i get for a second this text on the close button position. "...able to show the dialog box; FIX THE CO......" maybe it helps you
  9. This is for internal purposes in our project for possible later use. I can stretch the image when it is shown on the website so that it is displayed correctly as it looks on a CRT, but I want to keep the original aspect ratio of the images from the 1x zoom mode (plus 300%). haha, that's taking on dimensions ...... thanks for your patience
  10. Thank you for your help. It's not exactly the result I'm aiming for, but it's another option. I would prefer if the outer dimensions of the result were different, i.e. the original size exactly 300% larger. Maybe I just use an older version of Stella. I will check it.
  11. sure, if it were only one pic, or ten, or a hundred pictures, then yes. I just want to save myself the extra effort on my work if it is possible otherwise. Actally i explore what options i have with Stella before i start making screenshots. I am still in the decision phase
  12. Ok, so then back to my first question. Is it possible to disable change this somewhere? i need a 300% zoomed perfect pixel result from the not scaled 1x mode pic and no vertically scaled pic.
  13. Thanks for your reply. Yes you are right on the crt picture, but..... ... i try to put my question differently. If i make with Stella 6.2 a snapshot with "ignore scaling (1x mode)" from the Rom Pac-Man 1981 Atari NTSC the result is a screenshot with 320x228 from the Rom Pac-Man 1981 Atari PAL the result is a screenshot with 320x274 well so far. but if i make a screenshot with default zoom mode = 300% the screenshot from NTSC is 960x720 and the screenshot from PAL is 960x720 too where is the misthake in the zoom result, or in the 1x mode, or in my point of view?
  14. Hi Stella Team, i have a question about a function since (Stella release 6.1) Major improvements to display mode handling in NTSC vs. PAL. The window is now the same size for both modes, and scaling is applied to simulate the height of scanlines (in PAL mode, there are more scanlines and hence each is narrower). This more properly emulates how the display would look on a real TV. Is it possible to disable this function somewhere? Or maybe I do not know where to switch. If i make screenshots with option "Ignore scaling (1x mode)" i get image in original size. But when i choose the default settings with Zoom 300% i get a image with 960x720 every time, regardless of whether it is PAL or NTSC. I want no stretched pic. Anyway, you're doing a really great job. Thanks for that.
  15. *bump* for Cannon Man ..... and a lot of other interesting boxed Atari 2600 games right now on ebay, ending in a few hours https://www.ebay.de/sch/atari-trader/m.html
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