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  1. Hey, guys. While I am gearing up to make my Intellivision Flashback adapter cables again soon, I'm afraid I won't be producing more Y-adapters, for a couple reasons: (1) They require two 'donor' extension cables to make one Y-adapter, and factoring in the cost of the 'donor' cables (not to mention the time involved in making them), and the amount I charge per cable, it's pretty much a loss for me. (2) Some folks who have bought them have had issues with certain controllers - like 6-button Genesis controllers not working correctly with certain combinations of other controllers (CV game select menu not responding unless Genesis controller is unplugged). But more so because I get people complaining that some directions are not working reliably - on cables that tested 100% good on my equipment... This is due to worn out [female] pins in their old CV/Atari controllers that don't make good contact with the [male] pins of the Y-adapter cables, which results in returns / refunds for cables that are, again... 100% OK when tested on my equipment. Hope you guys understand.
  2. Can you email your info to: [email protected] And mention your Atari Age username. •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  3. Correct - my adapters let you use 2014 Flashback controllers on the original or Sears/Inty II. For USB, you’d need something like The Ultimate PC Interface or Vision-daptor. •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  4. You’d just need a pair of my Flashback Controller adapters for the 2609 •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  5. I’m planning to start making more of these in the not too distant future, as there really are a lot of people who’ve asked me about them... which kind of surprises me as I thought all of the Inty fans already bought them from me. In the mean time, I made a video on my Intellivision II / Sears adapters a long time ago. You need to be able to solder, but they aren’t difficult to make, just a little time consuming. I do have a long waiting list already, and I still need to follow up with people from a while back, but if anyone here wants to be added to the list, send an email to [email protected] and I’ll add you. •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  6. I’d have to check my notes, but I think I only made like 20 of them. That said, I’m not opposed to making more if someone wants to send me the Flashback controllers. •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  7. = me I called one friend of mine ‘Iron Thumb’ back then. He’s the main reason I learned how to replace controller circuit matrices (picked them up at the Mattel service center that was just down the street from the main Mattel building in Hawthorne, CA). •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  8. Except aesthetically (only my opinion, of course).. •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  9. I haven’t made these in quite a while. They are a bit time consuming, but the main problem is there aren’t many ‘donor’ Flashback controllers available - and I need two to make one Dual Action Controller. •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  10. As far as Armor Battle.. yeah, it was an awkward play mechanic controlling the tank direction and turret independently. Because our new Amico version is a mix of Armor Battle and Battle Tanks from Triple Action (in fact we referred to it as “Armor Battle Tanks”), it’s a lot faster paced than the original Armor Battle. So zipping around the screen with multiple players while moving and simultaneously controlling the turret direction to aim and shoot took a lot of the fun out of it. That said, in the version we had for E3, we left that in as an option, along with a lot of other game play variables that were on a separate menu. I’m not sure if the final version will have all of the options, but I believe at least turret control ON/OFF will remain, with the default being OFF to keep it simple for the majority of people. •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  11. For guys like me... until they can make it so I don’t have instant nausea and vomiting, I’m out of the VR game. •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  12. He’s a master at “ball breaking”! You should hear the conversations we have when we sit down to play some original Intellivision - especially NHL Hockey, ML Baseball, or Utopia. But it’s great because he can dish it out as well as he can take it. •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  13. Yeah, I don’t think you and I have talked about our musical interests / history much, Tommy. In my previous post, I was just talking about the ‘80s (I’m 52 - I graduated from high school in 1985). In the mid to late ‘70s it was Led Zeppelin, ELO, Queen, Van Halen. I was buying 7” singles and albums as a kid. Then I sort of transitioned into the New Wave / alternative stuff and got into DJ’ing and buying 12” singles, which led to making my own mixes then getting into composing electronic music. These days I listen to pretty much all of it. •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  14. I qualified my statement with “most”.. [emoji6] Yes to Missing Persons, and Berlin, and several other California or Los Angeles based bands of the day. And while I enjoyed some Oingo Boingo now and then, they weren’t a particular favorite. •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  15. Awesome! I’ll listen today. •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
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