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  1. I found another program that converts vgm files to a txt file. It's called vgm2txt. This seems to get the data. That's half the battle right there. Since the conversion doesn't look as straightforward as I was hoping, I may have to wait on this one and focus on the game maker for Colecovision for now.
  2. I'm still around! 🙂 Feel free to compress and zip the extracted files or whatever. I don't know what VGM files are, but if you had some examples, you can send them to me and I'll see if I can create an import. Currently I'm working on GameCodeHelper that is designed to allow the user to create a Colecovision game in under a minute without knowing how to code. I won't be releasing GCH anytime soon since there is still a lot to be done, but I have a video of an earlier version in action:
  3. parkfun101


  4. Thank you very much Swami, Every 5th stage IS a challenge stage where you have to collect all discs before time runs out (for a bonus score). You can't die on those stages. Also, on the 45th stage you go against the Master Control Program as the Main Boss. Additionally, on any stage, if an enemy crashes into the wall, you can escape through the wall which takes you to the Bonus stage where for every second you stay alive, you score 100 points trying to steer clear of the Recognizers that get faster and faster until they ultimately catch you (no death though since it is a bonus). The fun of that is trying to see how many seconds you can last which is displayed at the top of the screen. Watch some YouTube Videos and you'll see what I'm talking about.
  5. I met this guy on Atariage talking about some controllers and he needed fixing so he shipped them to my house from Canada. I fixed them and shipped them back using UPS. I didn't realize UPS wasn't as prevelant in Canada and they wouldn't ship to my friend's address. He would have had to travel nearly an hour just to pick up the controllers so he refused the UPS shipment. I asked them to ship it back to the UPS store since UPS said they would have to "destroy the items" if they weren't claimed....what???? I had to pay to take it out of the UPS store just to go over to the regular USPS and pay again to ship it out from them (which was half the price). He was really cool about it and paid me back by shipping me a Moon Patrol game and offered to pay the extra shipping. I told him not to worry about it. He also happened to be one of the main guys from Collectorvision Games and they had been looking for programmers (me ). Two years later, I've gotten two Colecovision games under my belt and have gained a ton of experience in classic C, creating Hex sound effects, a Colecovision melody creator and other fun stuff. All I'm saying is try not to burn your bridges, you never know where they may lead. P.S. I also recently bought a game from theatarifan and he gave me a good deal on a very fun game.
  6. It looks fun to me, I'll take it. Let me know if it is still available. I've already PMed you.
  7. Cool! That insert at the bottom came off a printer from the exotic land of Henrico, Virginia! I even used that slick picture quality paper so that it's nice and shiny and sturdy! Oh, and it is Unaccounted Staff, not Unaccounted Developers. I'm the only developer that coded this game. Don't want to cause any confusion for readers of this forum.
  8. Thank you very much! :-) I haven't started on another game as of yet, but I definitely want to work on more games in the future.
  9. You guys can PM him instead of me..... I still have about 15 games I haven't even tested and I'm going yard sailing this weekend looking for more!
  10. What are those other games that I can't see in the bottom right of the image? Also, is that an Xbox 360 hard drive at the top right? I actually need one of those. Last question, How much would it cost to ship to: Henrico, VA 23294
  11. I was thinking of maybe certain levels you start out as a person and have to run to your corresponding bike creator thing. During the time you are a person, you can throw a disk in up to 8 directions and it bounces off of walls, and maybe bike lines. If the disk hits a bike, the bike is destroyed and the person remains. I'm not sure if they will still have their bike creator object or if it will also be destroyed as well. There could be new obstacles on certain boards where if your bike touches it, you go back to human form and have to run across to another side to get to the bike again. Obviously, if you're hit by a bike or another person's disk, you die. These are just some ideas that I think could be added to the game, yet I'm not sure it would be "flicker free" after adding the disks, but I could make it so that the disks would be the only things that flicker, which may work well. I would have to look into the bouncing disk idea a bit because the bouncing cannonballs from Tank Challenge really slowed the game down when they were near the walls. However, I've learned a lot since Tank Challenge and I could use a more rudimentary way of bouncing that just affects the X and Y coordinates of the disk when it hits a wall. If your disk did hit a few walls, should it stop after 3 walls or so, or should the disk hit a couple walls and then magically come back to you??? I could make it hit a couple walls, slow down and fade away into the floor. After if fades away, you are rearmed with the disk since it digitally travels back to you through the floor's grid (Man I can BS stuff on the fly, right?) Another idea....if you are still armed with your disk and you press the RIGHT Fire button, your character can block a disk hit with his own disk! The enemy's disk would just bounce off of you. This could lead to some 1 on 1 disc fight levels and/or modes. I wouldn't mind working on this as a possible sequel, it would have to have all new levels and perhaps (maybe) have a way to escape the arcade machine like ColecoDan said, I think that is a cool idea. Also, on this version, I would eliminate the "ARCADE" mode like Tarzilla said. Most people just play the Enhanced mode anyhow. Right now, I do not have much time to work on a new game, however, since this game would be based off of Light Grid Racing, most of the code is already written. The hard part would be creating the disk controls and bouncing movement and recreating all the levels. I've already done a similar concept with Tank Challenge, so it wouldn't be all that hard to figure out. I'm thinking this could be a fun game. Let me know what you all think.
  12. Contact coleco_master. He is the one who sells the actual copies of the games for CollectorVision.
  13. Bodyshots is just a nice guy trying to document Tron stuff. Hey, what do ya know.... Bodyshots is at my door right now.... Bodyshots: What's up parkfun101, do you like cake?.... Parkfun101: Cake!....That's my favorite food group! ....Mmmmm! This tastes great! Bodyshots: Keep eating....oh and where is your unopened copy of Light Grid Racing...you know the Limited Edition one? Parkfun101: Here it is....I have to sit down....I'm getting dizzy....I think I'm going to take a nappy poo.... Bodyshots: Muayhahahaha!!!! Updated List: Bodyshots 2 3 ... ... Seriously though, I do like knowing the exact number of games released. It would be cool to know the exact number of copies that were printed for any game for Colecovision, Atari, NES, etc. Plus, who knows, perhaps 20 years from now a crazy rich collector will try to buy all of our copies in return for our very own island in the Caribbean. This list will help him/her get in contact with us and we will be thanking Bodyshots for all his work while sipping on a nice Pina Colada, laying in a hammock under palm trees.
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