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  1. Well, at least we know where the cartridge and overlay tray from Dracula went now.
  2. Nice work! Clearly you do a thorough job refurbishing these consoles.
  3. If you're talking about the short bit for the Intellivision FAQ, then what you just heard was an informative commercial. Right, @First Spear?
  4. Very cool. Definitely interested in a pair.. wish it could be ambidextrous so I could use my right thumb on the disc. It’s going to be tough to un-learn 40 years of muscle memory. Sent from unspecified hardware using indeterminate software
  5. Looks cool. Will add this to my projects list.
  6. I agree, it’s a great controller / accessory. It’s not quite the same feel and build quality of the 5200 trackball, but close. Never thought about using the power adapter as a driving module ‘battery eliminator’. Gonna have to get a parts RC and do that! Sent from unspecified hardware using indeterminate software
  7. Count me in for one as well! And Ed… will you be at CORGS next month? I’m flying in to hang out with Rick Reynolds at The Intellivisionaries table. I know Rick was right next to your table last year. Sent from unspecified hardware using indeterminate software
  8. Yeah, that’s ‘throwing the controller’ fuel. (agree about the video though!) [emoji23] Sent from unspecified hardware using indeterminate software
  9. Ha.. I remembered as I was posting, but figured I’d see what sort of replies it would get. I wasn’t disappointed! Sent from unspecified hardware using indeterminate software
  10. I remember this.. except for what movie it’s from. Sent from unspecified hardware using indeterminate software
  11. Definitely interested when this is completed.
  12. That would be me! 😜 I haven't made them in about 3 years, but keep hinting (promising? threatening?) that I will begin production again soon. There's a waiting list. It's L O N G . . . Atari Age thread about that here: Intellivision Flashback Controller Adapters - Round 3 (Nurmix) I have all the components needed to make a lot more, it just comes down to time... and actually motivating myself to start again, since it's quite overwhelming knowing how many people are waiting for them, following up with all those people, actually making the cables, packaging, boxing, shipping. It's a bit like the situation with Joe Z and the LTO Flash. If you want to make them yourself, there are wiring diagrams here on Atari Age - I don't have the specific thread handy at the moment. There are a number of wires that need to be cut and switched since At Games didn't stick to the same wiring pin-outs as Mattel when they made the Flashback controllers. As for parts and equipment, you'll need a soldering iron and some soldering skills, a crimping tool, pin insertion tool, and wire cutters. If you want to make adapters for the Intellivision II / Sears Super Video Arcade, you'll also need heat shrink tubing, plastic wire covering conduit, and a heat gun (although if you want to go cheap you could use electrical tape and twist wires together, but I wouldn't recommend that for longevity and reliability). You'll need db9 cables - the easiest is to buy joystick extension cables (ones for the Sega Genesis work just fine, I use those that are made by Retrobit). You can find them a little cheaper on ebay. You'll need the 9-pin header / pin housing that plugs into the Intellivision motherboard. I get those from Mouser Electronics (Mouser part # 571-1-87499-6). And you'll need the pins themselves. The ones I get can be used as crimp-on, but I prefer to solder them to the wires (and I bend the wire ends / cups down a bit before soldering so they slide into the housing more easily). I also get those from Mouser Electronics (Mouser part # 571-1023165). Here's a video review with installation from GRay Defender: Intellivision Flashback Adapters | Nurmix
  13. Umm, I hope Rick doesn't look up the definition of feltch... 🤢
  14. Floppy (aka Barky Barkington) gets plenty of love and attention from the entire family. She is easily frightened and will bark at inanimate objects that move, such as an open door in a breeze, or leaves blowing on the ground, or a broom leaning up against a wall, or a closed garage door. Basically I think wind in general is her enemy. Sent from unspecified hardware using indeterminate software
  15. I still have my Intellicart. Got it before the CC3 came out.
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