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  1. This is interesting news. Congratulations on the great find. It is really amazing that until today no box has been found. I'm even more amazed that it's an NTSC version. What does that mean? Does a DC-I also exist in PAL and also a DC-II in NTSC? Thanks for showing this piece.
  2. No news. We still couldn't work anything out. I'm still in contact with him. Tough times for all of us. @Ballblaɀer yes it was found in Spain.
  3. too funny Tempest was talking about a Pitfall 2 box (which turned out to be a poster) Jahfish has surely meant a Pitfall 1 International box and StormyWeathers replied to Jahfish a hijacked Thread
  4. i have checked some of my Super-Ferari PAL carts. Your dumped Quelle Version is from the Quelle Standard Series and has the same Rom as Super-Ferrari from Hertie md5 Hash / Size 2b27eb194e13f3b38d23c879cc1e3abf (4K) http://atariboxed.com/index.php?go=output&sort=T1.Modul_Complete_Title, T1.Modul_Complete_Model, T1.Modul_Complete_TV, T1.Modul_Complete_Label&dir=DESC&rows_per_page=50&select_system=1&modul_rom_select=2b27eb194e13f3b38d23c879cc1e3abf The Quelle gray Version has the same Rom as Super-Ferrari from Suntek and Rainbow Vision. That is very interesting and surprising. md5 Hash / Size 638cc82ea96f67674595ba9ae05da6c6 (4K) http://atariboxed.com/index.php?go=output&sort=T1.Modul_Complete_Title, T1.Modul_Complete_Model, T1.Modul_Complete_TV, T1.Modul_Complete_Label&dir=DESC&rows_per_page=50&select_system=1&modul_rom_select=638cc82ea96f67674595ba9ae05da6c6 A long time ago we added the option to graphically list identical roms. Simply click on the md5 hash and get all identical roms, if we've already dumped them. Sometimes this is very useful for research and i use it very often.
  5. I never had personal contact, just had read his posts. rest in peace
  6. Finally all the Box and Cart Scans from Fujistyle (Bit Corporation ) Italy are uploaded into the database. I've been working towards it for so long. Only some of the manuals still have to be cut and uploaded. http://atariboxed.com/FujiStyle(Bit-Corporation) I really like the look of the boxes. Unfortunately, they are so difficult to get hold of.
  7. The first swedish manual ist online http://www.atariboxed.com/index.php?go=detail&modul_refnumber=1510 anyone has a maybe french or italian version?
  8. Nice catalog. Thanks for showing and sharing
  9. they are now online http://www.atariboxed.com/index.php?go=detail&modul_refnumber=1485 http://www.atariboxed.com/index.php?go=detail&modul_refnumber=1492 wow, i never thought that we could have a game with seven monolingual manuals. English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Danish, Italian someone else has a Atari Combat manual in another language?
  10. +1 damn, i definitely should look more often in other subforums thanks for sharing
  11. Thanks a lot for this. We definitely need more Italian manuals in the database. I'll add them them the days.
  12. Ah, yes, i remember your twitter post with these swedish manuals. very nice. I like the colorful ones. i think i've never seen a greek manuals from Atari?
  13. yes, could be true. I forgot to mention Swedish manuals (also for the Textlabels), but we don't have any in the database yet. Anyone?
  14. I love all these international manuals. Atari has by far the most different. So far I know German, French, Spanish, English, Danish, Italian, Dutch, Turkish and Japanese Atari manuals. I would like to know, are there any more from the publisher Atari?
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