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  1. i had some time to scan an add the Tapper Poster to the database. Pay attention to the back of the poster, which i also uploaded. (with information about availability of different systems, quantity, Dimensions of the packaging units and so on) http://www.atariboxed.com/index.php?go=detail&modul_refnumber=2836 scroll to the bottom of the page
  2. plausible, thanks for the information
  3. Is there a reason why the umlauts [ä ö ü] are not supported by Stella? Or has nobody needed it yet?
  4. That's interesting news. Thanks for the work-up
  5. Yes, I was wondering too. Anyway, all double games have to go. That stuff's been around too long. At least the Ebay fees were very low this weekend.
  6. Hello, i have some of my duplicate games on ebay. It's worth a look. ebay auctions: atari-trader any questions? Let me know. Thank you for your interest.
  7. you can try names like these too 0123 - Palm Beach.bin or La Paloma.bin or (4k)_Palomino.bin thanks for checking this
  8. Thanks for the reply. I stumbled upon it through various filenames. In my case, for example 0123_Palxx.bin or 0123_xxxx(palxx).bin are well-fitting. That doesn't look too isolated.
  9. When i have an bin-file with the three letters "pal" in the filename, Stella starts the file in PAL Mode. This is very confusing. Sure, i can press Control+F, but Is there a way to disable this "feature" by default? Maybe there is already a button for this? Same situation with ntsc or secam in filenames, but i know no words with this beginning. In any case, thank you for your permanently good project work
  10. not a big series, relatively easy to complete and nice to look at in the collection (all PAL) AtariBoxed.com - Imagic White
  11. i have added it to the database right now http://www.atariboxed.com Submarine/Umimex
  12. wow christian, congrats to that great find. I have to expand the database This is the lowest actually known serial from a Unimex game. I am curious whether the SP-2810 will be found in the future Now we also know how to name the unknown game from Datatech. Next time we see each other, I definitely have to take a closer look at this cart. Please send me a scan of the cart when you have the time. Greetings Schitti
  13. thanks to everyone to clarify the problem and work out a solution. Partly now implemented in version 6.2.1. Thank you in advance. Actually i am only interested in the snapshot output free from post processing. If this future snapshot output now had the zoom 2x 3x ... ecetera, then that would be what I asked for initially. But I think I can also work well with the 1x only if it is implemented as announced. So far I had only used the Stella sporadically. That will be more for our project in the future. thank you guys
  14. @alex_79 i have seen your bug report (stella issue 643) with the enabled tv-effects in 1x mode for screenshots. this helps me a little with my problem. the 1x screenshots i made were too blurry for my use and i was wondering why the 300% looks so much better (but still stretched). This is the reason why i have asked for the 300% perfect pixel ratio.
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