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  1. If you want to get my attention, show a video of Barnstorming - Game #1 - 32.04. But the videos you posted are fun to watch, btw. Todd can game, no doubt. His scores prove that. But this score is not and never was legit. ò¿ó
  2. Looking back on the old thread about Barnstorming, it's hard to believe that Todd didn't know that the time on the certificate was bogus. All he did was play games. He knew every score and every time he ever made, so he had to know that someone made a mistake when he received confirmation. Nevertheless, water under the bridge. Still a good read. Twin Galaxies was quite thorough back in the day, or Day rather. It's still a very valuable database of scores, but also serves as an electronic history that should be archived. Even though all of the original caretakers are gone, the information they gathered is the history of the beginning of video gaming that must be kept. Just because some other entity takes over control of Twin Galaxies, it doesn't mean that everything before then is irrelevant. And the farce that strategies must be kept secret is exactly that; a farce. Unless you want to try to maintain a governing body of employees, whether paid or volunteer, that verifies scores, then there has to be public transparency and validation of scores and playthroughs. The time of secret video tapes has been replaced with YouTube. ò¿ó
  3. This link... http://atariage.com/forums/topic/10989-barnstorming-game-#1-3204-what-the/ ...doesn't seem to be working. It was an interesting read, one I wish I could go back through. As for Twin Galaxies, I was actually looking for them yesterday. Just putting in http://www.twingalaxies.com leads to http://www.the-1up.com/twingalaxies.html which is some guy that has a few arcades. It seems that once Walter left, everything kinda slowly fell apart. There's a Facebook page, but it's mostly people talking about submitting money to have their scores validated, then waiting a long time for no results. ò¿ó
  4. 2600 Kaboom! 360 The Simpsons Game XBL Arcade Coffeetime Crosswords Texas Hold'em ò¿ó
  5. About to finish The Simpsons Game. Not sure what's next. Awaiting Bioshock 2, which has been delayed. ò¿ó
  6. A good place to look for easy games is here... http://www.achieve360points.com/list/ ...then under "List Sorter", sort the games by "Achievement Difficulty". You can start at 1 and work your way up to 10. Typically I play games I like and don't worry about the difficulty, but to check out some quick point reaping, take a look here. And be sure to note that some of the games are listed as having "Easy" achievements, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're quick points. You have to kinda temper the difficulty they give the game with your knowledge of about how long it will take. You can look at the achievements for a particular game to get an idea. If an achievement is something like "play for 72 hours", well then you know. ò¿ó
  7. Wrong, right or indifferent, here's what "my friend" did and it worked. His 360 was a standard unit that had an added hard drive. All of the profiles and XBLA games were saved on the hard drive. At almost exactly one year to the day of the launch, it started have "three red light" problems. He could disconnect everything, power down, reconnect and power back up. That would get it running for about 5 minutes before it "gray screened". The screen would turn totally gray and the red lights would kick in. Of course the 360 has been taken very good care of and he still had the box and the receipt. But there have been too many horror stories online about people sending their box off and it taking weeks to get back or problems with account resolutions. He went to Wal-Mart one evening, bought a brand new standard 360, took it home and only swapped the consoles. None of the new paraphernalia was kept. Just a simple disconnecting on an old dead 360 and reconnecting of a new 360. He didn't even swap out the power cords. Only the consoles were swapped. Total time was about one hour. Everything was repackaged in the new packaging, including the dead 360. It was taken back to Wal-Mart, described as non-working and his credit card was credited with the purchase price. It was a $0 transaction other than gas to get there and back. Profiles and XBLA games are all linked to the console and the hard drive. When he tried to play any of the games, they would all show as "Trial" versions. Very frustrating at first, but then he noticed if he logged in any other account, the games were playable. Then by playing the game with the primary account while the secondary account was logged in, all of the games returned to normal for the primary account. Total time to do everything: about 2 hours. Results: A November 2006 console that should be very more stable and reliable than the launch date consoles. And it's not a refurb, but a new model. ò¿ó
  8. If you look closely at the Vid-Lid ad, the photo appears to be a Vid-Tari with the "Tari" part of the logo markered over. It's almost like Vid-Lid just used a photo of the Vid-Tari and conveniently "scribbled" out the logo. Dating of the ads would be very important. Maybe Vid-Lid bought the stock of Vid-Tari's and tried to resell them. ò¿ó
  9. Hey Everyone. This post is mostly directed at the Als, but some input from everyone here would be nice too. It's looking like the CGE 2007 is going to be the first classic expo I get to attend. My friend and I have typically gone to E3, but since it's gone pseudo-private, it's tough to get into now. Thus, we're using our resources this year to go to CGE 2007, especially since it's in Vegas. We all know of the rivers of bad blood among individuals, factions and entire groups and owners of AtariAge and Digital Press. But what is the likelyhood that AtariAge will have a booth at CGE 2007? My reasoning for asking is simple. Whether no one "here or there" gets along with "him or her", it's still an execellent opportunity to show your wares and meet collectors from all forums. It would seem that as many or more people from the midwest versus the east coast could attend. My friend and I have limited resources and make a "jump" like this once a year. And with E3 toasted, we've decided on CGE 2007. We would like to meet people from and see an AtariAge booth. It's probably our once a year chance to actually meet the people that make it run. Since this is the 10th Anniversary of CGE, there's sure to be even more people than usual and 10 years is quite a benchmark. This isn't a request to bury all hatchets and start over, but an opportunity like this should really be evaluated. And please, let's not turn this into a "classic gaming horror story forum". If there's something that someone said or did and it absolutely has to be mentioned, please find the old link and post it, but don't reiterate it here. I'm really just wanting to meet everyone on both sides. Call me selfish, but I'm not the only person that would benefit if AtariAge attends. Thanx, Jeff ò¿ó
  10. That's it! Thanx so much for your patience with that one. At least both paths seem equally difficult now, so maybe that's the best way to do it. The player still has a choice of skill level they can choose. It's definitley hard to determine what's "right" and "wrong" when laying out a map. It's seems that the absolute smallest horizontal space the sub can traverse is 2 characters and the absolute smallest vertical space the sub can traverse is 1 character. If that is the case, the "ò¿ó" map should provide plenty of horizontal space with just 3 minimal 1-character-vertical-space areas to navigate. ò¿ó
  11. Ooo. You're right. I just tried the new bin and the lower path is easier. What if you make the top like your version of the map and keep the bottom like my version of the map. That should even out them out. The way it is now, the top is much more difficult all around. The way you had the top of the map is easier. That's the balance I was trying to achieve; a top that's less difficult but requires more movement versus a bottom that's more difficult but requires less movement. I'm not sure why, but this game is really fun. ò¿ó
  12. It just seems that the player really does have to make a true choice with the tall columns; the more intricate, easier upper path or the less intricate but challenging lower path. Some of the latter levels will naturally have to be increasingly difficult. Never impossible, but difficult. By the way; was there a new bin? ò¿ó
  13. I downloaded the new bin. By shortening the lower columns on the first map, it seems to take all of the possibility of choice out of the map. To be honest, I restarted it twice before I realized that was the map I made. I knew that the 1 vertical space map size would be challenging, but that's why the top is so easy. Since each map doesn't start right away, it gives the player time to formulate a plan. And like I said, I never even considered the top route until I looked at it and realized it was my map. ò¿ó
  14. The face doesn't mean anything. It's just been part of my sig forever. The next map should work out with a few changes It's very difficult to develop a map with enough space for the sub to slip through while keeping the map challenging. I can see why you've asked for maps. It's easy to run out of ideas. ò¿ó
  15. One more... XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X.......X........XX......XX....X X......X.............XX......XXX X..XX.....XXXX.................X X..X.....X....XX..XX...XXX.....X X.....XX.............XX...XX...X X..X.......XX.....X.....XX.X...X X...XX....XXXXX...X........X...X X.....X..X.....XXX...X....X...XX X......XX.......X...X.X......X.X X..XX......XX..SXT.X...X....X..X ò¿ó
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