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  1. I hate blitzball so much that I'm actually considering giving up on ffx to give ffxiii another shot.

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    2. Eltigro


      I hated it too. I played the ones required for the main story and never played it again. I do this with lots of in game mini games though... No, I don't want to play Gwent in Witcher, Poker in Red Dead Redemption, Pazaak in KotOR, or go Bowling with my cousin. I do somewhat enjoy the fishing mini games in games like Zelda OoT or Breath of Fire 3, though... /shrug

    3. zylon


      DWIII was one of the best I've yet played. Use the GB color port if you can.

    4. Reaperman


      GBC? I tried DQ I+II (I think that one) on gbc once, and had to restart on SNES after missing some map items I was probably supposed to see on the edges of the screen that were cut off. I think got bored and quit during the catch-up on that.

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