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  1. I remember Alf. Is it streaming somewhere now? I wonder how well it has aged...
  2. Looks like they've got a whole series going. https://www.comixology.com/Red-Sonja-Vampirella-Meet-Betty-Veronica/comics-series/130749
  3. We got ours around 1980. Then I moved on to the Atari computers a few years later. And finally the PC when the 8-bit line died out. But I kept everything and started collecting it all again in the 90s when everyone else was getting rid of their stuff.
  4. Is this you, admitting that you're just a troll?
  5. Now you *really* sound like my 15 year old... I guess you know that throwing something automatically voids the warranty? Unless it's something like a particular Chromebook model designed for elementary schools, it's not meant to hold up to abuse, and if it does you're just lucky.
  6. Huh. Sounds like my 15 year old...
  7. I never knew anyone that had one, and I've never seen one in any thrift stores. It couldn't have been that popular.
  8. This is the kind of thing Basic Math was competing with, and we actually thought it was fun as well: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Professor
  9. I just got the 8 Gold and played it for the first time a couple nights ago. The sound worked except on Stampede. It was fun to play these games again with my kids - it's been a while since I got any of my Atari systems out. My youngest son always wants to play Ali Baba and 40 Thieves, but he only mentions it when I have a 2600 out. Wrong system. And what's up with the Space Invaders remake?? The original one is so much better.
  10. I really liked Donkey Kong. And Basic Math wasn't a game, but I found it helpful as a kid.
  11. It's interesting how the most valuable/highest selling carts have changed over the years. I remember when Chase the Chuckwagon was the holy grail.
  12. I amassed a great deal of my collection about 20 years ago at local thrift stores when things were priced that low on purpose. Prices didn't go up until they realized ebay existed, and then suddenly nobody was donating it anymore. The last system I bought a few years ago for around $50, and I really only bought it for the box. How times have changed.
  13. 6 year old me loved playing Superman and got it for Christmas. I'm not sure I've ever heard of Spider-Man before now (although it wouldn't surprise me to find I actually own it and had forgotten).
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