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  1. How dare you reveal the secret of my AA posting method! We spoke of this in confidence, Decle! I took you at your word... Actually, this is fantastic! Who knew when I created that silly little throw-away signature line it would inspire you to do this!? Love it!
  2. Everything you need to know is in the video below, which I made a few years ago. This shows the adapter cables for the Intellivision II / Sears Super Video Arcade. And yes, as others have noted, I reversed the pinout numbers on one end, but others have posted the correct numbering in this thread. I just did it in a way that made sense to my brain at the time, as I’ve seen db9 PIN numbering begin on both the top left pin and the bottom right in various diagrams. And you can’t go by wire color, as those vary widely from cable to cable, although generally speaking, once you pick up a supply of ‘donor’ extension cables from the same supplier, the colors are usually consistent within that group. I never put together a video for the Intellivision 1 adapters, although I did record the process. And yes, it’s plastic conduit under heat shrink tubing. On another note, while I simply don’t have time to make these myself these days, one of my techs [for my IT business] said he’s interested in doing it now. I’m working out the details and will post here when he starts. I know a lot of you have emailed the podcast asking about them. I have left all the emails unread so I’d remember to go back to them when I started up again. So I will be replying to them once things are back up and running. https://youtu.be/a8uumOVkiNY
  3. Thanks, that would be great! I’ll send you a PM. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. Hey, guys. I seem to remember a few years back there was a website with high quality Intellivision game box scans. I did some searching but can't find it. Anyone know of one, or have a personal archive of nice images? Primarily the original 125, but it would be cool to see some for the unreleased Mattel games too (mock ups or those that were put out by IntelligentVision or Intellivision Revolution).
  5. Hey, folks. We'll be recording episode 41 of The Intellivisionaries Podcast in January 2021, finally covering our Top 10 of the original 125 Intellivision games. Please post YOUR Top 10 lists here so we can include them in the show. Ideally, before January 8th. Thanks!
  6. Combined with unsold product returns and a stagnating market, absolutely.
  7. Great info as always, thanks for that, Decle! If any of you have follow up questions for Gary, please post them here and I will get some answers.
  8. Not that I'm aware of, although I wouldn't say any of those things are completely off the table.
  9. Yeah, I haven’t made any more Dual Action Controllers, as it’s difficult to find spare Flashback controllers to use as donors. And due to the way the original controllers are designed, and the way the internal circuit matrices connect to the controller wiring, I can’t use them for Dual Action Controllers. If one day Cmart decides to part out controllers from the 900+ Flashbacks he owns, maybe there will be more Dual Action Controllers made. I’m not opposed to making more down the road. But if you manage to find a couple extra Flashback controllers, and you’d like to try doing it yourself, I made a ‘how to’ video: http:// Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  10. I'm planning to do a lot more interviews with marketing and management folks in 2021. Yeah, I was disappointed Gary didn't know much about the Intellivision III and IV. He did say he worked under Richard Chang, although I don't recall if that was said in the interview or if that was something he told me when we weren't recording (I have it in my notes). I'm actually working with the book authors, Tom & Braxton, to put together an Org chart of the Intellivision group / Mattel Electronics. Trying to line up as many interviews with the folks they've managed to find too.
  11. In this special Christmas episode we have no group discussion, no Feedback, no News, and no game reviews. So why should you listen? Because there are two great interviews; one with former Marketing Director for hardware at Mattel Electronics, Gary Moskovitz. Another with current Art Director of Intellivision Entertainment, Mike Dietz. George gives us his Top 10 of the original 125 Intellivision games, and we sprinkle in some Christmas cheer, along with a special holiday message from Intellivision Entertainment CEO Tommy Tallarico. Grab some eggnog and enjoy… oh, and also listen to the show. http://intellivisionaries.com/episode-40-marketing-art-christmas/
  12. Thanks for the kind words! We all love your stuff, so more than happy to give you the mention. Putting together the outtakes is one of the most enjoyable parts of producing the episodes for me. Glad you enjoyed them!
  13. Wow, looks very promising! •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  14. I’m up for doing a panel discussion: “Podcasting Naked - a Cmart Retrospective” (Subtitle: “Why We Don’t Use Webcams When Recording Intellivisionaries”) •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
  15. Since everyone seems to love acronyms these days (and assumes everyone else knows what they mean because they do), at first I was trying to figure out what “poss” meant, since you used it in the subject.. “Power Of Submarine Sims”? “Positivity Over Silly Sarcasm”? “People Often Speak Spanish”? “Paper Otters Swim Soggy”? Then the first few sips of coffee got into me, and I realized you just couldn’t be bothered to type the entire word “possible” when creating your new post. [emoji6] Anyway... Played a ton of this back in the day on my Atari 8-bit computer. Very challenging game. An Intellivision version would be fant! •Sent from my Intellivision keypad phone
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