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  1. Just found this I hope its still going would absolutely love one. Thanks for all your hard work so far. 😊
  2. Thanks for the heads up just ordered. I know they will come out with a plastic one but I like the DAC built in as I will be using on CRT TVs only.
  3. I read a bit of that Tod said " So I've been looking into the issue with your NeoSD cart and we believe the issue might be a bad connection to the FPGA or some flash chips as it only happens on the sprite layer. " To me that just sounds like at best the fiirmware update pushed out the flaw that was there but saying the firmware killed it is not right if it was bad firmware I'm sure Tod could have just re-flashed it. The cart is from 2017 you cant expect a life time warranty if it has 12 months its 12 months and its not like its a week out and I'm pretty sure he has updated firmware before so its not like the cart was like that day one.
  4. Sorry been super busy and had not logged in I thought I was going to get an Invoice but just joined directly from the site to both Intellivision and Colecovision. Cheers
  5. This has got to be one of the most amazing finds in the history of Intellivision thank you so much for posting. Please do some super hi res scans when you can but be super carful cleaning it. Cant tell you how blown away I am seeing this, never thought I would see anything more on Intellivision III than the small pic that is up on Keith's site. Would be great to her an Interview if possible. Thanks again WoW
  6. And partly due to the enormous time it must of taken to make me sound better than I actually did.
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