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  1. Listening to the Intellivisionaries podcast convinced me to finally purchase this. I probably shouldn't have assumed this was just another simple test cart!
  2. Please put me down for one - any number is fine.
  3. Interested. I would order at least one pair, more likely 3 to 4 pairs.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I should have mentioned the delay on the larger PDFs - it's a bit annoying, but I like it better than either going to a separate page or tab to view them. The only problem is that now I've kind of committed myself to trying to scan all my variants!
  5. Here's a site I've been working on: http://intv.mphokie.com/
  6. I know that based on eBay value, I overpaid, but I didn't have to go through the eBay hassle (especially since Spiker seems to come up on eBay more often than Sears Backgammon - at least in my experience). So I chalk it up to paying a premium for the convenience. Pretty much all my duplicates of the latest homebrews were bought with the intent to trade, since that seems like a pretty likely way to complete my collection.
  7. I knew that extra copy of SP Tennis would come in handy some day . Now at least I'll have a complete Sears collection. I'll have an extra cart/manual/overlay set for Sears Backgammon available, if anyone wants it.
  8. mphokie


  9. Please put me down for 2 upgrade kits.
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