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  1. I'd like to be on the list, if I'm not already on it. Special Edition if available!
  2. I've put together a site (http://www.intellivisionarchive.com) I use to help me maintain my collection - it might have most of the images you're looking for.
  3. I'm in for a pre-order. If I don't have an LTO Flash (will purchase as soon as the next batch becomes available), will I be able to get the encrypted ROM at that point?
  4. I agree the first one is just plain mean 😁. Night Stalker - even though this was probably a tie back in the day with AD&D on our original Intellivision (which I still use) Biplanes Baseball - big hit in our house Cornhole - my kids are more familiar with this than bowling Safecracker Auto Racing - loved playing the original. I wonder if the new version will have any Easter eggs like being able to leave the track? Missile Command- Tommy's videos of the crew playing together looked like a blast!
  5. I trust Rev and have had delays in the past. I'm just a little worried this time as it's been six weeks since I ordered and I haven't gotten any responses from DM here or any emails.
  6. I'd be in for one of each, as well.
  7. How about Sid Meier? I don't know his marital status, but I could see Utopia inspiring Civilization (that's a fairly big game/franchise). I know he might not be considered young, and I don't know his marital status, but I think he's been somewhat retired/away from the business for some time, hasn't he?
  8. I was a little late - I got mine at 4:03.
  9. I'd definitely be in for one, should another run be made. I've been following the development since the beginning, I just procrastinated too long on actually making a purchase.
  10. Listening to the Intellivisionaries podcast convinced me to finally purchase this. I probably shouldn't have assumed this was just another simple test cart!
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