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    Seems it's not so easy: the addresses where the two games entry points are stored are verified just after the splash screen, and if changed the game halts. The same for the memory range of the function that loads one of the two values in memory before triggering an indirect jump.


    Obviously the part of code that performs the check is encrypted.


    I'm not saying it's impossible to hack the rom, but It's not the simple task I hoped.

    just overwrite it with another loader.

    i am sure this was discussed here already.

  2. Don't know if it's possible to split the two games, because it's probable that the two shares some functons (sound driver , gfx effect, input handling) to save cart memory.


    What you could do is to make two copies of the rom and hack each one to make them load automatically on start only one of the two games. Than if you want to go further, you could clean from each rom cart the unused part and then hack the cart directory to remove the not needed sectors and shrink the rome to reduce it's size.


    But I don't think it's worth the effort.

    no problem.

    see my battlezone patch which loads the easter egg game automatically.

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  3. Thanks for clearing up Lexis...


    For extra credit, if you could survey your games as to how many players can play "locally" (on 1 device, for example there could be a chess game that supports 2 players where you pass the device back and forth, or similar) as well as via ComLynx (2-N devices), I'm tracking that too.

    the (hidden) bonus game in lynx reloaded features 4 players on one unit.

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    Well 240 vs 270 is an easy enough fix.


    You really have 3 states based on the v1 header -- no rotation, rotate right 90 degrees, rotate left 90 degrees. Just need to map that, and then map the controller inputs accordingly as well.


    As to the LNX headers being incorrect...


    Im wein ist Wahrheit... (oder Weisheit?)




    I was hoping that would not be the case.


    We've considered writing a little command line tool to dump the headers and check them out. I guess we need to do that.


    And if you were to do a hash and a database, is the hash on the whole file, or on the ROM portion of the file? Or both? ;-)


    With 100-200 titles, I think that is manageable, even if you had to do it by hand.


    I've also considered that it could be time to implement a v2 of the LNX header... Include more meta-data...


    The other option (we are more likely to do) is to have all the meta-data in a parallel .json file and/or pull from a server database we maintain.


    We'd like to have developer, publisher, release date, screen shots, speed-runs, etc as part of the meta-data.


    Feel free to PM/email me if you'd like to take this offline.

    There are already documented extension ... but that doesnt mean that emulators use them consistently...

    anyway it does not solve the problem, that people complain that the emulator is not detecting everything if they run a plain rom dump ;-) got enough complains already



    Of the ones I have been trying, they don't even *try* to implement rotated games. So you'd never get to see if there is a bug or not ;-)


    One is based on mednafen (I think you work on that?) and the other is based on Handy.


    At some times zes. But I stopped because I disliked the update/commit patches policy. In Retroarch is easier to get patches and enhancements in.

    The problem with emu and rotation is, that they compared the angle to 240, not 270 degree ;-)

    And whoever made the lnx images, might not have noticed that the rotation flag must be either 0,90,180,270, and not 0,1


    ... and ...


    often enough lnx files are plain rom dumps without any header (thanks to archive). So ... what do you expect? that the emulation checks each rom by hash andcomes with a embedded database? possible for lynx with teh tremendous amount of games, sure.

  6. sage:


    b - I guess this means it's possible. I've read through some dev manuals but there was no mention of this possibility or application. Do you happen to know any emulator or game making use of subframes?


    d - I'm pretty sure both the ROM and the emulator is correct. Can you suggest a better emulator so I can test it out?

    This U+D/L+R glitch usually have these effects on various platforms and games, but the results are so weird, I'm not sure does it really works the same way on a real console.


    (b) the definition of frame, subframe etc... what do you mean?



    lda $FCB0

    bne dothis

    lda $FCB1

    and #$01

    bne dothat

    bra endless


    the cost you ~40us ... vs 20 ms for a frame? whats the deal?

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