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  1. How do you feel today, Schitti?

  2. It looks like a " Game Over 2600 " console from Megatronix PAL ... was sold primarily in Italy
  3. Hi Dubis, many thanks for your offer. The manual for the 1984 version is scanned and in the database. http://www.atariboxed.com/index.php?go=detail&modul_refnumber=2665 scroll down to the bottom of the site. ... but I think you may mean the Atariage database. http://atariage.com/system_items.php?SystemID=2600&ItemTypeID=MANUAL This has not been updated for a long time and is used more for a rough overview of the games. but if you want to contribute some scans, then 300dpi would be perfect
  4. *bump* price reduced ... and here you can see my current ebay auctions https://www.ebay.de/sch/atari-trader/m.html
  5. can not edit first post addition: Brazil August 1983 Polyvox, (IGB Group)
  6. oh, that's a lot. Had some of them also printed their own manuals? each of the distributors i listed above had them
  7. ok, i will correct this. it is written on the backside of the french AND dutch atari manuals. will look later at my french sceam console for more infos
  8. I'm in the process of putting together a list of atari 2600/VCS distributors. Maybe you can contribute something. Do not ask me for what I need it. Maybe just like that, or to integrate on the website someday. I always wanted to summarize it since a longer time. Or is there already such a list somewhere? i have some others in mind, but can not remember the names right now. and i have to check some consoles and manuals at home too. here is my compilation from the Lunch break (upgradeable) Atari 2600 Distributors Australia 1978 Futuretronics Australia Pty Ltd Canada 1980 Irwin Electronics (Irwin Toy), Toronto France Wea-Records B.V., Hilversum(Netherlands) Germany 1979 Unimex (Unicom Consumer Electronics GmbH), Wiesbaden Ireland 1979 Quintin Flynn Ltd. Italy Melchioni Japan Epoch New Zealand Monaco Distributors Ltd, Auckland Netherlands Wea-Records B.V., Breda Norway Inter-Salg A/S, Nesbru Spain Audelec, Malaga Sweden (Norway / Finland) Cherry Hemelektronik AB, Sundbyberg Algavision AB, Sundbyberg AB Alga, Vittsjö Turkey Me-Ta Elektronik Endüstri UK 1979 Ingersoll Electronics Ltd. USA Sears
  9. I am selling a boxed Cannon Man from Sears. NTSC My asking price is currently 900 euros 850 Euros 800 euros The game is in a very good condition. (see pics below) if you are interested please send me a PM, or feel free to post here. If you still need a specific picture, do not hesitate contacting me. Shipping within Germany 7,50 Euro Shipping from Germany to Europe costs 20 Euro. Shipping from Germany to the USA costs 40 Euro. Shipping to other countries (please ask me for costs) Shipping with DHL, with tracking and insurance. Payment only with Paypal friends.
  10. *bump* the two boxed Dynamics games are now listed on eBay as auction Atari 2600 Laser Loop - Dynamics Break Down - Dynamics eBay-ID atari-trader (klick here for are all auctions) feel free to ask here or via PM if you have any questions
  11. what serialnumber does your good and bad version have? 7525-9A ... and which cart is inside the open box? colored glossy label or only black/white? it looks like the UK White Version. All boxes of this series have poor quality. Some even without inlet.
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