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  1. We seem to have seen a few old favourites updated in recent years: Pacman Donkey Kong Mario Bros Jet Set Willy Missle Command What other titles do you think might benefit from some TLC? I would like to see Star Raiders recieve a little redux. Given that the original game fits in about 8K there's more than room for a few embelishments. Title screen, music, stereo sound effects? Multi coloured enemies pehaps..... Whatever, I am eternally greatful to all those developers under taking this work for the added enjoyment they are bringing to everyone
  2. I visited the midland Atari shop in the UK quite a few times. It was really hard to get to tho and there was nowhere to park nearby.
  3. I have realised since starting this topic that I have been confusing my memory of Spectrum Star Wars with Spectrum Empire Strikes Back, which was indeed a fluid and playable game. Star wars on all of the 8 bit computers does seem to lag somewhat looking at youtube clips.
  4. I have always loved the old Star Wars vector coin op, but somewhat dissapointed with the two efforts produced for the A8, has anyone thought about a possible port from the Spectrum? Certainly the best 8 bit version created, Might be poissible to do Empire the same way. Just a thought...
  5. Well the only code I have is for the silver/hong kong unit and I only am ordering the flat drive belt incidentally, I have a dead orange window 1010 that I would be willing to part for as a spares breakup. mechanically it seems to work, but I get no loading tones, or any audio at all from it actually
  6. if anyone is interested in the UK, I am ordering some drive belts for the 1010, (silver window sticker), I will purchase additional belts for you if you want to share some postage Just a thought I am ordering 5 at least I think, but postage to get them here is $10 certainlly the cheapest you can buy in this country seems to be $5/£3 ish
  7. Just reading this topic Does anyone know of a compatible tape belt that I can order from my local HiFi shop? I have found belts in the US for about 90c but shpping would be about 8e lol
  8. This was the most amazing project yet on the Atari in my opinion, as I have always longed for better versions of those arcade greats for the A8 I do hope we can see this completed soon, and wait for further similar projects: Space invaders Lunar Lander Moon Cresta Galaxian Galaga too many to list really lol
  9. I started a thread about this ages ago I was thinking the method could be used to great effect in a driving game, either a la Spy Hunter, or even something like Pole Position. It sparked a bit of comment, mainly how this was technique carried over from the 2600. But using it could produce some excellently coloured games, the like of which would really put stable mates to shame.
  10. karol but this Road it's 3colour registers and the 4th could be Black (on the cars). We would have 4Players for the cars colour. And even a 5th one if 4Missiles=4cars other colour... Remember that 'Road Texture' Exactly what I was getting at! Thankyou!!!!
  11. I know what you mean, But all the games where DLI's are used, they are the most attractive and colourful, without resorting to less asthertically pleasing methods of increasing the on screen pallette Like all things, a blend of techniques produces the best results. I was just looking for more opportunities for the A8 to show its true colours, as in the eighties the XL and XE range suffered by an abundance of games which only used 4 coulours on screen at once! Silly for a machine with a pallette of 256
  12. Well those were my thought's exactly in starting the thread. Given that this technique has been used before, its not like it a problem needing research
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