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  1. That would be the only route to go in my opinion, thru another party willing to take the risk. Because he has contacted me more than once to propose sales or trades and never followed through.
  2. Only one minor change to the cart label for the Spanish DK.
  3. As reported in the Ebay forum, just arrived is the Victory boxed - no reference to ADAM on box nor cart. Side note, the lot also came with a DK manual, primary language Spanish, that I hadnt seen before.
  4. Sorry but thats why I bought this lot, well that and the two boxed champ adaptors. I'll post pics upon arrival.
  5. Ooo, a boxed Fireman. Havent seen one up in a while. One correction in the listing, this was not USA version. Achtung! Dies Wurde in Kanada Gemacht
  6. Because there was no French on it. Actually no, because CSA regs state it had to have that 3rd prong, the ground, on it and the American UL specs did not. And we like to be different, eh? Eh!
  7. Thanks for these. FYI always thought Space Panic - end of level - would be a short but good ring tone.
  8. Looks like an Atari 400/800 BC Quest for Tires cart and the other thing looks like a 3rd party printer device probably for the Atari as well, maybe Commodore. Niether go with the Coleco. Random parts.
  9. Doubledown's modified Jaguar controllers?
  10. Ive got one, not sure of what the shipping price would be but it should come in at about $80 shipped.
  11. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 120914124588 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 120914149311
  12. Sweet, thanks for sharing. Sigh.....living in an apartment, I dream of having a space like this to show off my stash....
  13. Nice item but I sold mine right here on AA in Nov 2011 for half of that
  14. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 270971555076 Oh man! I contacted the seller and he was willing to ship to Canada and went to pull the trigger with a minute remaining and my computer crapped out. shoot! Edit - on closer inspection I suppose thats an Atari double ender, I thought that title was CV only. Anyway, still woulda been an ok buy....
  15. I'd sacrifice a tray from one of my Astrosmashes to have a tray version.
  16. Colecovision ADAM Exp #3 Standalone ADAM Atari Heavy Sixer Atari Light Sixer Atari 4-switcher Atari Vader Atari Jr 7800 Leisurevision Hanimex 2650 Palladium MPT-03 Tele-Fever Spectravideo SV318 Spectravideo SV328 Spectravideo 728 Spectravideo 738 Sega Master System Dreamcast Sega Saturn Genesis 1 w/32X Genesis 2 Sega CDX Sega CD Sega Game Gear Color Boy Advanced Wii 360 Playstation 2 Nintendo DSi Atari 800 C64 Amiga 500 Amiga 1200 Amiga 2000 Atari STF Atari STFM Atari STE Odyssey 2 N64 Vectrex Intellivision 1 Intellivision 2 INTV III INTV Super Pro Tandyvision
  17. Only 'cause you insisted... My bad, that is 2 bilingual DK not 3.
  18. Will do. The fun of going thru a new lot like this is when you think at first glance that you have most of the games only to find many varieties you didnt have. Like the Donkey Kong included was one I didnt have. Its a bilingual Cdn one, and it makes it my 3rd different DK Cdn box, this one has the arcade machine picture and printed to the left of that on the front where you would normally see "PLAYS LIKE THE REAL ARCADE GAME" instead it says "SPECIAL HOME VERSION OF Nintendo ARCADE GAME / VARIANTE DU VRAI JEU D'ARCADE DE Nintendo".
  19. He's European, might be a totally different ball game on a PAL TV.
  20. Un moment, s'il vous plait No/nein/non to Stampede, oui to Mission X et Buzz Bombers, non to Vectron.
  21. Hey you just gave me an idea for our next swap...
  22. A good week on Kijiji. Thurs. GOOD picked up an R9 Atari 2600 T-handle $30, there's a couple on ebay for $400+, sellers are insane but realistically, if you can find one, $130 is low avg. Saturday BETTER 15 Atari 8-bit carts, 2xR9, 2xR8, 3xR7. A rare-ish Atari mini-modem, Some Avalon Hill tape games, A stack of TI 99/4A carts, bunch of 2600 commons. $50, estimated value on the market $300+ But tonight....drum roll....BEST Boxed Intellivision III complete, box is an 8+ condition, 83 boxed titles all in immaculate condition, 80% of which will replace existing copies I have since they are mint. Overlays look like never used, manuals and inserts like never opened. Highlights - 21 Cdn bilingual titles including gatefold Burgertime ( L'Heure du Burger), Bomb Squad , gatefold Mission X, Buzz Bombers, multiple Parker Bros, Interphase titles, Coleco, others A few International box varieties of Activision games - Pretty sure these are box varieties, I dont remember whether my other Ptifall or Happy Trails had 5 languages on the back of the box or in the manuals(?) Lots of harder to find titles like Commando, Defender, Hover Force, Tower of Doom, Thin Ice, Diner, Thunder Castle, Truckin, Tron Solar Sailer, Stampede, River Raid, Dig Dug, He Man No sleepers like a Super Cobra or Tutankham but nonetheless for what I paid, I made out like a bandit. BTW, is there a variety of the INTV III that looks like the picture on the box witih INTV III in smaller font, no italics, flat red power lite? Because this one and every other one I've seen has the larger font, "System III" in italics, red power light "bulb". Although I do understand theres at least 3 different controller styles, tactile, ridged, flat. Just curious...
  23. I remember that Dynomite, if I recall it was a creation of Syd Carter (Trysyd Video Games) and it was for the ADAM. Syd created a number of neat things back when he was a member of our MTAG, Metro Toronto ADAM Group. I saw a couple of those large boxed Sierra games recently on Ebay, got outbid (maybe by Jose!)
  24. Only other variety I have seen, and its a minor one, is a silver-with gold border vs a gold-with black border "NEW 6 month warranty!" sticker
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