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  1. Sorry been super busy and had not logged in I thought I was going to get an Invoice but just joined directly from the site to both Intellivision and Colecovision. Cheers
  2. This has got to be one of the most amazing finds in the history of Intellivision thank you so much for posting. Please do some super hi res scans when you can but be super carful cleaning it. Cant tell you how blown away I am seeing this, never thought I would see anything more on Intellivision III than the small pic that is up on Keith's site. Would be great to her an Interview if possible. Thanks again WoW
  3. And partly due to the enormous time it must of taken to make me sound better than I actually did.
  4. Ordered everything I could last night if you make the remanning issues available in PDF I will get them as well. Also ordered Issue 30 in print but got a email the next day about version B its cheaper and had a less page count so I assume I got the better version.
  5. Didn't know my subscription had run out just ordered 29 from MagCloud but still after 28 I have all up to 27 cannot see a way to order it from your store. Wouldn't mind digital editions of all as well if they were made available in some form for Windows 8 and Surface ether PDF or Kindle app if it needs DRM.
  6. That's what I was thinking of I remember speaking to someone that said they can be hacked but probably won't fit all on one cart. which is fine all the fighting games on one cart and the rest on the other.
  7. Has anyone heard of any new rumors of a multi cart for the Neo-Geo I know someone was working on one some time back. Even if its a hack of one of the 100 in one types getting rid of all the clone games and replacing them with actual released games would be great.
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