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  1. yes, if you turn the screen by 90deg you can use the hardware 3d fp. BUt the sprite-math resolution is not enough to make this look good.
  2. https://www.google.com/search?q=atari+lynx+blinking+pixel
  3. then do it. the slide show creator tool is free of charge.
  4. Looks like streamed video
  5. sage

    Lynx bread, yummy

    No ROM, it is an EOM (Eat Only Memorable)
  6. Consider using a decent packer.
  7. Because the lynx detects if a cart is inserted. it is not very useful to turn on without a cart. But you can disable this behaviour with a small solder bridge if necessary.
  8. Does it matter? if people wan to cheat, they can play it in the emulator and pause it to find matches ... even with the real hardware you can simple make a screenshot and pause the game while thinking. do you wan to ask for a full play video?
  9. Can you please change the topic of your post, because you are *not* complaining on the McWill mod, but you complain about some private modifications someone did to it. The McWill mod does not have HDMI. So it was clear from teh beginnign what you were buying ...
  10. It is only a small patch to to the microcode to enable this feature. firmware.hex
  11. not without changing the circuits.
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