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  1. I should be able to scrounge up quite a few. Shoot me a message.
  2. I enjoyed Killzone for the most part. I had some difficulty near the end but was able to take care of it eventually. GoldenEgg you had issues with the sonic pulse, holding the left to highlight items in the area. If you hold left on the D-Pad it will show enemies and pickups through the walls, within the sonic range. They will show up as colored outlines. This helps you lay out your plan of attack. You hold the left D-Pad until it is almost full and let go, or else it will alert the enemies of your presence. I am just now starting Knack so I will take your advice and use the Dodge to full effect.
  3. Dead State came in at $332,635 of $150,000). Pulling in all but the final stretch goal. As Soul said though...............not coming out for another year and a half at least (if it is released on time). I am glad it was funded, but the timeline dampens the joy.
  4. The memory pricing is insane. Keep in mind, you MUST have a memory card to play any retail or PSN games. Going from 4-8-16-32 GB the current Amazon pricing is $16-$24-$46-$81 new. I haven't read the articles, but the posts on message boards have indicated that even though the prices are high the read and write speeds are sub-par. I haven't noticed any drawbacks from this slower speed though. They probably dropped the Pro Duo because it is so large compared to memory today (and why not create another revenue stream? SOB's). You can put videos on the VITA and watch them, I think I use m4v files. Not real sure, I'll have to look at my handbrake settings. Back to address the original question.............I am only disappointed by the pricing strategy by Sony. The actual unit is nice, but if I didn't have as much expendable income I would have to pass. The entrance price is high.
  5. I did receive my 32GB Vita memory card today. At $50 I still feel I overpaid, but it is better than Amazon's $82. It is used and didn't come in any impressive packaging. It was taped to my invoice inside an appropriately small box, though the box looked to have been used a couple times. I dropped it into my Vita and BAM there I had 29GB of free space. Unless the hacker/pirate/thieves have figured out how to trick the system menu already, it is legit. I got it at webuy.com . Supposedly they have small secondhand shops in some of the big East Coast cities. Take that for what it's worth. BTW, I used Paypal so I would have a chance for recourse in case I got ripped off, I also used my CC as the funding source so I would have two shots at making it right if it went wrong. The paypal page came up in Spanish, I just changed the es to en in the address bar.
  6. Mine was delivered today as well. Truly gorgeous. The many many many hours of work put into this project is appreciated by myself and many others here. A heartfelt thanks to all of you that were involved in making this possible.
  7. I am satisfied I guess with mine so far. I seem to spend most of my time on the free Montezuma's Blitz. It makes for a nice quick 5 minute break. I have bought all of the PSN games except for PulzAR so far. I haven't enjoyed any of the AR games yet, and I doubt I ever will. The required setup, lighting, and angles makes it awkward for me. I have enjoyed Hot Shots and MLB the most of my physical games. The price point on the games has made my library increase slowly. $30 is my max and $20 is where I will buy most of the games. I am up to 7 physical games so far. I have heard of a bunch of games I don't have being at the $20 price point at Sony Stores, so if that is true, I may up my library in the near future (as long as Sony Outlet Stores are included). I bought a 3G model and found the 3G absolutely useless, but I am not too bitter as I hope they may do something with it in the future, if not Oh well. I promptly discontinued the data plan after the two months. The memory pricing is insane, I received an 8GB card with my bundle for free however. It is just about right, maybe a little small for what I do (buy the PSN games and all others physically). I have about 2 GB free for movies and music with all of the AR games deleted. I found a place that has the 32GB for $50, it is set to be delivered Monday, so I will know if I was ripped off or it was an actual deal then. I played the Gravity Rush demo and it seemed pretty neat. I will probably get that when I can find it for around $25. OH, and there seem to be a ton of games that require an online pass. If you are going to buy used, make sure you research that and determine if the online pass is even something you are interested in.
  8. (Two Guys Space Venture) A bit worried has inflamed to quite worried. 6 days to go and around $160K to go. I don't think this is going to get funded. I hope it does though.
  9. Thanks Tim............if I can get 50, I'll send some more cash. Let me know via PM. Thanks.
  10. I'm a bit worried about the "Two Guys Space Venture" project. Nine days to go and they are at ~$294K/$500K. The LSL1 game was funded in a heartbeat, whereas this project that has just as much if not more humor and adventure value is languishing. If you loved the Space Quest series........chip in if you can/want. I hope it gets funded, these are the type of game I love. That Pinball project has been fully funded for the Twilight Zone table, they are looking to a secondary goal (of twice the original goal) to procure the license for the Star Trek TNG table. I haven't pledged yet to this project, but I may in the next day or so.
  11. I bought from them a couple years ago and was very pleased with my purchase.
  12. I kicked in. I think this approach is very refreshing. One thing that worries me though, is that they set for themselves a quickly approaching release deadline.
  13. I have already decided I am not in favor of Sony's business plan regarding the NGP/Sony Vita. So you pay MORE for a version to pay more money to AT&T which will charge you more if you go over the alloted amount of data in your plan? How much data do you think will be using while playing online? Quite a lot. These exclusivity deals piss me off something fierce.
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