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  1. As everyone found when they purchased the ADAMLink modem, the first version of the software did not support binary file transfer, only text. So someone hacked the Modem7 program (and called it...what else....Madam7) and running under CP/M, you could use Xmodem protocol to transfer binary files. I was on the BBS's all the time. Best one in Canada was CRS - Canada Remote Systems, where they had a great Coleco forum and lots of files to download as well as msg forums as well. It was a subscription service but very reasonable at the time. Fidonet had ADAM forums as well as a download section. Mostly the BBS's were used for online games on the ADAM - very simplistic ones - and chatting. Another good one on Fido was FCAUG-IBM_Net (or something like that). I was run by a crusty old guy here in Toronto and he had no interest in associating with our ADAM users group (MTAG) but supported the ADAM for years. I bought one of Syd Carter's 1200 baud modems (dont forget ADAMLink was 300 baud - o n e c h a r a c t e r (pause) a t a (more pause) t i m e o n t h e s c r e e n (long pause) I was so happy until I tried it and because the ADAMNEt couldnt handle such a fast stream of bits, it would drop a lot of characters. Sigh.... Syd did a mod and then I was OK. Or some BBS's you could enable NULL's which would slow the data down at the server end. Awesome times way before Internet.
  2. Yeah, Telegames was especially notorious for that. Before I knew better years ago, I purchased from Telegames UK a boxed Dance Fantasy. It was in one of their green clamshell plastic cases, photocopied instructions, and the cart was some other game totally with a typewritten stupid address sized label badly stuck on top. Crap. Following a related thread in the Intellivision forum, I read where a former employee was saying that he used to churn out the carts near the end making labels from whatever was handy at the time.
  3. Not quite that sweet but close. There was a CV console, Roller controller, 2 SA controllers, driving module and 25 games, 19 of them boxed. In every case, the carts themselves look like they were never used. Filled in a lot of missing boxed versions in my collection because I collect box variations, there was a mix of US, Canadian bilingual boxes, CBS Coleco multi-lingual, and of course those 2 oddities.All overlays and manuals included again looked like they were never used. Oh and I'v changed the thread a little from box variations to "Look what I got!" but while I'm boasting, I may as well for those who are interested say that I have again been busy on Ebay and finally got one of these after looking like forever.
  4. Those odd ones werent the highlight of the C'list lot. These however were....
  5. I politely informed this lady that her "Atari" gameswere Intellivision games. She replied that I was nuts, they looked NOTHING like Intellivision games they were Atari games according to the person who sold them to her so that is what they must be... Oh except Pitfall was for the "Activision" game system... Sigh.
  6. And then there's the ahem....movie http://www.movieline.com/2010/04/pac-man-trailer-should-ignite-a-fever-for-arcade-adaptations.php
  7. Picked these two up in a recent Craigslist deal. Venture box is normal in every way including the usual cartridge holder inside the box, size, etc is normal except it is generic white with a cheap ass label on it. Never seen one like this. Then Decathlon is not the usual CV box, it is the Atari box with a sticker over top. Never seen this one either. I know some games come in generic boxes eg Spinnaker, Fisher Price titles with stickers on them for CV, but have not seen this one before.
  8. Looks like an Odyssey 500 pong type machine. Released in '76 I dont see anything in the ad implying it was built in to the TV.
  9. Hmmm, I have never had that failure rate with Atari carts. In fact my experience is that it is very rare to not be able to coax some life from an Atari cart. And despite knowing there are better alternatives, I always use rubbing alcohol only and a Qtip. You can always Ebay them "untested" like others do.... Just kidding, dont do that.
  10. Hey, like those XONOX boxed games, very HTF. I did one on Colecovision controllers, again my first effort. http://www.youtube.com/user/yyzonian?feature=mhw5#p/a/u/1/1XLmwgvfoJ4
  11. coleconut

    MSX Carts

    Looking for not so expensive MSX1 carts. Boxes great, loose just fine. Purchase or trade. My trade bait includes extensive Colecovision collection, some Atari 2600, a few odds and ends.
  12. Ever cleaned a PC ball mouse? Same kind of thing except on a larger scale. I usually disassemble them and attempt to clean off the rollers that get gunk built up, blow compressed air around and that is a lo-tech option to try.
  13. I have played around a bit but just wound up using a 5-pin din cable for sound only and the separate rca monitor jack for video on a Commodore 1702. But what about S-Video? Tempest Ok, all I was saying is that you dont get s-video out of the DIN plug. One guy did an attempt at the mod on a CV, and basically an ADAM is a CV+, this one sounds incomplete/not 100%. http://www94.pair.com/jsoper/cv_svideo.html As already stated, Doubledown would know but he's MIA. Another HW guru is 5-11under, he'll likely contribute when he sees the thread.
  14. I have played around a bit but just wound up using a 5-pin din cable for sound only and the separate rca monitor jack for video on a Commodore 1702.
  15. Cant see it but doesnt look like any label I have seen. OMG an unknown prototype game !! But what about the diaper??
  16. I have pulled the best copies of each and all are in very good condition, no torn labels, etc. Dam Busters is new unused in a sealed bag with photocopied instructions. However Gateway to Apshai turns out to be one of those generic white labels. I'd drop the price to $3 on that. I showed 3 copies in my spreadsheet but the other 2 are label variations which I collect so this one is the only spare I have. 5 carts in a box weighs half a kilo so that is $8 for ground shipping - 1 to 2 weeks standard delivery, $9.50 for air - about a week. 4 carts would be the same, it goes up a bit for 6 to 7 carts. David
  17. In response to a want list, I have posted these.
  18. Loose unless otherwise noted. Alcazar - CIB new $80 Artillery Duel/Chuck Norris - $50 Beamrider - CIB new shrinkwrapped - $16 Brainstrainers - $11 Chuck Norris Super Kicks - $15 Congo Bongo - $5 Cosmic Avenger $2 Cosmic Crisis - Telegames CIB - $25 Dambusters - $7 Defender - $3 Dig Dug - new $55 Face Maker - $8 Gateway to Apshai - $7 Gorf - $3 Gyruss - $5 Illusions - $11 Kevtris (homebrew) - $250 Looping - $2 Moonsweeper $7.50 Motorcross Racer - Telegames CIB $25 Mountain King CIB new $55 Nova Blast - $9 Omega Race $3 One on One - Telegames new in clamshell case $29 Pitstop - $6 Robin Hood - $32 Roc n' Rope - $4 Rock n' Bolt - CIB new $35 Slither- $3 Slurpy - $40 Smurf Paint and Play - CIB new $34 Space Fury - $3 Star Trek - $13 Strike It - CIB new Telegames $30 Super Action Baseball - $2 " Football - $2 Super Cobra - $9 Super Crossforce - CBI sealed new $45 Tank Wars - CIB new Telegames $50 Telly Turtle - $7 Threshold - $25 Tournament Tennis - CIB new Telegames $26 Tutankham - $12 Venture - $3 Victory - $3 War Room - $7 Wing War - $15 Zenji - CIB new sealed $43
  19. From what I read last week, the movie is still supposed to be a GO for 2011 starring Leo
  20. Oh, I know man. I live in a freakin apartment. My better half is this close to wanting some stuff gone, but so far so good, she is pretty flexible. But the place is starting to look like something out of a "Hoarders" episode... Except none of it is garbage, right??
  21. Yeah, there are at least 3 computers or consoles that made colecovision adaptors that I know of. I'm sure there was probably more for even more obscure consoles or computers. This one, then one for the Creativision console(exists as a prototype at least, never seen a real one), and one for the Hanimex Pencil II computer. (also aka Soundic Pencil) The adaptor for the Hanimex is different. The computer itself has a cart slot that is cart compatible with CV meaning it has the exact same cartridge profile. The games themselves are not ROM compatible. But the adaptor does not have a cart slot. You plug in the adaptor, then you can play the CV game right in the Hanimex slot. I show the Pencil II and the Creativision in Daniel Bienvenu's Youtube of last year's ADAMCon where I did a little presentation on hardware that was very close to the Coleco ADAM, i.e. Z80, TI video, similar architecture. Different!
  22. Ok Ok the auction is over and I won. Many wont be impressed because it is a bit of a niche collecting line but I am very happy to get this. For $300USD, I get two boxed Spectravideo computers, software (she has much more than shown apparently), boxed tape drives, and the items that I have been seeking like FOREVER, the expansion box containing 3 expansion modules, 2 disk drives and the Colecovision adapter. Last Colecovision adapter on Ebay that I saw went for $300 alone. Ignore the huge shipping charge shown in the listing, I convinced the seller put some arbitrarily high amount and there is a note at the bottom of the listing and I have email exchanges to show that she will charge actual shipping only. Very nice seller, great to work with. Yay
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