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  1. Wow, it is amazing to me what people will find sometimes. Very nice work.
  2. What are you going to damage by playing it? Seriously. If you are worried about the CPO toss a piece of plexi on it. I can understand anything could happen to a car but what could happen to your game? Unless you use a baseball bat instead of your hand to play or have violent fits of rage I just don't get it. If you are worried about the electronics buy a new big blue, fuse block, AR caps, monitor caps, and reflow all your solder joints.
  3. I can see the different colors and the steam coming out of CPU when he reads this thread......
  4. Don't forget about mine. http://www.atariage....an/page__st__25
  5. Do I get the Asteroids cocktail cabinet with it Unfortunately shipping is probably more than one of them is worth anymore. I have seen Asteroids cocktails fully working not even get one bite at $300. Same with Space Invaders, especially the cocktails, nobody seems to want them. Two of the most important arcade games ever and they get no respect anymore. Sad. Anyways, this is spoken for.
  6. I got a TI-99/4A in a lot of stuff this weekend. It is a beige unit and is missing the +/= key. All I get when I turn it on is a black screen. Comes with power supply and tv switch. If anyone can use it for parts or maybe fix it it is yours. Just pay actual shipping +$1 to cover Paypal.
  7. That was a rather anti-climatic ending. $1400.
  8. Well these were arcade manuals and he isn't a big seller, just seems to have had some to get rid of so no need to really post his name on an Atari forum. If you were looking for any arcade game manuals though I would probably only buy from a guy named hobo992k if you are ready to pay individually.
  9. Between the Tweak avatar and the hozer ball that has to be one of the best posts ever.
  10. At least it will cost a little more. I had tried communicating with them twice before they even responded and then it was only with an invoice. I figure it is not even worth trying to ask for separate shipping. The feedback will reflect their communication skills and shipping skills.
  11. A seller is raping me on shipping three manuals, $17, won't combine. So will they have to pay more fees if I pay for each one individually? Obviously for me I will still be paying the same amount for one payment or three but what will cost them more? Paying one fee for a $25 total transaction or paying a fee for $9, 8, and 8?
  12. I have never seen one of these before. Are they still being made or are they available anywhere?
  13. Also without quoting all of Pitfall Harry's post there is one more group of collectors who buy something, they buy just to have it. It is not about an investment it is just something they want and if they have the money they will do all they can to win it. I am one of them. If I want something and can afford it I will buy it. Sure I think in the back of my mind if I ever needed to I could sell and get at least some money back or more if I got a deal but it really doesn't matter to me. If I were to sell all the different collections I have and added up what I spent I know I will come out on the losing end but I don't care, I'm not selling, I bought this stuff because I like it. I am sure I will spend more money this year that other people will think why did you pay so much when you can get a repro or a lesser quality one but it is what I want and if I have the money I will buy it. This auction though is a little out of the range of my current FU money. or is it
  14. Homer, I was not trying to get egg on your face. I was just talking about this thread. I'm sure we could dig alot of posts up of people saying they would pay XXX for something but when the time comes they would prefer to be silent and let their bank account do the talking. No microscope used, not trying to bash you.
  15. I did not miss what you said but do you honestly think he would have posted that if he knew one would come up a couple of months later? Actually I'm sure he would rather that post was not remembered.
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