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  1. Since everyone seems to love acronyms these days (and assumes everyone else knows what they mean because they do), at first I was trying to figure out what “poss” meant, since you used it in the subject.. “Power Of Submarine Sims”? “Positivity Over Silly Sarcasm”? “People Often Speak Spanish”? “Paper Otters Swim Soggy”? Then the first few sips of coffee got into me, and I realized you just couldn’t be bothered to type the entire word “possible” when creating your new post. [emoji6] Anyway... Played a ton of this back in the day on my Atari 8-bit computer. Very challenging game. An Intellivision version would be fant! •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  2. Good eye, Mr_me! When Tommy and I worked on the first version of the Intellivision Entertainment website back in 2018, I think we just grabbed a Running Man GIF from an Internet search and then Tommy made a blue version. I believe the one we are using now is based on that same original animation. I never noticed the differences until you pointed them out. We certainly want to be historically correct, so I will bring this up in the next meeting.. perhaps our Director of Animation (Mike Dietz, who I interview in the next episode [40] of the podcast) can make a new version. •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  3. Very cool! Do you mind if I use these in The Intellivisionaries Podcast? I’ll give you credit and link to your SoundCloud page. I’m always looking for interesting Intellivision/Intellivision-inspired music (other than my own) •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  4. Let’s be honest.. does anyone really need to see Cmart dancing? •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  5. Thanks. Yeah I really enjoyed doing the followup with Daniel as well. I guess none of us realized the Panic Button element wasn’t a part of the arcade game. Perhaps Daniel will chime in here if I give him a nudge. We haven’t picked the next game yet; although there are a couple likely candidates. I’ve got several programmer interviews ‘in the can’ as well. •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  6. Keith mentioned European Bike Rally in one of the ‘Questions For Keith’ segments several years ago on the podcast. I’ll reach out to Dave Warhol and see if he wants to have an INTV discussion. •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  7. Heh! Sorry, I couldn't help myself. 😜 Thanks @mr_me! You can also read the full press release that has all the details here: https://www.intellivisionamico.com/press-releases/press-release-august-5th-2020
  8. I think I mentioned this to you a while back, Joe, but in case I didn’t... I would like to get one too. I’ve been a Cuttle Cart 3 user for years (I have a few of them), but I’m really starting to feel left out these days with all the new ROM releases that require the LTOF. •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  9. Hmm... seems like I may be spending some time in the garage / workshop soon...
  10. Well, since you were on my list back in 2018, if you manage to find those two Flashback controllers I may be persuaded to finally make your Dual Action Controller (yours would be #22). Of course @cmart604 might object to there being one more controller in the world, as it may affect rarity/value/bragging rights for him in the future.
  11. Ahh. I’ll have to listen to it again. My brain remembers it having more syllables... maybe “checkpoint is close”? •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  12. Not nearly as interesting as you thought they were while taking the pictures. But I will give you high marks for your physical flexibility in some of them. Impressive... •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  13. Count me in for one. It looks great! •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  14. Unfortunately, that didn't stop @cmart604 from trying... or giving up, even to this day. He's a sick individual.
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