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  1. Exactly. Breakout is no fun with a joystick, even on a normal size one controlled by one person.
  2. If you're serious about learning, this is the book to get: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/026201257X/ This is also good: https://smile.amazon.com/Making-Games-Atari-2600-Steven/dp/1541021304/
  3. I read about it in Atari Age (the original magazine, not this website - see page 15 of the pdf at the link earlier in this sentence).
  4. You can't compare the 2600 with a Commodore home computer. But Atari also made home computers that you could "switch on and you could program in basic" (and lots of other languages). Look at the 400, 800, and the XL and XE lines. And there have been tons of mods done on them - starting when Atari first released them.
  5. Yep, that will work just fine. I've actually made a few videos that way.
  6. Thanks! I some up today and they fit perfectly. It looks really nice now with the case closed up.
  7. I recently got a FujiNet, and printed the XL style case for it. But I'm now wondering what type/size of screws it was meant for? I don't want to damage it trying different sizes I might have on hand. Thanks!
  8. I remember Alf. Is it streaming somewhere now? I wonder how well it has aged...
  9. Looks like they've got a whole series going. https://www.comixology.com/Red-Sonja-Vampirella-Meet-Betty-Veronica/comics-series/130749
  10. We got ours around 1980. Then I moved on to the Atari computers a few years later. And finally the PC when the 8-bit line died out. But I kept everything and started collecting it all again in the 90s when everyone else was getting rid of their stuff.
  11. Is this you, admitting that you're just a troll?
  12. Now you *really* sound like my 15 year old... I guess you know that throwing something automatically voids the warranty? Unless it's something like a particular Chromebook model designed for elementary schools, it's not meant to hold up to abuse, and if it does you're just lucky.
  13. Huh. Sounds like my 15 year old...
  14. I never knew anyone that had one, and I've never seen one in any thrift stores. It couldn't have been that popular.
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