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  1. While this sounds cool, the only problem with adding these things (massive cutscenes, additional Pokey, etc.) is that development time skyrockets.  Feature creep is something I'd like to avoid.  We are already behind a few years with regards to what fans are doing for this show, and it's only a matter of time before someone else has a game out on a classic system first... (If it hasn't happened already)


    I'd like to keep it fairly simple, if possible.

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  2. I actually WANT them to see this, and I'm hoping they will either tie it in to the show, or maybe have some sort of relation to it and allow it.  Someone else had mentioned that I should have something to show them before I made any attempts to contact them.  So we are doing that.

    ...also, wasn't it you who said that you might be able to get in touch with the person who represents the kids on that show?  Were you sincere with that offer?  Or should I forget about that avenue?


    BTW, PAC-MAN-RED is awesome:

    Demogorgon x4.gif



    ...as is Synthpopalooza:




    …also, the 7800 version will be 'kind of' worked on at the same time as the NES version.


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  3. On 8/11/2019 at 3:04 PM, Synthpopalooza said:

    I will do a rendition of the theme music for the NES and the 7800.  I will promise you this tho:  The POKEY version of it will sound much better.  The POKEY has so many advantages over the NES chip it ain't even funny.

    I meant to thank you for doing this - sorry, I didn't mean to not respond to you.  I'm sure they both will sound great.

    ...I've also been meaning to send @PAC-MAN-RED a PM too, to ask if he is into doing this.


    Thanks again, guys.

  4. Thanks, guys


    Right now, it only exists in ROM form, as I have not posted it (because of this unit).  I don't know about carts being made, as I was told they were going to make carts of Rainbow Brite, so this one might also happen.  I know it's possible, as I have one cart of each (one I made myself, and the other was made for me).  I had to test it on real hardware to make sure there were no issues.

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  5. I don't know if I should continue in this thread, because at this point I'm probably going to go the NES route.  I already have the engine written, and I need to contact @PAC-MAN-RED as well to see if he's up to working on graphics.  If it works out well, I can always convert it to the 7800.  I'll try to keep that in mind when doing this one.

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  6. Hi guys...


    Sorry to bump an old thread, but my NES port (of my 7800 port) of Berzerk / Frenzy is the next thing getting the mini arcade treatment (after Rainbow Brite):



    This was why I couldn't post the ROM for the NES version.  It's actually licensed.

    The only main difference between the two is on the NES version when playing two-player simultaneous, the first player to exit the room ends the room for both players.  (In the 7800 version, *both* players have to exit the room to move on).

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  7. 17 hours ago, Shawn said:

    That Zombie game you started a while back could be the ground work for a Stranger Things themed game?

    I thought about it, but I'd rather keep that one going in the direction it was going in.



    12 hours ago, Synthpopalooza said:

    I will work up a rendition of the theme song


    Awesome - does that mean you're in?





    Thanks so much for the words of encouragement.  I wish I knew someone who knew someone in the inner circle of that show.  I don't actually think there's any chance they will even pay attention to me.


    Also, I'm still on the fence on which system to do this for (the 7800 or the NES).  I already have the engine for the NES (I'd have to convert it for the 7800), and Shawn makes a good point about the NES being the popular system at the time of the 4th season.  But on the other hand, I'd rather do a new 7800 game, and if by some small miracle it does get connected to the show in some way it might make the 7800 more popular...34 years later.

    So I'm still trying to decide.


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  8. Hi guys...


    I have begun mapping out a novelty game (no coding yet) based on the 'Stranger Things' show on Netflix.  It takes place in the mid 80s, so it will either be on the NES or the 7800.  I'd like to do it on the 7800, as that is my 'main' system, but the NES was more popular.  Not sure yet, but I'm leaning toward the 7800 of course. 


    Once I have something to show, I'm hoping to be able to contact the writers / producers / Duffer Brothers to convince them to put it in the series, or just have a novelty game related to it that they can get behind.  (Yes, I know - delusions of grandeur).  Being that they are both from the same time period it might be a cool tie-in.


    Anyway, I have the ideas of the basis and goal of the game, and the antagonists / protagonists.  I'm not giving away anything yet, but I will say that you play as Eleven.


    I plan on using the engine from the Rainbow Brite game, so it will be in a similar vein.  Once I am ready I am also hoping to get @PAC-MAN-RED and @Synthpopalooza on-board for graphics and music (respectively) again, being that both Bentley Bear and Rainbow Brite came out so good...


    BTW, I love this show now.


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