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  1. Ah, OK. Never saw that. I’ll have to add it to my list.
  2. I'm trying to figure out what this clip is from, but it's so fast it's giving me motion sickness trying to watch it.
  3. Hmm... I'm not even sure *I* know what secret you're referring to here... unless it's that thing about doing something unique with that one item and those various guys who would probably like the thing better if it were that particular way?
  4. Hmm.. not directly from what I recall about the initial design meetings and ideas. Maybe it was subconsciously though... Tommy?
  5. That’s exactly the kind of reaction we’ve seen over and over when people get to see and play the console in person. They finally understand the concept and what we’re trying to accomplish, and it all makes sense.
  6. Something I had on my first website (which still exists but has remained in its hand-coded late '90s HTML style)... "...back in 1984 / 1985, I was really getting into electronic and industrial dance music, and frequenting clubs like 321 in Santa Monica, California. Shortly after that, I began collecting 12" singles and I started DJ'ing. Eventually, I had my own DJ business, and worked private parties, dances, and some clubs. And along with my interest in DJ'ing came a desire to create my own versions (mixes) of songs that I liked. And the short and simple answer is that I called the original mixes I created "Nurmixes", since my last name is Nurminen, and it was a remix. Well, the name sort of stuck, and when I started getting into the online BBS thing (back in the pre-World Wide Web days), I chose Nurmix as my "handle", and I decided to keep using it as my online activities progressed onto the Internet..."
  7. Tommy and I are both huge fans of the original Intellivision NHL Hockey. And I also really got into NHL 94 on my Genesis back in the day. Rest assured we'll be putting a high priority on making Amico hockey great.
  8. Yeah, Amico Moon Patrol is one of my favorites so far (a little odd, since I was never a huge fan of the original Moon Patrol). When we were going back and forth with all the developers who were doing the playable demos for E3, I found myself going back to Moon Patrol over and over - even when it wasn't a new build that needed to be tested!
  9. Ha! You haven’t been on much of a winning streak the last couple times we played...
  10. If a third party wants to make a USB cartridge adapter for Amico (this has been discussed previously, and Joe Z has already shown it is feasible), then you could just plug in your cart(s) and play whatever you want.
  11. As stated in the original Amico reveal trailer, an agreement was made with the copyright holder that allows Intellivision to use and/or remake any of the Imagic games.
  12. We’re looking at ways to accomplish that. It would obviously have to be done in cooperation with the homebrew developer(s). But there’s also the issue of ‘problem’ games - games that are unlicensed arcade knock-offs, as that would get Intellivision in legal / copyright trouble.
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