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  1. the 1st time i played the arcade version of Lock N Chase after playing it for years on the Intellivision i couldn't believe how bad it was...i mean the game gives you NO TIME to get the $$ in the middle of the maze you have to be right near it or forget it..whats up with that?? not only that i prefer the sound and the graphics on the Intellivision version over the arcade too
  2. back when i bought a 5200 in 1983 i actually liked the joystick a lot and had no problem at all with it and loved the pause button being on the controller..in fact it wasn't until the internet that i learned so many people hated it...back then i had no idea lol i say the Colecovision controller was much worse...cheap plastic nob and fire buttons,and it would always cramp up my hand
  3. any sales figures come in on the Intellivision Flashback? what level of sales would be considered great and what level of sales would be needed to pretty much insure there will be a 2nd edition?
  4. i know Keith is paranoid about getting sued when an intellivision game looks or plays like another famous game but Christmas Carol is original and one of the best games on the system and i can't see why it wouldn't be included on the flashback....is there any possibility this could happen on a future flashback?
  5. the guy that programmed the atari 5200 version of Pengo did an awesome job he seemed to realize that the Pengo arcade game was way too hard and way too fast to put together any kind of strategy at all....so by slowing it down to a perfect pace and in my opinion having better graphics than the arcade version he did an awesome job
  6. i'm one of the few that actually liked this game when it came out....i went to the local Osco store and behind the checkout clerk they kept the Intellivision games and i noticed a new game Kool Aid Man for $19.99 and i thought whoa a new game that cheap! lol and bought it and actually had a good time with it
  7. yup believe it or not back in the day my family was in the horse racing industry and Intellivision horse racing was very popular amongst the people in the industry and the gamblers...at the time this was the only horse racing game out and the fact that it looked and played great helped...i know many people that bought the system just to play Horse Racing in fact the horse racing game is the main reason my dad bought me the Intellivision for Chriatmas and it was my 1st cart
  8. i think the main reason has to be that it's been so hard to play emulated Intellivision games without the gamepad all these years that people are excited to finally get to play them the right way
  9. went to Toys R Us yesterday and asked the clerk where the Intellivision Flashbacks are and he said "oh that's a very popular item" then told me where they were...got one of the 3 left
  10. on the next flashback the bonus game should be the 5200 version of Pengo...i would pick one up just for that awesome version
  11. thanks Jason! i wonder what it would do for homebrew sales if a future edition of Intellivision Flashback had a cart slot..that would be interesting to see
  12. that game is so good it should sell thousands of copies...any numbers on what the highest selling Intellivision homebrew game ever is?
  13. this emulator here called Intion is the best Intellivision emulator i've found http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0RB032I5
  14. last week i ran into an intellivision emulator by accident by searching for Intellivision stuff on one of those Rapidshare type sites...i thought i knew of every Intellivision emulator until this one it's called "INTion"..not much info turns up on the emu in google...i'm wondering if it could be an Intellivision Lives hack or something...anyways it works pretty good
  15. looks awesome! the only thing i would change is i would take out the "how high can you get screen" and make the girl look better and more worth saving
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