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  1. It seem kind of strange that a 1988 movie purporting to show a "modern" office would be populated by 5 year old home computers. I would have to assume that because of the very brief screentime that the Ataris had, the props department just used a couple of things that they already had lying around and didn't give it much thought beyond that.
  2. There is a fix for that now. The one that Gavin built for me communicates well with both my 1050 and SIO2SD.
  3. @drac030 - Thanks for your help. This makes me again wonder if the problem could be with my specific hardware rather than with your software. I don't know how I would test it any further though and maybe I should just leave well enough alone.
  4. The UNO and AVG cartridges will run some but not all ATR images. If you are looking for a floppy drive type of experience, then you might want to consider a SDrive-MAX instead. The SDrive-MAX cannot run cartridge images (.CAR or .ROM) but it can run .XEX format files and most cartridge images have been converted to that format by now.
  5. If you purchaded a SDrive-MAX that was built in the past year, it should already be modified in order to be able to communicate with physical drives. Just make sure that whichever drive number your physical drive is set to is turned off as a virtual drive on the SDrive-MAX. I own one of Lotharek's SIO Splitters, BTW. It works great for using my SDrive-MAX in conjunction with my 1050.
  6. SS

    Pokeymax v2

    Will #3 work in my U1MB machine just like a standard POKEY chip until I am ready to wire it up for Stereo? Also, once I do the Stereo mod, will audio-out still work like normal via the monitor port? Thanks.
  7. I agree with @ACML. This machine already has at least $100+ worth of modifications done to it. If it is in good cosmetic condition then it's a nice deal. I am a fan of the 32-in-1 board.
  8. @drac030 - Thanks. I seem to have found workarounds for my own situation, so no rush needed on my end. Hopefully you will be able to get your own ANTONIA machine operational to see if you can replicate the problem on your side. I guess that the problem could be limited to my own system but I'm not sure how. Hopefully someone else can pop in at some point and do some testing on their own ANTONIA equipped system to see if the problem exists for them. Like I said, I do have my own workaround but I can see how you'd like to figure out an answer for the software. Thanks again, Shawn
  9. Well, Omnimon XE worked quite well and loads ANT14 just fine. Supermon, on the other hand, crashed my XL completely; I got nothing but a screen full of noise when I tried to boot the system back up. Nothing that I tried would help so I did end up having to open up the machine after all. Thankfully @JR> had alerted me to the trick of pulling the jumper on the ANTONIA board in order to get back into the protected ROM slot. That worked great (THANK YOU!!!), so I was able to remove the Supermon ROM and replace it with the "Oldrunner" operating system. Oldrunner seems to run fine but it gives me the same problem as OSb in that it will not load any version of the ANT configurator program newer than v1.1. So I am largely back to where I started, albeit with a bit more knowledge under my belt.
  10. I think that I am going to try putting some version of Omnimon or Supermon into one of my slots to see if that will give me decent enough OSb compatibility and also be able to load the configurator program better too.
  11. Nope. The 16K padded OSb didn't help at all. I switched it back out.
  12. @JR> - Do you have a version of NTSC 10K OSb ROM that you know to be good, in case I do decide to try reflashing the slot? Or maybe I should try the padded 16K OSb that I have in my U1MB machine?
  13. Yeah but it is TIGHT inside that 600XL case! If I never have to open that thing up again, I will be happy.
  14. @drac030 - I have attached a short video of what happens when I try to launch ANT14 when the ANTONIA is set to OSb. In answer to your newest questions : 1) v1.2 produces the same results on OSb as 1.3-1.5 does. I can still only load v1.1 via an OSb setting. 2) I had not been using any version of DOS to load the programs, only the XEX loader on a SIO2SD or SDrive-MAX. However, I did attempt to use DOS 2.0 to load a few different versions today but it appeared to produce the exact same results. 3) By my best reckoning, ANT.EXE does appear to load fully and then crash on OSb. Every now and again I will see the briefest flash of the configurator screen and then it will crash. Hope this helps. --- @JR> - As far as I know, my OSb rom is not corrupted. It is an unpadded 10K version of the ROM and passes Altirra's check. I am hesitant to do any further flashing of ROMs on my ANTONIA board though because of its apparent sensitivity to the configurator version. Unless I can get this problem sorted out, I am going to stick to what I currently have installed lest I end up getting truly "stuck" with one OS. I hope that makes sense. 20200414_144452.mp4
  15. MediaMate would be great. Thanks for this.
  16. I probably could use just one more 5 1/4" disk holder. I have one but it is getting a little tight in there and I'm not going to be able to comfortably fit many more disks before I risk damaging them.
  17. I am currently an active PASSIVE looker. When I bought my last A8 computer (a 400) this past autumn, I said "enough is enough" and cut my self off from buying any more systems. I still search through eBay listings a couple times a week though. I dunno. It's fun to look and keep abreast of where prices are hovering. I have a number of things in my watch list that I honestly have no intention of actually purchasing. I don't quite know what I'll do if I see a really good BIN deal pass buy though, I've had a close call or two but have stuck to my guns thus far. Maybe one day I'll actually get another new-to-me piece of reteo hardware but not now. The only things that are on my actual radar right now are newly created internal upgrades like the Pokeymax to fit into the machines that I already own.
  18. @drac030 - Sorry that it took me a few days longer than expected to get back to this. You'd think that all this sheltering in would give me lots of extra time to get to my projects but, honestly, most of my free time these past few weeks has been eaten up with hanging out with my best pal - my three year old daughter. I was finally able to do some further testing this evening. Both ANT13 and ANT15 work great for me when the ANTONIA is set to an XL/XE Operating system. However, when I switch the system to OSb both ANT13 and ANT15 hang partway through the load in the same way that ANT14 did. I once again had to revert back to ANT11 in order to get the configurator to work on OSb. BTW, my ANTONIA board is installed in a NTSC 600XL with a SOPHIA alongside it. Doubtful that the setup would make any difference whatsoever but provided so that you know the whole story. I hope that this information helps.
  19. Thanks @drac030. I will try to get to these later today or tomorrow and let you know how everything goes.
  20. (Apologies if you have seen this before. I tried asking on Facebook but got no responses.) Has anyone else ever had any trouble running the ANTONIA configuration tool with a particular Atari OS? I used v1.4 the other day to switch my operating system temporarily to OSb. However, when I went to change it back, I could no longer get v1.4 to load. It would start loading up and then abruptly stop, leaving me with a black screen. I was momentarily panicked to say the least because I thought that maybe I had just permanently set my 600XL to be stuck in OSb. After a few more unsuccessful tries, I remembered that I had the older v1.1 of the configuration tool filed away on my PC. I loaded that onto my SIO2SD and was able to get it to run in OSb. Has anyone else ever had this problem with ANTONIA? Is v1.4 of the ANT configuration too incompatible with OSb for some reason? Thanks for any insights.
  21. Definitely an Alps style keyboard. This was a great pick up for you! It's kind of on the rarer side to find an Alps keyboard on a fully socketed Hong Kong machine. I know, because I own one just like it and it took quite a good deal of looking for this specific machine in order to find it. I put a U1MB into it too. It is a great XL to own.
  22. Very nice. This will be a good machine to get your feet wet on installing some mods. Please post a picture of your case and keyboard too so that we can get a whole look at your new XL.
  23. That message has been on the site for a few years now, at least three. I haven't talked to Lance since last summer though, so I don't know anything current. Pete seems to have completely disappeared from Facebook, so I can't ask him either.
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