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  1. Whatever buddy. I was told that this was a great forum and many would help but i haven't seen anything. Just lies. I love how you tell us we "don't know the whole story" but then you're willing to tell me to go to hell when you don't know my whole story. You don't know who I am, you don't know my financial situation, you don't know a damn thing about me. But feel free to tell a forum full of people you don't even know "fuck you" Wow what a douchebag I'm really glad nobody free and clear just sent him the money he wanted. **EDIT** and I wouldn't want a woman to cheat on me. Then again, I can't possibly imagine packing up my stuff and moving away for any woman. As Tempest said "Everyone has their cross in life to bear, but they don't take it out on the very people they've asked for help" Yeah and this coming from some guy named IceCold. That says alot.
  2. You'll be back. You'll be back... Have you ever watched your mother almost die of a brain tumor? Have you had your brother hit and almost killed by a speeding car? No, I didn't think so. The point is lots of people have had bad things happen to them. Everyone has their cross in life to bear, but they don't take it out on the very people they've asked for help. You're not the only person who has ever had a bad thing happen to them. Tempest Oh boy don't get me started. In 1987, my mother got a phone call stating that my brother had been hit by an ex ploice officer traveling at 80 miles per hour on a road in california. He was hit and sent several feet into the air. When they found him, his insides of his head was exposed and he was dead on arrival. I watched my father die in the living room in 1999 right in front of me. Now my mother is sick as well and i'd like to get back home to her someday since things aren't working out for me here anymore.
  3. And your true colors show at last... Tempest Yep. And now next time somebody legitimately needs some help, most people will be less likely to get involved after seeing what this guy is pulling. I'm not pulling anything. Just aggrivated at the two people that said they were oh so willing to help then all the sudden i'm left waiting 5 whole days just to hear sorry, i can't help you now. Sorry i'm so wrong for needing help. How would you like a woman to go and sleep with someone behind your back after giving up everything you had just to move 1400 miles to be with her.
  4. Whatever buddy. I was told that this was a great forum and many would help but i haven't seen anything. Just lies.
  5. And your true colors show at last... Tempest Damn right. When people sit here and run their damn mouth about things they don't even know about. You don't even know the whole damn story. I'm through with this shit. I have what i need and i don't need anyones damn help either. Have you ever been 1400 miles from home with no money?
  6. Fuck you people. Nothing but a bunch of stupid morons that have nothing better to do than sit and play video games and talk about them. I've gotten past this shit. Sitting at home playing games might be fine for an 8 year old
  7. What a bunch of lies. Say one thing....Do another. Thanks. WTF!?! Nice to see how appreciative you are of this online community you've been apart of a little over a year. I felt bad for you before, but with the way you're acting: screw you. Go to hell asshole. You don't even know the whole Goddamn story. The pric promised help, then turned around and left me hanging. I'm not in the mood for little prics.
  8. Thanks ma, it does hurt like hell. Even more when people like Ax say they will help and then just because someone said something to him, he backs out and leaves me hanging. I'm going through pure hell right now.
  9. I was originally going to take this with me on the move but i don't really use any of it so i may let it go if anyone is interested. Commodore 64 unit with monitor cable and power supply. Commodore 128 with 17k expansion and power supply. 2 1701 monitors 4 1541 floppy drives with power cables and link. 1541 II floppy drive tested and works (no power supply) over 100 floppy disks with games and other programs including Ghostbusters by Activision Basic Programming Cartridge All for $150 plus shipping.
  10. Ianoid says "prices sell" so let's find out. Prices added.
  11. You name the price. I'm not set on any of this so whoever gets it will get a good deal. If i go putting prices on this stuff, others will say it's too high. You name the price.
  12. SNES unit with 2 original controllers, power adapter, and rf. $25 13 games all loose, no books or boxes, games only: Strike Gunner STG $2 Donkey Kong Country Sold Wheel of Fortune Deluxe Edition $1 Toy Story $2 The Lion King $2 Jeopardy Sports Edition $1 Super Mario World $3 Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball Sold Hook $2 Kablooey $2 Winter Olympic Games $1 Madden NFL 95 $1 WWF Super Wrestlemania $2 SNES deck with rf and SN Program Pad (no power adapter) $20 Game Genie (no code book) $5 12 loose carts: Super Caesars Palace $1 Super Star Wars Sold Mega Man X Sold Mystical Ninja Sold Terminator 2: Judgement Day $2 Tetris 2 Sold Suzuka 8 Hours Sold Bass Masters Classic $1 Aerobiz Sold Brunswick World Tournament of Champions $1 Toy Story $2 Tecmo Super NBA Basketball $1 Mini SNES deck only. (works) (no controllers or cables) $20 Mario Bros. Game and Watch $30 Atari Flashback 2 in box $20 shipped Nes deck with power adapter, rf, and three original controllers. Also including an NES Advantage stick, game genie. $40 1942 $2 Rad Racer $2 Big Foot $2 Xenophobe $2 Golgo 13 $2 Top Gun $2 Super Mario Bros. 2 SOLD Rambo $2 Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt (X2) $1 for both Pinball $2 Total Recall $2 Super Mario Bros. 3 Sold Super Gloveball $2 Robocop $2 Kings of the Beach $2 Gauntlet $2 Blades of Steel $2 Lunar Pool $2 Jordan vs. Bird One-on-One $1 Tecmo Bowl $1 Castlevania II Simon's Quest $2 Pro Wrestling $2 Blaster Mastern $2 Captain Skyhawk $2 Lazer Invasion $2 California Games Sold Time Lord $2 Anticipation $1 The Mafat Conspiracy Sold Xevious $2 Tiles of Fate $3 Dragon Warrior $2 NARC $2 The Adventures of Link $2 Zelda $2 Tetris $2 Super Team Games $2 Duck Hunt $0.50 Hogan's Alley $2 Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego (complete in box) $5 Contra $3 Gyruss $3 Solar Jetman $2 Hoops $0.50 Magic Johnson Fastbreak $0.50 Big Bird's Hide and Speak $1 I will separate if needed. Doesn't have to be in lots. Let me know what you want. Also have: Atari 7800 complete with power adapter, rf, and one controller SOLD 11 loose 7800 carts: Pole Position II SOLD Pole Position II SOLD Xevious SOLD Food Fight SOLD Winter Games SOLD Galaga SOLD Ms. Pac-Man SOLD Dig-Dug SOLD Robotron: 2084 SOLD Asteroids SOLD Balblazer SOLD
  13. Thanks, I'll do that. Is there a good place to order these? I understand Radio Shack doesn't carry the caps that this thing uses.
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