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  1. I observe import charges are typically a misunderstood topic here in Canada, people think they are being charged DUTY, its not duty at all, its tax and the fee for the broker to clear items thru customs on the buyer's behalf (its a rubber stamp, $35 please). Strictly speaking there is no duty on importing video games into Canada.
  2. I had posted pictures on one of the forums at the time. It was this time of year as I recall, likely rainy season down there, my boxes got so wet the cardboard turned to mush, and I got a soggy mess of water, black mold and garbage and it all arrived after the Ebay/paypal claim period. From 2 different sellers, one of which used to be very active here on AA but hasn't been on in a long time, at least using this old ID. A 3rd seller packaged so well their stuff arrived intact and unscathed. The minimal packaging on the other two lots didn't survive as well.
  3. I am in Canada so the laws/regs are different but in Jan. I bought some games from Venezuela that were shipped FedEx. Delivered to my door, great. Yesterday, a month later I get an invoice mailed to me from FedEx for 13%GST tax plus a brokerage charge, all of this effectively doubling the cost of these games. I hate surprises like that. Worse still was my experiences about 7 yrs ago but that time it was about condition items were received in, not tax related issue.
  4. Happy with 3 I picked up tonite, he accepted my offer of $14 each and I save on shipping with a local pickup eBay Auction -- Item Number: 162376257433 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 162396353884 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 162376253152
  5. I'd definitely lean towards Telegames, looks very much like my Jungle Hunt I got from them.
  6. I have been able to revive 99% of controllers except those with keypad issues. I toss them into a box pending further investigation. But its my understanding that you cant reliably test a diode unless its removed (?) And I dont own a conductive pen (yet)
  7. I just have a helluva time taking them apart without breaking those little tabs
  8. The absolutely rare DK Edition Mark II. Act now and he will buy AND deliver a cable right to your door, But you have to buy the system. Knew there was a catch. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 262812910431
  9. Why not for me? Because the free domestic shipping becomes almost $40 to Canada. What is he going to deliver them personally or something? BS.
  10. At first glance I thought why doesn't he clean the grime off it
  11. No, that was me. As for current value, I watch Ebay for what they typically go for and its all over the place, you can never tell. Some bootlegs appeared earlier this year but they were made with childishly poor labels on repurposed DK carts.
  12. Actually I meant the opposite to be honest. I can make out very well on my French in France but when I go to Quebec, forget it, I understand nothing they are saying. Because my learning is from a text book, not conversation.
  13. Yes it is but even $13 USD to ship a Donkey Kong manual or $70 USD to ship a colecovision console is still outrageous and I didnt pick totally bizarre examples, just average ones.
  14. Where they speak REAL French, n'est-ce pas?
  15. I almost swallowed my gum. Yes $12 is at cost for international shipping. On the other foot we in Canada get RAPED on Ebay for shipping here from the US to the point I hardly look there any more. These are daily examples of what we face:
  16. I am blown away to read this today. Of course my special interest is with the Fireman section, totally awesome to see the Intellivision screen shots. Interesting about the ability to "request" ladders, bridges, tools, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing this document.
  17. Whaaa....? 196 people don't share my thoughts on this. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 130908071528
  18. Parker Bros game in an Activision cart? eBay Auction -- Item Number: 172403986249
  19. This blows me away and confirms much of what I thought I knew about Nice Ideas. Awesome to see the screen shot of Fireman for Intellivision.
  20. I wasn't but come to think of it you really got me so I might as well jump.
  21. Ummm, whats this? eBay Auction -- Item Number: 131749659414
  22. I have several of these Spectravideo computers. #1 thing to note is that whereas the power connector has the same pins as the colecovision power supply they are NOT, I repeat NOT the same voltages at all.
  23. Sigh...I had one then two, three, now four drives that worked at one time well, then intermittently (often only when warmed up) but all now exhibit this exact same behaviour. Not an alignment issue as no attempt to seek is made, no adjustment of the adjustable capacitors made any difference. All in good cosmetic condition, all power up. None work. So yeah, a "TESTED" drive is tested when it reads, formats, writes when connected to an ADAM without issue and tested does `NOT mean that just the light comes on when plugged in.
  24. Today? Man you are in a time warp. You posted this on Facebook in the GTA/Toronto swap forum 3 weeks ago asking the same question and you got responses there.
  25. `ok half a step back. I don't remember exactly when I got this cart but it was likely almost 10 years ago. Or even more, I seriously don't remember. I am thinking farther back because I actually thought it was an actual Atari release at the time which of course it isn't. Secondly I assume it was ecoleco, it was off eBay from someone in Pearland, TX who was selling a number of this type of thing at the time, ergo I believe to be eColeco. I could be wrong about who the seller was in which case I do not mean to mislead anyone.
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