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  1. no. unluckily, there is not note table. the frequency steps arenot very accurate, too.
  2. you cannot use negative coordinates. -> The screen offset need to be larger than the sprite position (action point), (the sprite might still be go out of the full world map depending in wher you set the action point).
  3. Start???? opt 1 and 2 normally map to "1" and "2", A and B to YX or ZX, depending on your keyboard
  4. without knowledge on how you do the patching and without a cartridge, unlikely. But you can PM me if you have details.
  5. As there is a released ROM version of Battlezone 2000 which directly starts the easter egg, this might not be necessary. you find it somewhere in the forum here
  6. I did aleady 😛 Like on some othes...
  7. not bad, you need the hint for APB?
  8. maybe if you install the linux subsystem. but it might be easier to use just a native program as putty, teraterm or hyperterm
  9. i successfully used minicom, picocom, gtkterm, cutecom. finally i stayed with the last two.
  10. Remark: I used the code in BadApple https://demozoo.org/productions/198602/ for the video playback by doing a double buffering, thus decrunching one buffer while replaying the other one. I have not used it for depacking of binary code, as pucrunch is better integrated into lynxdir (loading adresses, etc). Even so this should not be a problem.
  11. I added the exo decoder code plus the the magic spells you need to get it work here: https://github.com/bspruck/exolynx
  12. hm ... at least under wine it is not running very good 😕 lot of graphic glitches
  13. I lost the original emails long long time ago. so i cannot tell you why it was never continued.
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