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  1. I believe Renato was replying to batari’s post.
  2. That’s correct. As batari has stated in previous replies, there isn't a hardware path to upgrade the memory in pre-production units. I believe he may offer a trade-in program to upgrade to the production version, but please don’t quote me on that.
  3. The POKEY has a socket, you do not need to solder anything. The RAM upgrade is not mandatory if you don't care about support for ROMs up to 1024K. If you choose to upgrade it, you would need to send the cart back to Batari, as three surface mount chips would need to be soldered into place. As far as I know, he is still working on some firmware updates before that upgrade will be ready to go.
  4. Order page is here: https://erstwhile-technologies-7800.square.site/product/concerto-cartridge/5?cs=true&cst=custom
  5. +1 on that! I missed out on the original pre-order for this way back when in December...I just don't check AtariAge as much as I should. Lesson learned...I snooze, I lose. I've been waiting for a 7800 multicart for several years now, so this is great news that he is making another batch! Now, to fix my 7800 which I just plugged in last week, and appears to be dead... 😞 But I suppose that's another topic for another thread! HOKEY question - maybe I should wait for the other thread, but I'll ask anyway... I have several Atari arcade (coin-op) games in my collection, will the new HOKEY work with those?
  6. They do...and ChrisKewl's wife is a trooper for helping out with these - big thanks to both of them! Can't wait to get my hands on a couple of these things...
  7. How do I get one of these? Or did I miss a pre-order?
  8. FWIW, my FMS6400s came in from Digikey this weekend...so they really exist! Grab em while you can!
  9. I just ordered a small quantity of them...I'll repost when I know if it goes through or not. I wonder where they got 2500 of them?
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