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  1. I purchased 2 of these and I will vouch for the construction, top notch. I installed the Stella on my mac mini running OS 10.5, its a Mactel machine. Everything was functioning properly and the kids seemed to have a pretty good time with it. The next day, not so much, we were unable to get "down" to function. even when we went into the input options and went to map the controllers action to "down" the action was not registering. And like i said this was after a full day of usage from the day before, some 4hrs of usage i guestimate, between the kids time and then my time after they went to bed. I can vouch that the controllers work in MAME games just fine, that night was the first time i ever finished golden ax. but i digress. So, we just left the controllers aside. Last night I installed stella from the cd on my work laptop, a dell running xp. it all seemed to function properly. but what I did experience after 20 min of usage was that the blue light went out. then it would come back on, and then it would continue this on and off for the next 15 min. the controller was being dropped from the USB listing as well, the computer would keep finding new hardware when the light came back on. I tried both controllers, same thing. So, later I installed stella from the cd on my wife's G4 powerbook. this machine is running 10.4. I did not have the issue that I had on the xp machine and all axies were registered. but after 30 min of usage down was again being a problem. Anyone been using these controllers on OS 10.4 or 10.5? Anyone have any idea why this would happen? Thanks Kevin
  2. Excellent communication and very fast payment. I would recommend Sandman686 to anyone looking to do transactions with. Kevin
  3. kondre

    Sonic 4 !

    My kids will be very pleased. they have the game cube sonic collection and play it a lot! more than i would like actually.
  4. I didnt mention this before... If you see a box, and then the related game in the next pic, the box has the instructions as well. Solar fox & Demon Attack are the exceptions. Kevin
  5. Ok so I have Been getting a lot of interest in parts. Only problem is that I am still not sure how much the items are worth. Anyone want to lend me a hand at thoughts on prices?
  6. The Atari collection is not getting the attention it deserves. The kids have moved on, although they did enjoy them, the system is just not being utilized and rather than having it stored in the box for who knows how long, I am offering it all up as one large package deal. the entire collection seen in the pictures fits in a Epson Artisan 810 printer box. its good size and has some weight to it for sure, but packed well. I am not sure what kind of value it has, so feel free to chime in with what a honest value could be. I just remembered, Planet Smashers, is PAL. not what you were hoping to hear I am sure. sorry. I have the pictures of the collection here: Atari Collection Kevin
  7. Those are some good tips. thanks guys. I did pick up a Wii, I have not gotten around to getting any accessories for it yet. looks like the system is easy to get into, but expensive to expand, all the controllers are pretty pricey. Kevin
  8. Well...I did list it here for more than I should have. I didnt look enough. I did take the games to gamestop. they are gone. What I have now is just thefollowing: 1 Xbox Halo system in original box with adapter and user manual 1 bundled Halo game 1 bundled Halo edition type-s controller 1 set of high def RGB Monster AV cables providing 480p 3 additional type-s controllers, 1 green transparent, 1 blue transparent, 1 solid black 1 gamestar hand held steering wheel that also has the connector for using on a game cube I am considering this to be worth about $80 shipped. I looked around on ebay and found "core" units of the Halo edition and they ranged in price from $45 to $90. I apologize for positing it before at such a high price, like I said, I just didnt look enough to determine a decent market price. That is why in the posting, I did ask if that was a decent asking price. Kevin
  9. In the past year Iv'e seen: loose go for as little a $6 (fluke?) and as high as $40 With manual $30 - $50 (that $6 one may have had a manual) Complete $40 - $60 depending on condition. New $50 - $100 I'd try to get a CIB under the $50 mark and consider it a good enough deal, any less and it become a bargain. The days for plenty for twenty are long gone. AX So, I have one that is boxed, complete, not sealed and in excellent condition. I think I have played it 3-5x since owning it. man, I had better go look at the box, I hope it hasnt gotten squashed. I'd be p.o.'ed Kevin
  10. this thread is very old, 6yrs old.....So, I am throwing the same question out there. but for today's price. the price I am looking to know is for one that is boxed, not sealed, but boxed. Thanks Kevin
  11. Ok, I guess, it is common knowledge, sorry to post it. I also see that I have remembered it WRONG. way to go huh? ok Kevin
  12. I was thinking of all my Atari stuff last night and while I was brushing my teeth, I remembered when I was a kid and we had space invaders playing almost every waking hour, I remembered being able to double shoot, unlike the standard one shot from your guy at a time until it exited the top of the screen. As kids, we were able to do two shots. We figured it out by taking the console, turning it on with no cart in it, then inserting the cart, then turning off the console, and instantly returning the power back on and pressing the reset lever immediately as well. Once someone pressed game select the double shoot was lost, but you could reset all day long without losing the double shoot. Now, I didnt have the Atari Space Invaders, we had the Sears Tele-games version, I doubt there is a difference besides the label, but who knows. I would be extremely shocked if this easter egg was not known on this forum, but I though I would share it after not finding any mention of double shoot in a search. Kevin
  13. unless you have a Wii to trade, I really can't. The mission from the wife is: get rid of xbox, get Wii OR If you have some 10speed Campy Record bicycle parts, I might be interested Kevin
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