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  1. Got it! That one was new since I last checked eBay. Thanks!
  2. I know this is a long shot but I figure if anyone has one they'll be here. I am restoring an Odyssey 4000 but I botched the retrobrighting. The whitening process goes fine at 170F (my oven's lowest temperature) but, knowing some chemistry, I know that increasing the temperature speeds up the reaction. Now, while 190F is below the 230F glass transition temperature of ABS, thermoplastics can still deform even if they're below their glass transition temperature. This isn't a problem if the plastic isn't under load, but injection molding produces residual stresses within the plastic. In addition, glass transition temperature decreases with age. So all of this combined means that, while it is indeed below the glass transition temperature of new ABS, 190F is just close enough that 40 year old plastic will deform due to residual stress alone. TL;DR I ruined the top case of my Odyssey 4000 and either need to replace it or find a home for the rest of the console. If you own a broken Odyssey 4000 and want to either get rid of it or repair it, drop me a PM.
  3. One other thing I noticed about this Sunnyvale light sixer is the molding for the power jack is different from my other light sixer. The earlier model has a keyhole shape whereas the later ones are more plain. Searching for Sunnyvale light Sixers on ebay turned up a third, inward-slanted variation as well. It seems that Atari had plenty of different tooling over the years!
  4. Serial: 83827L Manufactured in Sunnyvale, striped ribbon cable, no channel select switch, chips dating to early September 1978, heavy shielding.
  5. Hello all, Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in! A big lot of Atari stuff on craigslist for $100, to be precise. 4 consoles came in the lot; 2 light sixers, 1 4-switch, and 1 heavy sixer. I plan on modding and selling the light consoles and keeping a heavy sixer, but when I got to the second light sixer today, I found something strange inside. As you probably guessed from the title, there were a heavy sixer's guts inside! I initially suspected someone swapped the guts out as there were only 2 screws holding the (thick) bottom shielding plate on and they were in the wrong place (center holes). But having looked at the dates on the chips, I'm not so sure. The latest one dates to 27th week of 1978 (late august, early September). In fact only one date is 1977, the rest (both boards and chips) are all mid-1978. What's even stranger is that the motherboard has the earlier striped, soldered ribbon cable and white socket. The switch board even matches. Why would someone swap out both boards if it's likely only the motherboard was dead? There was even similar crud in both the case and inside the shielding box. Finally, the sticker on the bottom of the case says Sunnyvale. I thought only the heavy sixers were manufactured there? What do you all think? Did it come from the factory like this or was it a later repair?
  6. Hello all, I recently dumped all of my video game collection that could be emulated (for shame, I know, but I never used them), but kept my Atari 400 as I still want to get into the computer side of things. As such, I am searching for any peripherals (preferably the earlier ones) or good, fun, or interesting carts that anyone might be willing to let go for a reasonable price. Shoot me a PM and we'll work something out! Paul
  7. Since the old thread was a bit stale and the title and picture innacurate, I figured I'd refresh it a bit. As per, I am selling the remainder of my Atari 2600 games. All of the games work perfectly and are in excellent shape. I will ship anywhere at buyer's cost; contact me for an estimate and any questions. Games available are; Games w/instructions ($5) Pitfall II Loose Common & Common+ Games ($1 each, $20 all) Combat Chopper Command Skiing Spider Fighter 01 Combat Golf Slot Racers Yars' Revenge Dodge 'em Maze Craze Venture Video Pinball Jungle Hunt Pac-Man Star Raiders (with overlay) Breakout Bowling Warlords Berzerk Asteroids Donkey Kong Space Invaders Missile Command Super Breakout Space War Pitfall Laser Blast Cosmic Ark Loose Scarce Games ($2 each) Towering Inferno Or $25 for the remaining 30 games. I will need a Zip code for shipping estimates.
  8. Sorry guys, unfortunately(?) it's been sold now!
  9. Bump, PS1 Reduced in price and some errors corrected.
  10. Lowered Prices for the common games & for the lot.
  11. Added the 2600 games to the ad and posted the PS One. Am I asking too much for it?
  12. All boxed games now sold, prices adjusted.
  13. More games sold, updated prices accordingly. $50 for everything left now.
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