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  1. Did you even bother talking to Thomas about the technical details of his game and what showstoppers he had to work around to make his demake as close to the Amiga version and as colourful as possible? Mind you: he managed to change a lot more registers between lines than easily possible on the A8 by using the VCS style "racing the beam" approach instead of using numerous DLIs (which proved to be too slow for what he wanted to achieve). It's Thomas' first A8 game, yet he already pushed the boundaries of the machine. And BTW: it's the first time in several years that the winner was a) an ABBUC member and b) at the JHV - it seems it's not quite as easy to win just by being there.
  2. I would also show my interest for one or two of these - might come handy to reduce my number of 1050s I am keeping just for their speeders (the 1050 Turbo copies almost anything with the built-in software, e.g.).
  3. I'd recommend starting with emulation (either with Stella or with the Activision Anthology on PC, which - contrary to the console and Mac versions - contains many great 2600 games not only by Activision, but also from Imagic, Absolute Entertainment and even including some homebrews from this site, e.g. Oystron). That seems to be the easiest way to find out whether the 2600 really is one's cup of tea.
  4. There is some kind of software turbo loader (usually just getting rid of the gaps between loading blocks) and there was the Schleife '88 /Turbo 20000/Turbo 6000 for the XC12 in Eastern Europe (where the Ataris were available before the fall of the iron curtain, but disk drives were simply too expensive or not available at all) hardware mod, requiring a short program to be loaded in normal speed or from cartridge and then proceeding with incredibly fast (6000 bps?) speed:
  5. I prefer the Competition Pro (normal size, the mini ones' switches break easily and they are too small for my hands anyway), and as a second choice I would take the Konix Speedking (aka Epyx 500XJ to those who live on the wrong side of the pond). Third choice - this is a tough one - would be either a clone of the Wico bat handle stick called the Turbo Arcade (it has micro switches instead of the Wico's leaf switches and a second fire button on its base for left-handed players) and the metal cased joysticks sold as the Multi-Function 1001/2002 under different OEMs.
  6. And again I am getting rid of games I got two or more copies of: http://www.ebay.de/sch/thorsten_guenther2/m.html
  7. Will let you know when I have further details on that project. I know that Stefan Höltgen of the Retro Magazin is involved in this and that they were able to contact someone who wrote software for this machine (I suppose it is not Derek Andrews).
  8. Hello! As I learned on the Gamescom 2014, someone here in Germany has started a Multicart project for the Interton VC4000 - a console that has many ROM compatible siblings with a differently shaped/wired cartridge slot, such as the Voltmace Database, Acetronic MPU-1000/2000, Radofin 1292/1392, Fountain Force 2, Palson CX-3000, etc.. I collected all the originally released Interton titles and several of the differently shaped cartridges that were nowhere to be found as a .bin file (Rowtron Cowboy and Monster Munchers, Voltmace Munch & Crunch, Palson Pacman Come-Come) less aforementioned Leap Frog. And I already (indirectly) made contact with the guy(s) who are working on it. All of the Interton and Acetronic titles can already be found on http://amigan.yatho.com/. Has anyone of you a dump or even a cartridge of this game (there is one on eBay UK right now in a huge lot eBay Auction -- Item Number: 38098095807, but the seller doesn't even allow questions from outside the country - I would even have bought the lot for that single game).
  9. An Oric IQ 164 aka Stratos with original disk drive eBay Auction -- Item Number: 111431546269
  10. Wall War Outlaw/Howitzer Astrowarriors Dandy Donny 2 Frogger (Chuck Benton Version) Twomaze
  11. For (quite) exact copies of an original disk ("Atari Smash Hits Vol. 1" - there's no ATR of the original Smash Hits disks including the menu anywhere on the net), I tried the buit-in "Copy Machine III" software of my 1050 Turbo drive - worked like a charm.
  12. The only drawback: shipping would be to Germany...
  13. I beg to differ: a [email protected] mode would have needed the exact same bandwidth and CPU/Biltter power as the [email protected] mode, and the same amount of RAM (IBMs MCGA card only had 64KB of RAM and already sported the ubiquitous [email protected] mode). In 1989, this would have meant the STE would have entered the market as a rather low-cost computer with the bursting colours and 8 bit stereo sound of a PC equipped with both a VGA/MCGA and Soundblaster card. This might not have saved Atari, but IMHO the STE would have sold a lot better.
  14. 2 D shmups: Xenon, Wings of Death 3 D shmup: Starglider, Midi Maze platformers: Rodland, Nebulus (aka Tower Toppler) 2 D racing: Super Sprint 3 D racing;: Vroom/F1 (Domark), Buggy Boy, No Second Prize
  15. Reboot claim that it's a myth that the Jag is hard to develop for, AFAIK most of the problems were based on the lack of proper documentation (esp. regarding GPU programming and a workaround for the GPU bug regarding main RAM access).
  16. I still need to get rid of several doubles, and my VecMulti makes my VecFlash obsolete: http://www.ebay.de/sch/m.html?_ssn=thorsten_guenther2&&_nkw=%28atari%2Cvectrex%2Ccommodore%29
  17. Due to the fact that eBay.com filters out auctions without PayPal as a "preferred" means of payment, you will not see most of the stuff when I use eBay tags... http://www.ebay.de/sch/thorsten_guenther2/m.html Several 400/800/XL/XE carts, a defective Battlemorph CD, Towers II w/o instructions...
  18. Danske kroner sent by mail will of course be accepted, and Dankort most likely also will. Everything else is an exotic means of payment from a Danish POV.
  19. P. Putnik has improved on Paskud's interface, made it CF version but lacks the funds/time to mass-produce it. If anyone here would opt for producing it (the CATA), I would definitely buy some.
  20. I received the last mail from Odie_one on August 2nd. I gather I am still on the list though?
  21. I have found time to play several Jag games from my rack while in rehab (due to my lumbar disk surgery), and have added a title to my hate list: Theme Park While I also found Ruiner Pinball bland (as were Flip Out and Zoop), this one is just terrible: clumsy controls and nothing really happening... So my Flop 5 would be - in no particular order: Baldies Theme Park Double Dragon V Club Drive (never tried two-player mode though) Supercross 3D I found both Bubsy and Evolution: Dino Dudes average, but they're nowhere among the worst titles I have played on the system.
  22. Non-textured poly games!? How about I Robot then? Oh, and...
  23. Nope, it's 400/800 only (at least the original cart version is).
  24. I use 2.5, MyDOS/MyPicoDOS, BiboDOS and XDOS - although ROM based SpartaDOS seems to be the DOS of choice for IDE solutions, for SIO devices, which I mostly use, I prefer MyDOS/MyPicoDOS for large "disks" on SD card and XDOS for real disks. My use of BiboDOS and DOS 2.5 tends towards an absolute minimum though, since MyDOS and XDOS are both much better. XDOS is in many ways the most recent version of Happy DOS II+, and thus borrows several ideas from OS/A+, plus it supports floppy speeders such as Happy, Speedy and Turbo - the latter two being popular in Germany only: the Speedy is basically a "Happy done right" (i.e. 65C02, no bankswitching, more reliable cache, new ROM written from scratch) while the Turbo is a cheap speeder that does not require a new drive CPU and/or cache RAM (it does instead require specially (re-)formatted disks) and also provides a printer port (using a cable that hangs out of the drive select switch opening in the 1050's case). AFAIK Stefan started working on a new XDOS/OS/A+-like DOS that will be able to replace MyDOS.
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