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  1. Not my item. Has anyone seen this floating around before?
  2. ? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-2600-Coke-Wins-Pepsi-Invaders-Prototype-extremely-rare-/252168356678
  3. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Submarine-Commander-Atari-2600-Prototype-Original-03-15-82-lab-loaner-cart-/371283299643 The font looks weird for ref http://www.atariprotos.com/2600/software/subcommander/31582.htm
  4. Looks like these are for sale on eBay now (again?).... http://www.ebay.com/itm/ATARI-COLLECTION-CONSOLES-2600-50-GAMES-ACESSORIES-BARE-BOARDS-/111231118243?pt=Video_Games&hash=item19e5e42ba3 1. PAM Pac man #1 and pacman #2 2. Space Dungeon top and bottom 3. Jungle hunt top and bottom 4. Counter Measure top and bottom 5. PAM - Centipede 1 and Centipede 2
  5. Thanks for the input, 'preciate it
  6. Hi all, RE: This one on ebay: "...rare Atari VCS/2600 QUADRUN prototype game + pcb!..." eBay Auction -- Item Number: 271236475434 Curious.... how you would be able to tell a prototype board from others? Sorry for the newbie-ness of my post. Looking at AtariProtos does not seem to help me out. Love the concept of adding prototypes to my collection, but my knowledge is minimal. Could this be a board ripped out of a Best Electronics case? Thanks all, -Jeff
  7. I have one similar for Frankenstein's Monster... orange label, has the yellow manual sheet...
  8. All you damn Pitfall haterz.... Gold bars rule fool... scorpions! watch out for the scorpions! oh man, that game is awesome
  9. Someone got a deal eBay Auction -- Item Number: 280603269010
  10. I bought several of them from that guy... and love em .. yes, the fact that you know real atari peeps from back in the day were using them is why I love them.
  11. Different strokes for different folks! I love it but I'm biased because I made it. Also I take it you will not be wanting to trade me for one?? haha, no thanks! however, I envy the time you have to make the thing... I wish I had time just to play around with my Harmony cart! damn you sands of time!
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