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  1. snume

    Gotek Drives

    I got the original design off thingiverse but it was for a 128x64 OLED whereas I had the .91" 128x32 one so I modified it (poorly I must say) by adjusting the led window/mount, adding 2 holes for the leds and one for the rotary encoder. Here's the link to the original design. Mine is not one worth sharing. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4237727 He really did a bang-up job with his design.
  2. snume

    Gotek Drives

    Yeah, I just couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger on a Lotharek with the exchange and postage but as soon as they released an HXC firmware for the gotek I hooked it up. Found a model and 3D printed a mount that let's me have a 5 1/4, a 3 1/2 and a gotek all in the original opening of the PEB. Loving it.
  3. Would these books be still available by any chance?
  4. Yeah, I'm definitely in for a new one for a CC9900 sidecar. Mine never had the disk controller and I was just happy to get one fairly cheaply at all.
  5. There is a second plug on the front of the console
  6. Well after another hiatus, a new wave of nostalgia has hit and I fired up the 99/4A, the CF7+ and the cassette drive to transfer some of the tapes I got in a batch of stuff a few years ago and Iran into the same issue as Keith. And the CALL FILES(1) and NEW - in TI Basic did the trick. Anything over 23 or so blocks wouldn't fit. The work around wouldn't work in Extended Basic either, just TI Basic. Well it only took me a couple of hours plugging and unplugging, running around until I found this thread and I want to say a huge thanks to you Black Box.
  7. snume


  8. Can add my appreciation to the list as well. Cartridges and controller were VERY well packed and stuff was here very quickly. Highly recommended and will do business with again.
  9. Just got everything. Wow. I've never had stuff packed so well. Thanks again.
  10. ​Ha. I was going to say it was a long way to travel. And $7000 US? Holy hell. Hold on to that one. You'll be able to retire if you ever sell it.
  11. Here are my Genesii. I have the Majesco one coming in the mail and I'm pretty sure that's the last model I'll ever be able to get. LaserActive, TeraDrive just too expensive for me.
  12. snume

    Sega Stuff

  13. I vividly recall poring over the Triton catalogs but we never ended buying very much for our TI after the first year. Just didn't have the disposable income back then. Still have must of them though and enjoy leafing through them now and then.
  14. Yeah, the guys who did the TI Invaders clone for the XBOX 360. I love the way it ramps up and drops all the cool power-ups.
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