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  1. I can't be bribed to not finish it (well, I can.. but it would require a working Keyboard Component as payment). Thanks for the British Siri suggestion. I'll talk to her.
  2. REALLY low... Cmart participated in this one too.
  3. Episode 37 is in the editing stage now. It will be out before PRGE, good sir!
  4. Hey, FroggoGamer. Yeah, sorry about that. I’ve just gotten too busy to make the adapter cables these days. But Rick has made them before, so he can definitely help you out. We talk about this in the next episode of the podcast (37), which will be out before PRGE.
  5. I'm sure Tommy will chime in here soon, but for now I'll say that in horizontal mode, the primary action button would be the one opposite the disc. And this may be hard to picture without holding the controller in your hands and playing some games... but if you're holding it horizontally, with the disc on the right (right thumb on the disc), and you're using the top shoulder button with your left index finger, keep in mind you could also use the bottom action button (opposite the disc) with your left thumb. Or... the second 'button' could be tapping the left part of the touchscreen, and you'd hit that with your left thumb (while your left index finger is still handling the upper left 'main' action button, with your right thumb manipulating the disc). You could also switch the functions of the buttons entirely depending on preference (swapping main/secondary).
  6. If I were to play an Amico game that used both side buttons, I would need to hold the controller horizontally. Of course most 2-button games will allow you to use the screen as a second button, should you decide to hold the controller vertically. This is not a set-in-stone ‘commandment’, but we are certainly encouraging developers to make different control options available in the games. And yes I agree with you about the button selection in Vectron and Bomb Squad. My point was despite the awkwardness of it, as a kid I adapted to and mastered it. 😉
  7. Very cool stuff, Decle! I’m going to send the links of this thread and your blog to Rick Koenig. Perhaps he’ll chime in with some recollections of his own - unless of course you’d prefer he didn’t as this is, afterall, supposed to be a retro challenge.
  8. Yep, Vectron and Bomb Squad on the original Intellivision definitely give your hands a workout. I don’t recall complaining about that as a kid though (some of my friends did), and I mastered the controls because that was the only way to play the games. Awkward controls certainly weren’t going to stop me back then. Nowadays, ergonomics and comfort matter a lot more. As for using the top side buttons when holding the Amico controller vertically.. I was specifically referring to Moon Patrol and tapping the screen to shoot and jump. With other games I’m still going to use the side buttons. But the point is that there are more options, depending on the game.
  9. Correct. In fact, we did it with more than one of the playable demo games that were made for E3.
  10. Maybe this is just the old school Intellivision guy in me, but I also prefer playing Amico Moon Patrol it in vertical mode. And with the touchscreen split into two halves, you don't have to look at it to tap it - it's basically two VERY LARGE and responsive buttons. Shoot and jump. Of course the side buttons are an option too. And that's one of the things we've been working with developers on.. to encourage them to utilize the controller to the fullest. Take advantage of its additional features. Allow multiple ways to control games.
  11. Yeah, the original circuit matrix generates some weird signals with multiple button presses! But you're right, the Amico controller won't have those limitations, and one could even do a double button press to simulate a lower action button press in an original / legacy Intellivision game. There are options.
  12. Nothing is really off the table when it comes to remaking the old games - unless licensing issues prevent the use of a certain IP (or the cost to do so is far greater than the potential earnings of the game). You'd be surprised what kind of money some people (companies) want for things like that...
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