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  1. snume


  2. Can add my appreciation to the list as well. Cartridges and controller were VERY well packed and stuff was here very quickly. Highly recommended and will do business with again.
  3. Just got everything. Wow. I've never had stuff packed so well. Thanks again.
  4. ​Ha. I was going to say it was a long way to travel. And $7000 US? Holy hell. Hold on to that one. You'll be able to retire if you ever sell it.
  5. Here are my Genesii. I have the Majesco one coming in the mail and I'm pretty sure that's the last model I'll ever be able to get. LaserActive, TeraDrive just too expensive for me.
  6. snume

    Sega Stuff

  7. I vividly recall poring over the Triton catalogs but we never ended buying very much for our TI after the first year. Just didn't have the disposable income back then. Still have must of them though and enjoy leafing through them now and then.
  8. Yeah, the guys who did the TI Invaders clone for the XBOX 360. I love the way it ramps up and drops all the cool power-ups.
  9. Alright I have made the plunge. All of you who are hemming and hawing over whether to go for it or not just buck up and send Rey the funds so he can get these babies rolling. I know not a single one of use will fail to be satisfied. Rock on Rey. Steve
  10. Well I initially formatted my 1TB WD My Passport with 32K allocation sectors and I noticed some significant slowdown in loading and occasionally in the first few games I tested but I re-formatted it with 64K and I only noticed a tiny bit of slowdown in opening cinematics in the same games I tested but the games play fine. I love this thing. Does it have an easy way to get to the menu where I can check what's on my VMU's? So far I've had a second DC hooked up to do it but I also discovered if I try to load a game that won't work with VGA it defaults back to the DC menu (the DC I am installing this on is modded for VGA). I was also wondering what format of ISO will work with this device? I had a Nero disk image and it wouldn't work. Just wondering.
  11. Put me on the list. I am in.
  12. I am in. I have a Samsung Ativ and spent many hours playing Parsec on the TI back in my youth
  13. I am in for 1, possibly 2, preferrably pre-assembled but kit form will be fine too.
  14. So, does anyone have a scanned copy of the CC-9900 manual they can post or share a link to? I have done some searching and all I can find is the CorComp 9900 disk controller card manual. It would be much appreciated. Thanks, Steve
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